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Wheelstanders, powerful street cars, intense bikers, and tire smoking action! What else could you ask for? It's all right here at Beaver Springs Dragway.

All photos are Copyright Todd Dziadosz, the official BSD photographer, unless otherwise noted. Todd has great pics of all the BSD regulars, as well as a dazzling display of Pro cars. If you are interested in his photos, check out his website at

Modified ET

Jill Aurand
Dave Brassington
John Bruno
Rob Bucher
Don Carnell
Tom Chamberlain
Roy Croll
Lou Drayer
Scott Drayer
Cliff Eicher
Chad Ferster
Earl Gee
Troy Geyer
Bryan Hicks
Jim Holland
Chris Holley
Lester Holtzapple
Tom Hoover
Ray Kratzer
Dick Kuhlman
Clint Lanning
Will Leitch
Jared Mangle
Fred Metzger
Dave Miller
Rusty Miller
Steve Miller
Carolyn Mull
David Novinger
Bill Pavone
Jeromy Poust
Ron Reber
Faron Rhodes
Dan Swank
Jerry Walter
Jason Weaver
Keith Whitman
Kevin Whitmer
Richard Yoder

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