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Beaver Springs Dragway is well known for being the home of some of the toughest racers in the North Stars Division, especially our "Footbrake" hitters and killer Bikers. Come match up with the best!

See all the 2001 winners in the Eliminator Club, and don't forget to check the points standings for all classes, linked from the main page!   For photos and more information check out the Driver ProFiles section!

BSD Announces Series Champions And Shootout Winners 
Oct 1, 2001 - The points series are finished and Norwalk is just around the corner for the members of Team Beaver at Beaver Springs Dragway.  The eliminator champions are as follows:  Top ET:  Bob Kauffman, Modified ET:  Jason Weaver, Street ET:  Dale (Chip) Rhodes, Bike :  Derrick Rager,  Hot Rod Trophy: Sean Boyle, TCR :  Danielle Klock and Jr. Dragster:   Jeremy Campbell.

This is the second championship each for Bob Kauffman, Jason Weaver and Danielle Klock; while Derrick Rager and Sean Boyle are enjoying their first win.   The veteran of winning championships would be Chip Rhodes, with this being his fourth title at The Beaver.

Sweitzer’s Top Gun Finale race was held on Sunday, September 23, 2001.

This race is for all the Top Beaver winners throughout the year.  The winner of this race received a race trailer from Sweitzer’s Performance of Jersey Shore.  Modified Champion, Jason Weaver, driving his ‘81 Camaro, 427,  won the Top Beaver of 2001 over Bike Champ, Derrick Rager on his 1400 Suzuki.

Also held Sunday at Beaver Springs Dragway was Scott’s Transmission $1000 Gamblers race.  Again, the competition was strong, with insurance and re-entry helping the racers get a second chance.  Modified driver Earl Gee in his ‘71 Demon 340 won over Top ET driver Jeff Krushinski in his 355 dragster.

On Sunday, September 30, 2001, Scott’s Transmission sponsored another

$1000 Gamblers race.  The final round of racing found two Top ET drivers matched up, with Brian Vollman in his ‘47 Ford Taunus 351 winning over John Maxwell’s ’67 Camaro 355.

The Bosch 500 Club race was also held on Sunday.  In order to qualify for the Bosch race, you must’ve had at least one .500 light during a winning round of eliminations in the 2001 season.  The Bosch 500 Club Race is sponsored by John Simbeck of Gemini Enterprises in State College.

Modified driver, Cliff Eicher in his ’69 Chevelle 355 took the win over Top ET driver Brian Weaver and his ’78 Camaro 427.

Following the races on Sunday, the members of Team Beaver, BSD staff, families and friends, enjoyed the Annual Jacket Awards and picnic.

Beaver Bob McCardle announced the roster of Team Beaver members who would be traveling to Norwalk, Ohio, for the Bracket Finals being held on October 5, 6, 7, 2001.  Team jackets, decals and the necessary paperwork were presented to the racers.  The BSD staff was recognized for their hard work and dedication throughout the season and was also presented with BSD jackets. 

Good Luck to all BSD racers going to the Brackets!!!  

Doug Kline Continues No-Box Domination Of Sweitzer's Top Beaver Run-offs
June 25, 2001
Beaver Springs, PA - It's been nine straight events that the generally favored delay box equipped Top ET cars have been shut out of the winner's circle in the post race Sweitzer's Performance Top Beaver run-off.  This week, Doug Kline snuck past a red-lighting Jason Weaver in the finals of Modified with his street-driven '68 Roadrunner 440 before dispatching 3-peat Top ET winner Dave Bratton, Sr. and then former Street Champion Dale Rhoads in the Top Beaver final.

Dream Weaver: Brian And Jason Weaver Lead Points; Weaver Scores Back-To-Back Top Beavers
June 21, 2001
Beaver Springs, PA -  Any perceived advantage found in a delay box-equipped car seems to be rendered useless at Beaver Springs Dragway.  When the idea of run-off race with the four top Summit Super Series categories was first approached, the main concern was the advantage that the Top ET cars would have.  To the contrary, "box" cars have been shut out of the Sweitzer's Performance Top Beaver winner's circle since APRIL.  For the last two weeks, defending Modified ET Champion Jason Weaver has helped continue that trend.

