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Beaver Springs Dragway is the place to race in central Pennsylvania, with tough competition, great traction, and a hard-working crew, along with good payouts and many bonus programs.


General Rules & Regulations

Bye Run: First Round - is earned by the competitor that records the lowest reaction time (r/t) in the 2nd round of Time Trials.  If No bye run is available then that person has lane choice.   In subsequent rounds, the bye run will be earned by the competitor that records the lowest reaction time in the previous round of eliminations.  A driver that is eligible for the Bye Run must sit at the rear of the staging lanes to see if there is an odd number of entries.  If there is an even number of entries, that person has lane choice. (2nd round only)  Bye Runs are not guaranteed, nor are missed ones grounds for re-instatement.  NOTE:  Once entries are paired by the Compulink III System it is sometimes possible for a driver to receive more than one Bye Run.

Lane Choice:  Low r/t may determine lane choice in the 1st and 2nd round of eliminations in Top, Mod, Street, and Hot Rod Trophy, and the 1st round in Bike if Low r/t did not receive a bye run.  Otherwise, lane choice is determined by a coin toss between the drivers before entering the bleach box.  A driver cannot refuse to flip for lanes.

Pairings: Preliminary Rounds - Competitors will be paired by the staging director as they pull into the lanes.  The staging director makes the sole decision.  Money Rounds - Entries will be paired and placed on the standard IHRA ladder sheet by the Compulink III System based on runs closest to their Dial-In or by Reaction Time.  IHRA Bike is paired in the first round of eliminations by their reaction time of their second time trial.  Special Events - Pairings may have to be done in the 2nd or 4th round as deemed necessary by the event director.

Re-entry:  BSD do not have re-entry at any events.

Excessive Braking:  As stated in the IHRA Rulebook, a participant is subject to disqualification for "any condition considered unsafe, unfair, or out of order".  In the interest of safety, if any track official perceives that a driver has intentionally engaged in excessive braking in order to avoid braking out, that driver will be disqualified.   Excessive braking will be defined by, but not limited to, locking up the brakes, smoking the tires, or swerving due to braking on top end.  Dial your car and keep it safe.

Racer Refunds: NO CASH REFUNDS.   All returns will be made in Beaver Bucks.

Rain Outs:  NO CASH REFUNDS.  All refunds due rainouts will be made with rain checks only.  No rain checks will be issued until the race has been officially called.  All rain checks will be issued at the payout window.  Arm band/pit passes will not be valid as a rain check and will not be accepted for entry for another race day.  It is your responsibility to pick up a rain check.

Questions?  See your Steering Committee representative.  (The 2004 Points Champions in each Eliminator)  If you have a questions in the off season just contact Beaver Bob at 

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