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Look for the green 'E' decals denoting an Eliminator Champion on the cars and bikes at Beaver Springs Dragway, and you'll know who the killers are. These 'kill stickers' let you know who the aces are, just like fighter pilots did with their planes!


BSD ET Racing Series
Eliminator Club '99


Super Pro Bike Heavy Trophy Jr. Dragster
March 28 John Maxwell John Iacavone Dave Carpenter Dave Weaver Pete Kane Spencer Jones
April 3 Rich O'Neill Faron Rhoads Danny Boyer Jim Holland Brian Witkop Frank Markward
April 4

R   A  I  N  O  U  T

April 25 John Simbeck Roy Croll Bill Dippery Jim Holland Alvin Camp Samantha Ressler
May 1 Gary Gettig Roy Croll Dave Carpenter Bob Klock Banks Miller -
May 9 Gary Gettig Steve Sweitzer Tony Julio Michael Beard Banks Miller Nick Ressler
May 16 Gary Swank Larry Jewell Tony Julio Bob Klock Brian Boyle Travis Bires
May 23 R   A  I  N  O  U  T
May 29 Rich Dunkelberger Tom Chamberlin Dave Carpenter Dennis Mull Andy Thorp Blase Raia
May 30 Jason Waldron Tory Kitchen Tony Julio Michael Beard Brian Witkop Frank Markward
May 31 Jason Waldron Mike Kitchen - Cliff Eicher Clay Wrigglesworth Dan Dietrich
June 6 Bob Kauffman Tom Chamberlin Don Kahler Michael Beard Banks Miller Samantha Ressler

June 13

Scott Reichenbach Tory Kitchen - Dave Weaver - -

June 20

Bob Kauffman Tom Chamberlin - Bob Klock Brian Boyle -
June 27 John Simbeck R   A  I  N  O  U  T
July 3 Scott Reichenbach Tom Chamberlin Dave Carpenter Michael Beard Craig Poust -
July 4 John Simbeck Joe Scott - Jeff Edinger Brian Witkop -
July 11 Scott Reichenbach Doug Kline Bob Rhoades Jeff Edinger Craig Poust Nick Ressler
July 18 Bob Kauffman Earl Gee Dennis Dreisbach Dave Weaver Brian Boyle -
July 24 Bob Kauffman Will Leitch Don Kahler Dale Rhoads Shane Bowersox -
July 25 Bob Kauffman Tom Chamberlin - Dale Rhoads Banks Miller -
Aug. 1 Bob Kauffman Bill Smith Tony Julio Michael Beard Joe Gentile Blase Raia
Aug. 8 R   A  I  N  O  U  T
Aug. 15 Gary Gettig Tom Chamberlin Don Kahler Michael Beard Bill Dye -
Aug. 22 Brian Weaver Ron Shrom Don Kahler Dave Weaver Dan Baker Samantha Ressler
Aug. 29 John Maxwell Doug Kline - John Troxell John Watson -
Sept. 4 Buddy Wilson Ron Shrom - Dave Weaver Steve Francisko Blase Raia
Sept. 5 R   A  I  N  O  U  T
Sept. 6 R   A  I  N  O  U  T
Sept. 12 Dave Bratton Roy Croll Bill Dippery Cliff Eicher Mike Alexander -
Sept. 19 Bob Kauffman Jill Aurand Dave Carpenter Jeff Edinger John Watson Blaise Raia
Oct. 3 .500 Club
Dale Rhoads
Top Gun
Michael Beard
$1,000 Race
Jill Aurand

Friday Night Street Racing


Top Street




April 2

Mike Worthy Bill Dye Terry Brouse John Greenawalt

April 16

Mike Worthy Paul Hicks Derek Grubb Greg Reeder

April 23

R   A  I  N  O  U  T

April 30

Bruce Dunlop Lee Tressler Daniel Jensen Greg Reeder

May 7

Jared Mangle Doug Fortney Terry Brouse Michael Moyer

May 14

Kevin Moncavage Troy Long Terry Brouse Greg Reeder

May 21

Ed Brady Lee Cross Daryl Kippe Wayne Weist

May 28

Ed Brady Dennis Mull Tony Wells Greg Reeder

June 4

Brian Smith Josh Hakes Terry Brouse Scott Chapman

June 11

Mike Pesarchik Dave Shaw Terry Brouse Chris Sweigard

June 18

Chris Whipple Andrew Ney Michael Fisher Greg Reeder

June 25

not completed

July 2

Dan Mosey Jim Bower Jeremy Hoffmaster Chris Sweigard
Century Nats Champ:  Chris Sweigard All Street:  Bruce Dunlap

July 9

Jim Bower Gene Switzer Shane Bowersox Greg Reeder

July 16

Shane Arnsparger Jeff Miller Brian Parson Ed Miller

July 23

Shane Arnsparger Jim Bower Colby Piper Chris Sweigard

July 30

R   A  I  N  O  U  T

Aug. 6

Ed Brady Dave Miller Mike Cunningham Chad Fultz

Aug. 13

R   A  I  N  O  U  T

Aug. 20

R   A  I  N  O  U  T

Aug. 27

Ed Brady David Ricker Colby Piper Darvin Snook
Sept. 3 Frank Bello Jim Bower Steve Shreckengasst Darvin Snook
Sept. 10 Derek Grubb Jim Bower Jim Stover Dave Wolfley
Sept. 17 Bill Dye Clint Struble Jeremy Hoffmaster Chris Sweigard
Sept. 24 Jim Stover Jim Bower Terry Brouse Mark James
Oct. 1 Ed Brady Jim Bower Terry Brouse Chris Sweigard
Century Nats Champ:  Chris Sweigard
Oct. 15 Steve Nye Todd Hauser Jeremy Hoffmaster Greg Reeder
Oct. 22 R   A  I  N  O  U  T
Oct. 29 Michelle McGowan Todd Hauser Terry Brouse Chris Sweigard

(1998 Eliminator Club)

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