While the youngest of the Weaver clan thunders through the Modified ranks, his father Brian Weaver has quietly slipped into the Top ET points lead behind the wheel of the "Keith's Dream" Camaro.  The top of the leaderboard is not a strange place to the elder Weaver, as he holds a Super Pro season championship title from Mason-Dixon Dragway.

Jason Weaver's latest conquest came over Top ET winner Dave Bratton, Sr., who was also in his second consecutive Sweitzer's Top Beaver race.  Weaver had dispatched Bratton in the first round of the run-off in the previous week, but his battle against him in the finals this week looked to be tougher.  Bratton got the advantage off the starting line, .510 to .518, but Weaver once again got the nod with a dead-on 10.34 to Bratton's .02-over 8.51.  Bike winner Mike Curry and Street winner Dave Miller were the semi-finalists in the Top Beaver run-off.

Bratton defeated a red-lighting Brian Weaver in the Top ET final.  Dave Sorce was the semi-finalist in his Super Rod Corvette roadster.

Jason Weaver met up against first time finalist Samantha Smith in the Modified final.  Smith's .01-over 12.97 was game, but not enough to handle the .525-initiated dead-on 10.38.  Paul Shingara and Faron Rhoads were the semi-finalists.

2000 Cecil County Dragway Champion Mike Curry continued to impress in his return to full-time Beaver Springs action in the IHRA Bike category, after knocking off early points leader Derrick Rager in the opening frame, and then catching defending champion Dave Carpenter in the final round.  Curry ran both ends of the track with a better reaction time and a 9.92 on a 9.91 for the win.  Dale "Shorty" Reichenbach was the semi-finalist.

Two of the emerging heavy hitters met in the Street ET final, Dave Miller (right) and Dennis Mull, both winners earlier in the season.  Mull ran under trying to keep a nose on the Nova of Miller, but the dead-on 12.81 by Miller would hold up for the win.  Dave Weaver was the semi-finalist.

Becky Winters earned her first Hot Rod Trophy victory, over another lady, Annie Weaver and her "Hair Zone" backed entry, after Weaver hung a close .496 redlight.  Gene Switzer was the semi-finalist.

"Goodbye Earl":  Dixie Chicks Sing New Beaver Springs Anthem As Earl Gee Sweeps Three Top Beavers 
Beaver Springs, PA -  For a man once known best for his sense of humor, Earl Gee is know both known and feared for his driving prowess.  A safety maintenance engineer at the Three Mile Island nuclear facility, "the Homer Simpson of BSD" may have been irridated by some errant gamma rays, as his recent performances have been unmatched.  Gee's lengthy winning streak has put a rush on "Earl's in the Trunk" bumper stickers, and a price tag on his head.

When I first met Earl Gee, he was running his then-primered Dodge Demon in the Super Pro category.  It was 1991, and delay boxes had not yet come into fashion in the Northeast Division.  Even so, Gee always seemed to run into his arch-enemy, the dragster, first round each week.  The dragster drivers in those days were among the best and most experienced drivers, so added to the handicap of trying to judge a 160 mph rail, the outcome was rarely favorable.  I clearly remember Gee winning a Bogie race (best package contest), and the man literally had tears coming to his eyes.  "This is the first time I have ever made money at this track."  Through it all Gee has always maintained the most positive of outlooks on racing, citing wisdom such as "Some days peanuts, some days shells."

Today, Earl Gee is leading the Modified ET points by just over five rounds, an impressive feat considering the long winning streaks also posted by defending champion Jason Weaver and Doug Kline in the 2001 Smith's Race Shop/Summit Super Series.

Gee's most recent Modified ET final round victim was Numidia's Dale "Omar the Tent Builder" Roadarmel.  While Roadarmel red-lighted at the start, Gee carded a dead-on 11.08 for the win, placing him in his third Sweitzer's Performance Top Beaver event of the season.  Knowing he was on a hot streak, equally tough Biker Derrick Rager also red-lighted in the Top Beaver final, with a very close .494 try.

Vince Shrawder, Sr. followed his son's footsteps to victory lane for the first time this season in Top ET, as did Rich Houser in Street ET.

Memorial Weekend featured three race days of winners from all of the categories, and to commemorate the holiday weekend, BSD held a run-off race for the three Sweitzer's Top Beaver run-off winners.  Perhaps surprisingly (or perhaps not, if you know BSD's footbrakers), all three Top Beaver champions from Memorial weekend came from Modified ET:  Jason Weaver, Faron Rhoads, and Earl Gee.  Gee received the odd-lot bye first round, and after defeating Rhoads in the first round, Weaver broke, leaving Gee with the overall shootout win for the weekend.

