Jason Derr is Top Beaver. Alberts, Bair, Ferster post SBRA wins. Mikey, Graham, Trenton, Sarah, take eliminator titles


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IMG_8741IMG_8737IMG_8735IMG_8734IMG_8733IMG_8732IMG_8729IMG_8728Donna Marie 1

Donna Marie in her new ride, The Highland Harley-Davidson-Polaris Ranger.


  Jason Derr is Top Beaver. Alberts, Bair, Ferster post SBRA wins in race #2.


“The Dawg” was on a roll today winning both the Super Pro title and Top Beaver. Jason stopped Steve Lenig in the Super finals and went on to defeat Billy Bair in the Top Beaver finals with a 4.510 on a 4.49 to Billy’s 5.773 on a 5.76.


Jesse Albert always shows up for the SBRA races and today it paid off with a win in Foot Brake. Jesse took the title with a final round win over Ronnie Suhr’s Chevy C-10 turning a 7.136 on a 7.09 at 92.09 MPH to Ronnie’s run out 6.570 on a 6.60 at 104.52 MPH.


Billy Bair put his custom Hayabusa in the Bike winners circle with a final round victory over points leader, Daryl Walter. Billy carded a 5.896 on a 5.81 at 107.44 MPH.


Mikey McCracken had a great day taking the Hot Rod Trophy title over Kevin Kafora’s Kawasaki. Mikey ran a 9.144 on a 9.10 to Kevin’s run out 7.677 on a 7.80. The win marked Mikey’s first ever victory since moving out of JR/TCR/ATV.


Liberti Ferster took the JR title with a final round victory over “Fast Lane” Kahley. Lib ran a 8.033 on a 7.98 ay 80.50 MPH to Lane’s red lighting 7.915 on a 7.90 at 82.11 MPH.


Graham Daddy Taylor took the Lil Beaver title in his Nova over John Boyer’s Chevelle with a final round 6.110 on a 6.12 at 113.16 MPH to John’s 6.257 run out on a 6.28 at 109.07. Grahams daughters, Penny and Denise cheer dad’s win.



Ronnie Suhr administered the traditional Beaver Baptism to Jason Derr for his first win of the season. “The Dawg” took both the Super Pro and Top Beaver titles.


Jesse Albert put his Camaro into the Foot Brake winner’s Circle.


“Billy Busa” Bair took the SBRA Bike title on his Double B Fabrication entry.


Oh yea!! Mikey got his Beaver Baptism for his win in Hot Rod Trophy.


Liberti Ferster was on her game in taking the JR titlle.


Sarah Cisney defeated her brother, Aiden, to take the Baby Beaver title.


Yes, Graham Taylor is one tough cookie taking the win in Lil Beaver.