`05 Nostalgia Nationals
What a show!!!
"It's like you went to bed, got up and it was 1969". Beaver Bob
270 Nostalgia cars make the call!!

York US-30 Nostalgia Nationals
It was a home run!!
Race Results

Joe Jacono's Rolling Stoned Cuda won round 1.
A pair of legends. Jungle Pam backs up Bruce Larson. 

Larson was out first but Jacono caught him in the traps.

Larson came back to even the score in round two. 
A rubber match will settle the title at the `06 event. 

The Hemi Hunter laid down a great pass. 
There is nothing like the sound and smell of a fuel car. WOW!!!

Drag Racing's First Lady, Linda Vaughn really added to the show.

The Mallicoat  Bros. Cuda from California matched Army Armstrong's Vega Funny. 
It was a close one.
Mallicoat laid down a great pass. 7.01 at 201.77 MPH!!

The place was STANDING ROOM ONLY all day long!! 

Little E did a victory lap following his win at Chicago. Only at the Beaver!!!

The Gathering of the Legends 2005.
Bruce Larson, Bill Stiles, Sox crew, Ronnie Sox, George Weiler, Dale Thierer, Mousie Marcellus, Bob Johnson, Jerry and Gary Mallicoat, Bob Fermier, Joe Jacono, Dink Bishop, Jungle Pam, Darwin Doll, Linda Vaughn, Bullet Bob Reed, Dick Brannan, Kenny Montgomery, George Nye, Bud Faubel. 
(front) Beaver Bob and Flashback Bill Stuck

Jungle Pam, Beaver Bob, Linda Vaughn, Flashback Bill

Bill and Bob Stuck were on hand once again with their fabulous Ford and GTO convertibles to provide rides in the parade lap for the legends. Thanks guys.

Joe Jacono, Jungle Pam and Bruce Larson with George Weiler riding shotgun.

Beaver Bob received plaque from York US-30 Reunion founders, Bill Stiles and Darwin Doll in recognition of his dedication of our Performance Heritage.

Bullet Bob and Ronnie Sox.

Ford man, Dick Brannan.

Jerry and Gary Mallicoat. Boy, do they ever have a fast AA/GS Cuda. 200 MPH!!

The one and only Linda Vaughn!!!

Barbara and Bud Faubel. The Hemi Honker.

World Champion, Kenny Montgomery. Mr. 4 speed.

The legendary Joe Jacono. What a trip!!

World Champion, Bruce Larson.

Jungle Pam was a real hit with all of the fans.

Dale Thierer driver of the Hemi Hunter AA/FD.

Ford's 422 Motorsports, Dink Bishop.

Mousie Marcellus.

The voice of York US-30, George Nye.

Gemini John Simbeck, the master of Small Block Mopars.

Dennis Kohr is congratulated by Beaver Bob and Kenny Montgomery after a great semi-finals showing in Nostalgia Super Stock in his `63 Max Wedge Dodge.

Mousie Marcellus was on hand with the original Winged Express AA/FA.

Mousie's license plate. Pretty much says it all!

The Photo Masters: Geoff Stunkard, Todd Dziadosz and Rich Grunert

All the kids were here. Who's the tall kid on the right? Hint, look at above photo.

The place was packed, the show was GREAT!!!

Traffic jam on PA 235 was over a mile long!!

After sitting in line a half hour we finally made it!!

Nostalgia Super Stocks

Jerry Loeb won the all Mopar Super Stock finals over Bill Murphy in the battle of the 426 Max Wedge cars. Jerry won the very first race at BSD on Memorial Day 1971!

Kenny Montgomery's 426 Hemi Belvedere fell in the semi's. 

Charlie Beasch's A/FX 421 GTO set the mark to beat in round one. WOW!!!

Bullet Bob Reed handled the driving chores in the Sox and Martin Hemi.
He set low ET with a 9.05 blast.

Bill Stiles in his original Hemi Cuda. He was always tough to beat.

Dave Powers in the Dyno Don injected 427 Comet ran a 9.07!!

Michael Wiley  in his 413 Max Wedge, bowed out in round 3 to Dennis Kohr.

Wild Bill Collet gets by the 427 Comet of George Alberts

Bill Murphy in the Jersey Duke made it to the finals.

The Ace Wilson Royal Pontiac was all original. Right down to 3-2bbl. 389.
Ken Davis made the 1700 mile trip all the way from Istasca, Texas!!

Jerry Loeb's 426 Max wedge Polara held on for the win over Kyle Reasbeck's Hemi.

"Wild Bill" Collett in his "West Virginia Hemi" won two rounds.

A pair of SS/D AMX's, George Gudat and the Pete's Patriot.

It's the 1960's all over. Here Troy Tribby's S/S Pontiac tries to hold on for the win over  Frank Pellegrini's `63 Galaxy Light Weight.

Tom Sandberg in his 426 Max Wedge `65 Belvedere.

Allen Obenchain has one neat Altered Wheelbase `65 Dodge.

