Highland Harley-Davidson * Triumph * Polaris

Highland HD sign 1



John Vogt of Highland Harley-Davidson * Triumph * Polaris in Somerset, PA is the official sponsor of our JR Dragster and IHRA Bike class. John has provided this Polaris EXT Ranger for our use this season. If you are in the market, make certain you check with John. He’s one of the good guys. 814-444-1903


Keystone Garage Club

garage club sign

The coolest car club in the state is the official sponsor of the Jensen’s Mean Street Nationals. It is a club you want to join. The cost is only $20 annually. They have a meeting the first Thursday of the month at members garages. The only requirement is that at one time in your life, you had to walk into a garage!! A sign up bonus is a $20 pass to the Beaver. Get in touch with Beaver Bob for details.