BSD Eliminator Club 2005
Updated as of October 16, 2005 event.  

Scott's Transmission's - IHRA Summit Super Series
( boldface/italics indicates Top Beaver winner )


Top Mod Bike Street Hot Rod
TCR Junior
April 10 Gary Fogleman Faron Rhoads Randy Kauffman Bob Klock Mike Rowe Taylor Olewiler Michael Koser Kenny Kauffman
April 17 Franklin DiBartolomeo Dave Miller Ed Fetterolf Tom Harhart Mike Rowe Taylor Olewiler Michael Koser Cliff Eicher
April 24 Rain out              
May  1 Rod Holtzapple Will Leitch Dave Carpenter Bob Klock Matt Hagans Megan Clark Michael Koser Ken Klingman
May  8 Scott Reichenbach Cliff Eicher Dr Rick Bunting Bob Klock Merv Moyer Lucas Reese Jeremy Moyer Michelle Miller
May 14 Rain out              
May 22 Franklin DiBartolomeo Dave Brassington Tyler Zimmerman Bob Klock Richard Ney Travis Getz Michael Koser Steve Hull
May 28 Rain Out              
May 29 Glenn Seward Dave Miller Bob Shields Bob Klock Robert Mountain Carly Boyer Michael Koser Not contested
May 30 Rain rd 3              
June  5 Andrew Charcalla Jason Weaver Dr Rick Bunting Dave Weaver Clark Knudson Andrew Charcalla Kyle Kohr Steve Hull
June 12 Andrew Charcalla Dave Novinger Scott Fisher Bob Klock Sean Boyle Travis Getz Kyle Kohr Steve Hull
June 19 Tom Seward Mark Earnest Bob Shields Bud Poust Dave Bleyer Richie Bunting Jeremy Moyer Don Carnell
July  3 Don Carnell Tom Hoover Dr Rick Bunting Lil Ray Thurston Richard Ney Christina DiBartolomeo Cale Snyder Allen Chamberlin
July  9 Franklin DiBartolomeo Mark Earnest Mike McCracken Michelle Miller Tom Vance Richie Bunting Michael Koser Not Contested
July 17 Glenn Seward Dave Novinger Don Davis Bob Klock Tom Vance Zack Caswell Jed Knarr Not Contested
July 24 Dave Sorce Dave Brassington Ken Kauffman Sr Bob Klock Jason Howell Christina Dibartolomeo Heather Bell Bud Poust
July 29 Scott Reichenbach Dan Swank Ken Kauffman Sr Shaun Steckley Derek Hartley Zach Caswell Kyle Kohr Jason Derr
Aug   7 Scott Reichenbach Jill Aurand Dr Rick Bunting Carolyn Mull Brian Boyle Ron May Jake Wood Tom Seward
Aug 14 Leroy Klinefelter Faron Rhoads Dr Rick Bunting Joe Clark Mike Rowe Lucas Reese Cale Snyder Not Contested
Aug 21 Jeff Duck Troy Geyer Mike McCracken Kevin Romeo Bob Witmer Taylor Olewiler Cale Snyder Tom Seward
Aug 28 Leroy Klinefelter Jeromy Poust Billy Maturo Bud Poust Clark Knudsen Lucas Reese Jimmy Fizz Andy Charcalla
Sept  3 Tom Youtzy Allen Chamberlin Dr Rick Bunting Bob Klock Mike Rowe Richie Bunting DJ Clark Don Carnell
Sept  4 Tom Youtzy Will Leitch Tim Kauffman Joe Clark Jason Howell Christina DiBartolomeo Cale Snyder Dennis Mull
Sept  5 Glenn Seward Dan Swank Dave Carpenter Bud Poust Tom Vance Richie Bunting Michael Koser Pete Wallace