Frank Knox in the 426 Max Wedge `63 Dodge was running great.

It's the Original Ramcharger's Dodge out of Ferndale, MI.

Stephanie DiMimino in the A/FX 427 Chevy ran an astounding 9.55!!

44 cars made the first round of Nostalgia Super Stock. What a field!!

Joe Durkee's "Nothing Special" 426 Mopar wagon.

Fast Freddie Henderson had a new ride. AA/SA 427 Ford.

Jody Alberts in his 427 Fairlane was running in the 9's.

Harvey Richards in his famous Damn Yankee Max Wedge car.

Frank Pellegrini's 427 Light Weight Galaxy qualified with a 10.05.

MOPAR row. Max Wedge and Hemi's were everywhere. 

    East Coast Gassers  

John Olcott won the Nostalgia Gas title over Jon Doughty's `57 D/Gas Chevy.

Jack and John Olcott took the awards home in a hard fought race.

John Doughty put Buddy Janiszewski's 427 Ford powered `32 away in the semis.

Tom Cehowski in his Hemi powered `41 Studebaker!!

John Lang's `47 Fiat was one fast ride running 10.30's on a 90 inch wheelbase!!

Todd Ziemirick's `51 Henry J sure was one neat ride.

Richard Smith `33 Willys was another looker from the MANDRA people.

The Austin's were out in force.

John Schreiner's Good Vibrations Gasser. It's a looker.

It's the real deal. The King Kong Anglia Gasser!!!

Looks like the `60's to me.

The East Coast Gassers are for real. Check the dial in. 10.20!!

Mike Jodkins gorgeous 41 Willys.

It's Two Lane Blacktop revisted.

  Pro Sticks 

Ted McGann won Pro Stick over Merv Moyer's 5.0 Mustang with a 6.64 on a 6.63.

Moyer, in one of the few post `75 cars permitted at the Nostalgia National made it to the finals of the 44 car Pro Stick field. 

Fred Leland Jr wheeled his 496 Chevelle to a 9.69 making it to the semis. 

Dean Leah's `70 427 Camaro lost to Moyer's Mustang in round three.

Freddie Leyland is always a favorite.

Gordon Foose had his `63 split window flying running 9.70's.

Russ Smith pulled an uncharacteristic red light. Last year he went many rounds.

Frank Jenkins in the "Snoopie" `57 Corvette running in Pro Stick

This is why Pro Stick is such a crowd pleaser. Wheelstands are standard.

Clarence Ford got his 500 inch Fairlane down the track in the mid 8's.

El Presidente Eric Kitchen, can get it up with the best of `em.

Aaron Smith's `64 Chevelle small block ran low 9's all day.

Another sky shot from the Pro Stick boys.

Freddie Leland gets out on Bill Smith's 8 second Camaro.

Paul Hillier's original R code 427 Fairlane ran 10.60's all day.

Ted Taylor's hard charging 427 two door post Chevelle.

  NETO Comp
Bruce Hacker won the NETO Comp Eliminator over Darren Wood with an 8.00 pass.

Bobby Crouse had low ET in NETO Comp with 7.75 all day long.

Blown front motored cars are just cool. Roy Bear's New York based entry ran 8.20's.

It's Jr Fuel at York US-30 all over again. 

Engine wizard, Tony Feil, laid down a 8.25 in round one only to lose to eventual champion, Bruce Hacker with his 8 second dragster.

Bob Wilko's Monza ran an incredible 7.98!!

Bob Hill's BBC `48 Fiat was an 8.20 ride!!

The New York Twister was a step back in time and it felt good.

MANDRA - NETO Nostalgia

Jeromy Poust in his Vega took the MANDRA/NETO title over Fred Metzger.
Anthony Forenz's 401 AMX lasted into the semis before Poust crossed him off.

Kevin Baker had his Opel GT flying, running 9.20's

How long has it been since you saw a `65 Ford pull the wheels? Only at BSD!

Brian Freels `66 Jungle Jim Nova was a favorite to watch.

Talk about a fast `37 Chevy.

The Frog is one different looking machine.

Richard Head's `63 was a favorite of the big Chevy people.

Nostalgia ET

In the "Midnight Pass" of the race, Blase Raia out lasted 80 cars to capture the Nostalgia ET title from Cliff Eicher as the Beaver Boys dominated the class. 

Team Raia made it the second title for the Zoo Crew over the weekend.

Henry Culler of Fredrick, MD went to the semis but lost with a red light to Eicher.

Dean Sox was racing a clone of his Dad's famous Pro Stocker.

Nostalgia Street

Barry Aurand  in his 360 Duster won the Nostalgia Street title over 
Dan Householders georgous `65 Altered Wheelbase `65 Dodge.

Dan Householder's Mopar ran as good as it looked, and it looked great!!

Barry Aurand shows his "knock out punch" technique to Larry Taylor. 

Thunderbolt clone looked great.

Keith Lehman in his 10.30 Street legal Willys. Yes he drove it from Harrisburg!!