The 33rd Annual Awards Banquet. 
What a great time again!!

Fun with your friends. 
The 2004 Awards Banquet 

Hail to the Champions!!!
Heather Putt of TCR, Gary Fogleman of Top ET, Derek Hartley of HRT, Bob Klock of Street, Steve Singley of Jr, Jason Weaver of Modified and Bill Maturo of Bike.

Gemini Triple .000 awards
John Simbeck of Gemini, Lester Holtzapple, Kenny Kauffman, 
Rich Powell and Champion, Jeff Duck. 

Sweitzer's Top Beaver awards 
Chris Holley, Jason Weaver, Champion Tom Seward and Steve Sweitzer.

Eliminator Club Champion, Lester Holtzapple.

Billy Maturo received a well deserved Golden Dip Stick Award.

Street Stick hitters
Barry Parson, Merv Moyer, Mike Rowe and Champion Chris Shaffer.

Sport Bike Top 5
Tammy Houpt, Bill Maturo, Jeff Fuoss, Brian Snyder and Champ Ed Fetterolf.

Top Street Fab 4
Tom Bryan, Kevin Moncavage, Brad Parr and Champion Capt. Ed Brady

Out Law Street
Co-champs Will Marks and Wes Thomas  

Sport Compact Top 4
Chris McCully, Gene Sweitzer, Dustin Wolford and Champ John Kissinger

Street Auto's Top 4
Bill Rowe, Terry Brouse, Rob MacDonald and Champ Jeromy Poust

ATV's top two. 2nd place, Steve Hull 4703 points and Champ, Milt Fuoss 4706 points.

Dave Lehr of Classic Junk Yard presents the 100 MPH Club awards.

100 MPH Club Fastest
Ed Brady, Kris Larnard, Chris Fisher, President Rob Felegie with wife Jodi, 
Kevin Moncavage and Herk.

The master of Faster and BSD's own Andy Jensen. Driver of the 200 MPH Corvette.

The staff of team Beaver.

 Billy Maturo popped the question to Nikki and she accepted!!

BSD's First Family
Big Rita, Fast Eddie and Beaver Bob have been leading the flock for 33 years.

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2004 Banquet Photos
January 29, 2005