DSC_0320The finals of Top ET had Mike McCracken’s `66 Chevy go red (-006) against Tim Armstrong. Mike took the stripe with a 9.092 on a 9.18 at 145.34 MPH to Tim’s winning 7.694 on a 7.67 at 159.88 MPH.DSC_0402Tim Armstrong accepts the Brian Boyle Memorial race cookie jar for his overall win in Top Beaver. The jar contained an additional $600 in cash for the eventful win.DSC_0390Dave Weaver presented the “Cookie jar” in Brian’s memory.DSC_0331Bob Klock in his 440 Challenger had the tree, .013 to .072, but took too much stripe in running out with a 11.711 on a 11.72 at 110.53 MPH to Steve Lenig’s winning 8.683 on a 8.65 at 151.77 MPH.DSC_0364The Lenig crew in the Modified winner’s circle.DSC_0269The IHRA Bike finals was a Family affair with Ken Kauffman Sr. left, taking the title over his son Kenny with a 8.664 on a 8.66 at 145.84 MPH to Kenny’s 8.523 on a 8.49 at 145.70 MPH. Kenny did have the tree though with a .032 to dad’s .058. Talk about close.DSC_0409Dale Rhoads in out in a big points lead taking his third title of the season. Today it was over Dave Weaver’s Charger.DSC_0327In the second chance Lil Beaver finals it was Tom Seward, left, taking the win over Adam Gutschmidt. Tom ran a 7.55 at 160.28 MPH for the win.DSC_0369In the Weaver’s race Cars Top Bulb Shootout, it was Andrew Feltman in his dragster taking the title over Steve Miller’s Ford altered.  DSC_0357The Hot Rod Trophy title went to John Jones in hiss Camaro over Dean Ludwig’s Grand Am.DSC_0155Trenton Seitz put his Polaris into the ATV winners circle with a win over Johnathan Derr. Trenton had the tree, .051 to .200, and took the stripe with a 13.659 on a 13.60 to Derr’s run out 9.133 on a 9.20.DSC_0160Trent receives congrats for Ethel, Beaver Bob and Donna Marie.DSC_0314The Klockster stopped George Fultz to get in the finals of Modified.

DSC_0332Steve Lenig receives his winning time slip from Jamie.DSC_0158Camp WilburDSC_0374Local Bikers stopped by to watch the good show.