2 Wheel Madness at the Beaver – Saturday , May 12th & Sept. 15th

DSC_0943DSC_5516IMG_1748Here it is guys !  A Bike Race at the Beaver ! This is all new and will take time to mold into a great race . Want this to be awesome so lets run this event and see how we can make it all work . We will have Test and Tune on sat  11:00am to 4:00 pm  then a 1 hr break and a 2nd test and Tune  at 5:00 pm To 9:00pm . Gonna do the bike race at 6:30 and run unlimited time shots between rds so they can keep cool . Will post more on how it will go soon ! Anyone in the bike class can run ! Street Bike, Drag Bike, and Snowmobiles . Any  good ideas or interest in sponsoring this race can be emailed to me @mike@beaversprings.com