Terra's Speed Shop Friday Night Street Racing






April  8 Jim Sheaffer Brian Snyder Barry Parson Rob MacDonald Dan Donmoyer Jeromy Poust Milt Fuoss
April  15 Ed Brady Bill Maturo Sr Chris Shaffer Dustin Morgan Lynn Umberger John Troxell Steve Hull
April 22 Rain            
April  29 Not Completed Not Completed Not Completed Not Completed Jon Winisiki Not Completed Kyle Goss
May  6 Barry Aurand Tammy Houpt Mike Rowe Larry Taylor Brad Scheidler Bill Marks Kyle Goss
May 13 Ed Brady Dr Rick Bunting Chris Shaffer Rob MacDonald Jon Winisiko Jeromy Poust Kyle Goss
May 20 Dennis Seigler Josh Yocum Barry Parson Rob MacDonald Lynn Umberger Bill Marks Kyle Goss
May 27 Ed Brady Tammy Houpt Mike Rowe Terry Brouse Lynn Umberger Jeromy Poust Kyle Goss
June  3  Rain Out            
June 10 Merv Moyer Ed Fetterolf Chris Shaffer Barry Aurand Bill Rowe Randy Fultz Kyle Goss 
June 17 Ed Brady Ed Fetterolf Mike Rowe Tom Piper Lynn Unberger Steve Zellers Matt Keister
June 24 Barry Aurand Josh Yocum Chad Beam Rob MacDonald Jeremy Campbell Jeromy Poust Kyle Goss
July  1 Rain Out            
June  8 Ed Brady Tammy Houpt Mike Rowe Terry Brouse Jon Winisiko Jeromy Poust Kyle Goss
July 15 Ed Brady Josh Yocum Merv Moyer Dennis Seigler James Burgess Bill Marks Matt Hile
July 22 Tom Bryan Ed Fetterolf Merv Moyer Bobby Smith James Burgess Matt Bergenstock Milt Fuoss
July 29 Kevin Moncavage Lenny Yocum Mike Rowe Mike Bryson Jon Winisko John Troxell Jr Matt Keister
Aug  5 Ed Brady Josh Yocum Mike Rowe Dennis Seigler Jon Wisisko Jeromy Poust JR Keister
Aug 12 Merv Moyer Ed Fetterolf Rich McGowan Tim Frawley Not Contested Jeromy Poust Not Contested
Aug 19 Ed Brady Ed Fetterolf Mike Rowe Tim Frawley Jon Wisisko Ken Klingman JR Keister
Aug 26 Jim Sheaffer Scott Cox Mike Rowe Barry Aurand Colby Piper Matt Bergenstock Matt Keister
Sept  2 Steve Nye Mike McCracken Merv Moyer Andy Ney Jon Winisko Matt Bergenstock Matt Hile
Sept  9 Larry Aurand Ed Fetterolf Chris Shaffer Mike Lucas Jon Winisko Wesley Thomas Matt Hile
Sept 30 Ed Brady David Davis Randy Tibbins Barry Aurand Logan Corrall Johnny Rossman Jr Keister
Oct  14 Merv Moyer Brian Snyder Chris Shaffer Rob MacDonald Lynn Umberger Ashley Held Matt Keister


Sponsored by John Simbeck of Gemini  Enterprises 
State College, PA    814-234-0312

Qualify for this end of season Special Event.  
Win the race with a perfect .000 Reaction Time and be a Team BSD member.

 Dave "Gunner" Miller is the 2005 Triple .000 Club Champion. 

Date Driver Eliminator Vehicle
April 17 Mike Herald Street 79 Malibu SW
May  1 Leroy Klinefelter Top ET 96 S&W
May  1 Cliff Weaver Modified 65 Dodge
May 14 John Simbeck Top ET 69 Cuda
May 22 Joey Coccia Top ET 80 Omni
May 30 Andrew Charcalla Top ET 86 Mustang
May 30 Will Leitch Modified 72 Dart
May 30 Bill Fickes Bike 77 Ninja
May 30 Joe Clark Street 75 Duster
June  5 Rob Olewiler Top ET 72 Pinto
June 12 Andrew Charcalla Top ET 86 Mustang
June 19 Tom Youtzy Top ET 64 Falcon
July  3 Jeromy Poust Modified 74 Vega
July  3 Dave Miller Modified 72 Nova
July  9 Dan Swank Modified 81 Malibu
July  9 Ryan Geyer Modified 70 Nova
July 31 Dave Novinger Modified 77 Vega
July 31 Dave Miller Modified 72 Nova
July 31 Michelle Miller Street 68 Nova
August  7 Snake Kurtz Modified 77 Vega
August  7 Earl Gee Modified 71 Demon
August 14 Dave Novinger Modified 77 Vega
August 21 Dave Carpenter Bike 05 Ninja
August 28 Franklin DiBartolomeo Top ET 02 Quay
August 28 Earl Gee Modified 71 Demon
August 28 Bud Poust Street 86 Chevy S-10
Sept  3 Chris Stathes Street 68 Firebird
Sept  5 Tom Youtzy Top ET 64 Falcon



Special Recognition Section
Drivers who lost with a perfect light, or are not Team BSD members 
or run in Hot Rod Trophy, TCR, Jr Dragster or Lil Beaver.

Doug Howard had a perfect .000 in round 1 Top ET but couldn't cover. OUCH! 

Date Driver Eliminator Vehicle
April 10 Chad Ferster Top ET - lost 86 Mustang
April 10 Brian Sorce Modified - n/m 74 Nova
April 10 Jake Pennypacker Street -n/m 79 Monte
April 17 Franklin DiBartolomeo Top ET - lost 02 Quay
April 17 Steph Witmer TCR 02 F-150
May  8 Lance Kreiger Top ET - lost 88 Corvette
May 22 Gary Swank Top ET - n/m 66 Nova
May 22 Dave Mikolosko Modified - n/m 71 Javalin
May 22 Mark Earnest Lil Beaver - lost 74 Nova
May 29 Kevin Romeo Street - n/m 88 Camaro
June 12 Ron Shrom Top ET - n/m 67 Nova
June 19 Doug Howard Top ET - lost 23 T Altered
June 19 Jeff Duck Top ET - lost 03 Quay
June 19 Steve Hull Lil Beaver 71 Camaro
July 31 Tom Seward Top ET - lost 23 Altered
July 31 Roy Croll Modified - lost 68 Camaro
July 31 Tom Hoover Lil Beaver 78 Camaro
August  7 Ron May TCR 70 AMX
August 21 Tom Vance HRT 70 Nova
August 21 Tom Vance HRT 70 Nova
August 21 Tom Seward Lil Beaver 30 Chevy
August 28 Will Neogra HRT 88 Mustang
Sept  5 Brian Vollman Top ET - n/m 49 Taunus
Sept  5 Michael Beard Modified - n/m 80 Volare

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