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Billy Maturo and Sam Ficarra made it an all Beaver finals in the SBRA Bike Race of Champions. Billy came out the champion.bryce-1Bryce Vollman made us proud taking a runner up in the JR Race of Champions.

Team Beaver had it’s ups and downs over the 5 days of the SBRA Bracket Finals at Mason-Dixon. It all started out great with Andrew Feltman, Rusty Miller and Liberiti Ferster over Brandon Flick, taking wins in their Gamblers races. Andrew came back to make it to the split in the $5000 High Rollers race on Friday. Sunday morning opened with Bryce Vollman taking a runner up in the JR Race of Champions then Billy Maturo defeated Sam Ficarra inĀ the all Beaver – Bike Race of Champions. Then into the championship races it turned ugly for us. First Bobby Newlin had an oil heater line rupture and oiled down his tires causing him to loose control, smack the wall and flip over the wall., landing on his roof. Bobby escaped unharmed. In the second round of Bike, Sam Ficarra lost control of his Ninja in the traps smacking the ground hard. He sustained broken bones and sever road rash. Prayers are needed for his speedy recovers. We’ll keep you posted on his condition.

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