BSD Eliminator Club 2009
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( boldface/italics indicates Top Beaver winner )










Top Mod Bike Street Hot Rod
TCR Junior
4-5 Brian Pecht Earl Gee Dr. Rick Bunting Dave Weaver Allen Baker Jeremiah Craft DJ Clark Gunner Miller
4-12 RAIN OUT              
4-19 Jason Weaver Kevin Whitmer Kenny Kauffman Dave Weaver Derek Hartley Brad Robinson Cody Gibson Cody Gibson
4-26 Tom Youtzy Will Leitch Billy Maturo Michelle Brungart Megan Clark Brad Robinson Cody Gibson Jason Weaver
5-3 RAIN OUT              
5-10 Steve Miller Jason Weaver Ken Kauffman Sean Boyle Megan Clark Carly Smith Not contested Jason Derr
5-17 Jason Derr Jim Holland Brian Snyder Joe Clark Derek Hartley Mark Frank DJ Clark  
5-23 FOGGED OUT              
5-23 John Simbeck Jim Holland Kenny Kauffman Joe Clark Kyle Rhoads Dustin Hagans Rylee Duck Not contested
5-24 Dave Bratton Jason Weaver Ed Fetterolf Bob Klock Derek Hartley Mark Frank DJ Clark Jilly Aurand
5-31 Kevin Little Duke Shouey Bill Bair Dave Weaver Mayo DiBart Carly Smith Jake Wood Bud Poust
6-7 Sue Vollman Cliff Eicher Bob Newton Dale Rhoads Al Judy Carly Smith Not contested Brian Pecht
6-13 LeRoy Klinefelter Faron Rhoads Brian Snyder Mike Holland Ray Lear Zach Miller Cody Gibson Dave Miller
6-14 Ron Maslanik Dave Gramley Billy Maturo Gunner Miller Val Hagans Carly Smith Kyle Kohr Bud Poust
6-28 RAIN OUT              
7-5 Kevin Little Jill Aurand Dr. Rick Bunting Bud Poust Rick Knipe Mark Frank Chanda Ross Andy Charcalla
7-19 LeRoy Klinefelter Earl Gee Mike Boyer Dale Rhoads Dwight Shelly Paige Lear Not contested Bud Poust
7-26 RAIN OUT              
8-2 RAIN OUT              
8-9 RAIN OUT              
8-15 Andy Charcalla Kevin Whitmer Dave Carpenter Dave Weaver Dwight Shelly Zack Miller Kevin Kohr Not contested
8-16 Jason Derr Lou Drayer Dr. Rick Bunting Dave Miller Ray Lear Mark Frank Jake Wood Not contested
8-30 Jason Weaver Rick Knipe King Ed Fetterolf Bud Poust Ray Lear Johnna Crone Dalton Roles Jim Holland
9-5 Jeff Duck Blase Raia Dave Carpenter Billy Nees Tyler Thomas Johnna Crone Cody Gibson Not contested
9-6 John Simbeck Kevin Whitmer Richie Bunting Bob Klock Val Hagens Johnna Crone Jake Wood Not contested
9-5 Jeff Duck Will Leitch Rick Bunting Dave Weaver Kyle Rhoads Mark Frank Caitlyn Holland Not contested



Sponsored by John Simbeck of Gemini Enterprises 
State College, PA    814-234-0312

 Street Eliminator Champion, Dave Weaver, also is the 2009 Triple Zero Club Champ!

Date Driver Eliminator Vehicle
Aug. 31 `08 Ken Warsing Top Camaro
Sept. 1 `08 Ed Fetterolf Bike `Busa
Sept. 1 `08 Dave Miller Mod Nova
Sept. 8 `08 Dan Baker Street Ventura
Sept. 8 `08 John Simbeck Top Cuda
Apr. 5 Dave Weaver Street  Charger
Apr. 19 Jason Weaver Top  M&M Dragster
Apr. 19 Derek Hartley HRT  Chevette
Apr. 26 Dave Davis Bike `Busa
Apr. 26 Dave Davis Bike `Busa
May 10 Rusty Miller Mod Nova
May 23 Jeff Duck Top S&W
May 23 Rich Powell Top S&W
May 24 Dave Miller Street Nova
May 24 Brian Pecht Top Vega
May 24 Lou Drayer Top Chevette
May 25 Colin Smith Street Mustang
June 7 Derek Hartley HRT Chevette
June 7 Al Judy HRT Comet
June 7 Ray Lear HRT Camaro
June 13 Will Leitch Mod Dart
June 13 Mike McCracken Lil Beaver Dragster
June 14 Dave Miller Street Nova
Aug. 7 Nate Webb* JR ATV Honda

* Not eligible for the race.

