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The Reverand Tom Youtzy
& Sister Nancy  (aka Queen of Top)
2003 Top ET Champion

Hometown: Lewistown, PA
Age:   Legal
Vehicle:  '64 Falcon 392W Street-legal, B&M Supercharger, SVO Block & Crank
4.86 gears, 14x32" slicks,C-4 trans, 7000 rpm
Sponsor:  Sister Nancy /aka. Queen of Top ET 
                    (also known as his wife and crew chief!)
Best ET/MPH:  10.27 @ 133 mph

10 Heavy Eliminator wins
'82-'83 Street Champion
2 Super/Pro Wins, 2 R-ups
2002 Member of Team BSD Bracket Finals Champions
2003 Top Eliminator Champion
2003 Top Driver of the Year
2003 Best Appearing Top Car 



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