Also having exceptional races over the Memorial weekend holiday were Gary Swank (2-time Top winner), Dave Carpenter (2-time Bike winner), Debbie Boyer (2-time Street winner), Sean Boyle (2-time Hot Rod Trophy winner), and Danielle Klock, who performed a complete three-race sweep in Teen Championship Racing.  For a complete list of winners, see the BSD Eliminator Club.

Derrick Rager Wins Fifth Career "Top Beaver" Aboard Suzuki; Wellar, Kline, Delcamp, Boyle, Troxell Also Victorious
Beaver Springs, PA -  Pine Grove's Derrick Rager made a name for himself during the 2000 Summit Super Series season as the Giant Killer.  Riding his Suzuki GS drag bike, Rager won back-to-back Top Beaver titles not once, but twice last year.  With a close win over Modified victor Doug Kline in this week's Top Beaver final, we wouldn't be surprised to be telling you much the same story come next week!  

Rager got his start riding the Suzuki in the Friday Night Street Racing Series, and made his share of rounds there as well.  In his first forays into the IHRA Bike class in the Summit Super Series, he might have been more well-known for having a daughter that's a dead ringer for the "Pepsi" girl, but that soon changed.  Rager is a quick study, so hanging out with the infamous but tough Beaver Springs' biker crowd brought him rising to the top in no time.  While getting past those same bikers in the ever-growing rejuvenated field at BSD is always an accomplishment, it's the Top Beaver rounds that Rager looks forward to.  

"I've gotten to race a lot of guys I consider awesome racers... Kline, Rhoads, and Weaver (who always kicks my butt)," explained Rager.  "I'd like to get to run one off with Beard and Klock yet!"  With the way Rager is rolling, which includes rolling into the IHRA Bike points lead, it's doubtful that any of those "awesome racers" are too anxious to take him up on the challenge.

Rager will be challenged for the IHRA Bike crown by a number of other young riders, including Bill Maturo, Jr.  Maturo surprised many with his first win last week, but backed that up convincingly as he met Rager in the Bike finals.  A too-quick 9.97 on a 10.06 ended his bid for a second consecutive victory, while a solid 9.18 on a 9.17 cinched Rager's first of the season.  Shorty Reichenbach was the lone semi-finalist.

In Top ET, Wilbur Wellar got his first win of the season, as he took a solo pass following ill-timed breakage by Bob Kauffman.  Wellar ran a 10.65 on a 10.67 on his free pass.   Leroy Klinefelter and Rod Holtzapple were the semi-finalists.

With the Modified points leader exiting early, Doug Kline made a run to put a dent in that points lead.  Kline wrested his second win of the season with his '68 Roadrunner, and not only made up that gap, but brought himself into a tie for first..  With form of old, Kline used a holeshot 11.20 on an 11.18 at 121 mph to trailer John Troxell's '78 Fairmont, which ran a too-quick 11.24 on an 11.25.  A returning Ron Reber and Super Stock driver Travis Chapple were the semi-finalists.

In Street Eliminator, another old name came back to the BSD winner's circle, as Ron Delcamp carded a 16.49 on a 16.43 with his '94 Dakota 318 to oust former Street Champion Dale Rhoads, who ran under by .006 seconds in his fast approaching '66 Mustang, a 12.45 on a 12.46.  Dennis Mull was the semi-finalist.

Although Annie Weaver didn't add another solo point in the win column this week, they did keep it in the family as Sean Boyle drove his '79 Road Runner to his first win.  Boyle won the nearly heads-up matchup with Barry Knepp and his '80 Camaro on a holeshot, needing only his 16.54 to hold off Knepp's 16.52.

In the Beaver Motors Teen Championship Racing program, John Troxell got that elusive first win, and cut an excellent .509 reaction time in the process.  David Welch was a little too quick off the line with a .495.  Troxell ran his '93 Mustang 2.3 out to a 14.10 on a 13.99 on the 18th mile course, while Welch's Aspen turned an 11.14 on an 11.25.

Steve Mertz won the Gambler's race with his 440-powered '32 Ford Coupe, a winning 12/47 at 107 mph over Matt Stover's 10.25 at 126 mph from his '69 Camaro.

