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Beaver Springs Dragway is the place to race in central Pennsylvania, with tough competition, great traction, and a hard-working crew, along with good payouts and many bonus programs.



The Summit Racing North Stars Division IHRA Bracket Finals will be held at Quaker City Raceway, in Salem, Ohio on the last weekend of September 21-24.  Each track's team will consist of 40 entries (from Top, Mod, Bike, Street, and Junior Dragster), plus two Alternates. The number of entries from each class is not set, and is determined by each individual track.  For example, one track may choose to take 20 Top and 20 Mod cars and nothing else, while another track may at the same time take 10 Top, 10 Mod, 10 Street, 9 Bikes and a Junior Dragster.

BSD will take the following number of cars to the Bracket Finals in 2006:
                    12 from Top ET
                    12 from Modified
                    7 from Bike
                    7 from Street
                    2 from Jr Dragster
                      2 Alternates (2 Highest Points-Earning Non-Qualifiers, regardless of class) 

The two Alternates will make time trials with the rest of the team at the event, and may compete in each night's Gambler's Race.   In the event that a team member breaks, an Alternate will take the place - regardless of the class. (ie., if a Modified ET car breaks and the first alternate is a Bike, then the Bike is placed into the Bike field... the alternate need not be a Modified car).   If an entry breaks during eliminations after a winning effort, an alternate may not be used.

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