 JD WEB.CC Best Package Club

Sponsored by Jason Derr of JD Web 
Lewistown, PA    717-248-4135

 Sue Vollman picked up the Best Package title for 2009!

Date Driver Eliminator Package
Apr. 5 Dave Weaver Street   .004
Apr. 19 Derek Hartley Hot Rod Trophy   .005
Apr. 26 Dave Weaver Street   .001
May 10 Tom Houser Mod   .006
May 17 Rich Powell Top   .007
May 23 Glenn Seward Top   .011
May 24 Sean Boyle Street   .014
May 25 Dave Miller Street   .003
May 31 Duke Shouey Mod   .007
June 7 Sue Vollman Top   .013
June 13 Dave Bratton Top   .011
June 14 Ron Maslanik Top   .016
July 5 Cliff Eicher Mod   .005
July 19 Leroy Klinefelter Top   .010
Aug 15 Lou Drayer Mod   .027
Aug 16 Jim Stover Top   .006
Aug. 30 Billy Maturo Bike   .008
Aug. 30 Jason Weaver Top   .008
Aug. 30 Megan Clark HRT   .008
Sept. 5 Ken Warsing Top   .013
Sept. 6 Jason Derr Top   .009
Sept. 7 Jeff Duck Top   .011














Bone Stock
3-27 Will Marks Richie Bunting Mike Fornwalt Graham Taylor Johnny Whiskey King Ed Fetterolf Bill Marks Michael Lehman Kyle Kohr Tyler Gardner
4-3 RAIN OUT                  
4-10 RAIN OUT                  
4-17 Jed Seigler Donnie McGee Mike Rowe Jon Winisko Jon Winisko King Ed Fetterolf Rick Bunting Ty Hostetler DJ Clark Kody Poorman
4-24 Will Marks Dave Davis Mike Robinson Jed Seigler Soloman Lohr Ashley Held Will Marks Andrew Hector DJ Clark Kody Poorman
5-1 Mike Rowe Richie Bunting Dennis Henry Jed Seigler Jon Winisko Bob Waer Sam Wise Tanner Kyle Kohr Brandon Renninger
5-8 RAIN OUT                  
5-15 Graham Taylor Brian Snyder Mike Rowe Jed Seigler Jon Winisko Cody Smith Gary Troup Steve Hull DJ Clark Brandon Renninger
5-22  WFO Leonard Long Bob Newton Chris Shaffer Jed Seigler Not contested Chris Holley Not contested Barb Troup Not contested Not contested
5-30 Mike McGowan Dave Davis Chris Shaffer Graham Taylor Johnny Whiskey Mike Harpster Bill Marks Steve Hull Nate Webb Brandon Renninger
6-5 RAIN OUT                  
6-12 Graham Taylor Bob Newton Mike Rowe Tony Varner David Lenig Mike Harpster Will Marks Kane Nipple DJ Clark Kody Poorman
6-19 Jim Sheaffer Richie Bunting Mike Rowe Jed Seigler Kyle Poorman Mike Harpster Gary Troup Barb Troup Nick Cashdollar Brandon Renninger
 6-26 Bill Marks Richie Bunting Mike Rowe Jed Seigler Johnny Whiskey Cody Smith Bill Marks Rich Klase DJ Clark Brandon Renninger
7-3 RAIN OUT                  
 7-10 Will Marks Brian Snyder Mike Rowe Jed Seigler Johnny Whiskey Mike Harpster Bill Marks Steve Hull Kevin Kohr Carly Smith
7-17 RAIN OUT                  
 7-24 Will Marks Dr. Rick Bunting Lynn Umberger Mike Renninger Johnny Whiskey John Troxell Bill Marks Kyle Nipple DJ Clark Carly Smith
7-31 RAIN OUT                  
 8-7 Mike McGowan Dr. Rick Bunting Chris Shaffer Jed Seigler Yoda Kocher Dwight Shelly Gary Troup Rich Klase Sarah Marks Tyler Gardner
 8-14 WFO Bill Marks Not contested Lynn Umberger Jed Seigler Not contested Dave Erikson Not contested Not contested Not contested Not contested
 8-21 Jed Seigler Bob Newton Dennis Henry Graham Taylor Craig Poust John Troxell Bill Marks Rick Klase DJ Clark Not contested
8-28 RAIN OUT                  
 9-4 WFO Ed Brady Dave Davis Joe White Will Marks Johnny Whiskey Rob Cook Not contested Tanya Grenoble Not contested Not contested
9-11 RAIN OUT                  
 9-18 Jim Sheaffer Jeff Stahl Chris Shaffer Rob MacDonald Craig Poust Eric Krell Bill Marks Barb Troup Sarah Marks Not contested
 9-20 WFO Bill Marks Dave Davis Chris Shaffer Johnny Whiskey Craig Poust Eric Krell Will Marks Matt Hile DJ Clark Tyler Gardner
10-2 RAIN OUT                  
10-9 RAIN OUT                  


