Points, Waivers, 100MPH Club, Dial-ins, & Numbers

IHRA Points and 100 MPH Club Info has been Posted as of 01:40 PM 08/04/2018.

Racers the season is starting to wind down we only 2 SBRA Races, 5 IHRA Races, & 9 Fridays left in the season. This is a reminder to make sure that if you have waivers that you can use, make sure you turn them in. Waivers need to be in before first round on the last day of the series and cannot be turned in after the series are over. If you cannot be there send us a message to let us know. You can also always turn them in early. Waivers can be turned in at the tower or goodie booth.

With the new staging lanes, we have found it best to have the dial-ins, not only on the back and front windows but also on the drivers side window. This give the tower ample chances to confirm the correct dials. Make sure that the dials all match. This also goes with your racer numbers also.