The finals of Top Beaver matched Street Champ, Bob Klock in his Challenger against Dave Carpenter on board his Ninja. Bob took the title running out the least with a 11.995 on a 12.00 to Dave’s 9.718 on a 9.78

DSC_0024 (3)

Top ET was a great race with Amy Tate taking the win in her “High Hopes” Ford Tempo over Kevin Little’s Willys. Amy carded a 9.618 on a 9.59 at 139.62 MPH to Kev’s 8.840 on a 8.78 at 148.44 MPH.

DSC_0037 (3)

Modified finals was a Ford vs Chevy battle with Mike Harpster’s Mustang taking the win over Dave Gramley’s Camaro. Mike had the tree, .014 to .073, and took the stripe with a 9.571 on a 9.55 at 129.12 MPH to Dave’s 9.263 on a 9.22 at 144.00 MPH.

DSC_0157 (2)

Dave Carpenter, top, on board his Ninja stopped Daryl Walters undefeated season with a final round victory. Dave ran a 9.783 on a 9.78 at 127.60 MPH to Daryl’s 10.042 on a 9.98 at 129.98 MPH.

DSC_0170 (2)

The Street finals was an all Mopar event with Bob Klock’s Challenger taking the title over Tom Houser’s Dart. Bob’s 12.099 on a 12.03 stopped Tom’s run out 12.253 on a 12.29.

DSC_0174 (2)

The JR Finals came down to Anastazia Barchefski, near, verses Mike Dunkelberger. Mike picked up his first win of the season with a 8.853 on a 8.76 at 66.48 MPH to Anastazia’s 9.004 on a 8.96 at 71.62 MPH.

DSC_0061 (2)

The Hot Rod Trophy finals fell to Todd Stahl in his Monte over Shawn Wood’s Mustang. Todd ran a 11.907 on a 11.85 at 109.18 MPH to Shawn’s 12.073 on a 12.00 at 111.82 MPH.



Michael Houser, Tom’s son, took the ATV title over Devon Hanner with a 15.664 on a 15.58 to Devon’s run out 14.286 on a 14.60.

DSC_0069 (2)

Talk about having a great day, the Fetterolf’s Jewelry Pro Mom’s final fell to Amy Dunkleberger’s Aspen SUV over Nikki’s Albert’s VW. Amy ran a 16.437 on a 16.40 at 75.99 MPH to Nikki’s 17.939 on a 17.85 at 77.66 MPH. In winning she pick up a new 1/3 carat diamond necklace!!

DSC_0084 (3)

Charlotte Flick is out first in her Mercury over Lori Conboy’s Buick in the Rookie Mom’s finals. Lori came from behind and took the title and the 1/3 caret Diamond Necklace with a 16.0116 on a 15.91 at 84.04 MPH to Charlotte’s 17.912 on a 17.71 at 76.53 MPH.


The Lil Beaver finals wan an all dragster affair with Andrew Feltman, near, taking the title over Scott Tate. Andrew ran a 8.274 on a 8.25 at 150.37 MPH to stop Scott’s 8.281 on a 8.25 at 161.31 MPH.



The Tate family had a great day with Amy winning Top ET and the Pro Mom’s race, Mike Dunkelberger winning JR Dragster and Scott Taking a runner up in Lil Beaver. Way to go!


 Modified Champ, Mike Harpster with his “Short Bus” friend Kevin Little and wife Penny.

DSC_0043 (3)

 A new King is crowned, “Da Carp” was the man today.


 Street and Top Beaver Champion, Bob and Tammy Klock in his 440 Challenger.


 JR Dragster Champion, Mike Dunkelberger

DSC_0005 (3)

 ATV Champion, Michael Houser.

DSC_0057 (3)

 Baby Beaver Champion, Isaiah Lohr with Gram and Pap and Sandy.


 Lil Beaver Champion, Andrew Feltman and his friends.


 Pro Mom Champion, Amy Tate and her girls.


 Rookie Mom Champion, Lori Conboy in her Wildcat Wagner Buick.

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