RAIN OUT                  


RAIN OUT                  


RAIN OUT                  





Sponsored by Dave Snook  
Reedsville, PA    717-667-2275

Mike Rowe had two Double .00 runs back to back

An end of the season race will be held on September 20th, during the Mean Street Nationals, for all adult racers that post a double .00 reaction time in eliminations. The $400 purse will pay through the semi-finals with the winner receiving $200 plus an award plaque

Date Driver Eliminator Vehicle
Apr. 18 Graham Taylor Top Street  Vega
Apr. 18 Jed Seigler Top Street  Fairmont
Apr. 18 Mike McGowan Top Street  Plymouth
Apr. 18 Penny Harpster Street Auto  Mustang
Apr. 18 King Ed Fetterolf Outlaw Street  Hayabusa
Apr. 18 Bill Marks Bone Stock Truck  Dodge
Apr. 24 Will Marks Top Street  S-10
Apr. 24 Graham Taylor Top Street  Vega
Apr. 24 Will Marks Top Street  S-10
Apr. 24 Dave Davis Sport Bike  Hayabusa
Apr. 24 Bob Newton Sport Bike  Hayabusa
Apr. 24 Dave Davis Sport Bike  Hayabusa
Apr. 24 Mike Boston Street Stick  Mustang
Apr. 24 Penny Harpster Street Auto  Mustang
Apr. 24 Johnny Whiskey Sport Compact  Neon
May 1 Mike Rowe Top Street  Mustang
May 1 Mike Rowe Top Street  Mustang
May 1 Richie Bunting Sport Bike  Hayabusa
May 1 Johnny Whiskey Sport Compact  Neon
May 1 Will Marks Bone Stock Truck  Chevrolet
May 15 Mike McGowan Top Street  Plymouth
May 15 Tyler Long Sport Compact  Neon
May 22 Jackie Kohr Street Auto  Dart
May 22 Billy Raia Street Auto  Olds
May 22 Jed Seigler Street Auto  Fairmont
May 22 Chris Holley Outlaw Street  Dart
May 29 Mike McGowan Top Street  Plymouth
May 29 Mike Harpster Top Street  Mustang
May 29 Will Marks Bone Stock Truck  Chevrolet
May 29 Rob MacDonald Street Auto  Chevelle
June 12 Graham Taylor Top Street  Vega
June 12 Michelle Cashdollar Bone Stock Truck  Chevrolet
June 19 Mike Harpster Outlaw Street  Mustang
June 19 Kyle Poorman Sport Compact  Stratus
June 26 Will Marks Top Street  S-10
June 26 Bob Newton Sport Bike  Hayabusa
June 26 Terry Brouse Street Auto  Camaro
June 26 Adam Myers Street Auto  Chevelle
June 26 Rob Murphy Street Auto  Lightning
June 26 Bill Marks Bone Stock Truck  Dodge
July 10 Bill Marks Top Street  Olds
July 10 Brian Snyder Bike  Hayabusa
July 10 Brian Snyder Bike  Hayabusa
July 10 Chris Shaffer Street Stick  Plymouth
July 10 Jed Seigler Street Auto  Fairmont
July 10 Keith Gubbert Sport Compact  Honda
July 10 Mike Harpster Outlaw Street  Mustang
July 24 Jed Seigler Top Street  Fairmont
July 24 Mike Harpster Top Street  Mustang
July 24 Jed Seigler Top Street  Fairmont
July 24 Mike Renninger Street Auto  Nova
July 24 John Troxell Outlaw Street  Fairmont
July 24 Bill Marks Bone Stock Truck  Dodge
Aug. 8 Chris Shaffer Street Stick  Fury


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