In the Mother's Day Eliminator, Danielle Boyle drove her '98 Neon to an 18.56 on an 18.50 win over Jan Metzger, who ran under with a 13.97 on a 14.20.

Rounding out the day, Derrick Rager defeated Doug Kline for the Sweitzer's Performance Top Beaver title, running a holeshot 9.19 on a 9.18 at 137 mph to Kline's dead-on 11.18 at 122 mph.  Wilbur Wellar and Ron Delcamp were the semi-finalists.

Dye Doubles-Up On WFO; Moncavage Returns To Top Street Winner's Circle; Walter, Shaffer, Hicks, Stark, Wiest Also Win
Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing
May 11, 2001
Beaver Springs, PA - Bill Dye has retained his crown as the fastest of the fast after winning both WFO events contested thus far as part of the Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing Series.  Dye slammed his 422cid-powered S-10 down to the 1/8th-mile traps in the heads-up contest to a 6.269 at 110 mph to hold off the strong top-end charge of 100 MPH Club President Kerry Inman aboard his '99 Suzuki.  Inman ran out of room, trailing with a 6.32 at 120.98 mph.  Kevin Sabo was the semi-finalist.

Former Top Street Champion Kevin Moncavage returned to glory, but at the wheel of a new ride.  After using 2000 to sort out his '73 Cuda 452, Moncavage wielded a strong .537 light and 11.21 on an 11.18 at just 116 mph to take care of arch-rival Ed Brady.  Brady drove his '68 Camaro 355 to a 10.44 over his 10.32 dial.  Josh Shearer was the semi-finalist.

Daryl Walter scored his first victory in Street Bike, defeating the recently red-hot (but red-lighting) Bill Maturo, Jr.  Walter ran his pass out for an 11.93 on an 11.70 automatic win, while Maturo cruised through to a 10.85 on a 10.28.  Bill Maturo, Sr. and Greg Reeder were the semi-finalists.

In Street Stick, Chris Shaffer squared off against Matt Auman in an odd nostaligic Mopar versus 5.0 Mustang matchup.  The 440 powered '66 Fury shifted its way to the win in thirteen and a half seconds to hold off the twelve-second charge by Auman's '89 Mustang.  John Troxell and Jordon Shope were the semi-finalists.

Tom Hicks was another first time winner.  Hicks drove his '98 Z-28 to a 14.33 on a 14.24 win in Street Auto over Greg Hayner.  Hayner broke out in his '97 Ram, an 18.68 on an 18.75.  Mark Paulhamus and John Carper were the semi-finalists.

In the Marv's Speed/Auto Street Import category, nine front-drivers battled it out for top honors in the brand new class.  Danielle Starks drove her '98 Neon 2.0L to a heads-up victory over veteran (albeit young) Joey Shirey in his '98 Sunfire.  Starks made up the starting line deficit with a 19.19 on a 19.00 top-end charge, while Shirey fell off-pace with a 19.54 on a 19.00.  John Bradley was the semi-finalist.

Wayne Wiest tested out his wheelie bars in Outlaw Street, and ended up riding that '96 GSXR all the way to the winner's circle.  Wiest's 11.79 on an 11.60 was good enough to hold off Rich Reighard's '67 Camaro, which ran off to an 11.73 on an 11.40, letting Wiest slip back around by two hundredths of a second.

Mull Footbrakes Streeter To Overall Title On New Beaver Springs Surface
Smith's Race Shop/Summit Super Series
May 9, 2001
Beaver Springs, PA -
Racers got their first experience with the brand new surface at Beaver Springs Dragway on Saturday, May 5, a special edition event in the Smith's Race Shop/Summit Super Series.  Long-time BSD supporter Dennis Mull made a triumphant return to the central Pennsylvania facility, after traveling for the past few years.  Part of a husband and wife team, Dennis said, "Carolyn wanted to run here again this year, so that's what we're going to do."  The decision to return to their home track could not have been better.  Beaver Springs is the only IHRA facility in Pennsylvania, and thus the only local place to reap the weekly contingency rewards provided by the Summit Super Series.  That, along with its friendly staff and racers, and its scenic location nestled in rolling hills of the Appalachians makes BSD a great place to call home.

Mull has most often let the "race car" driving duties of the family '65 Chevelle to Carolyn, but Dennis carved out a name for himself as one of the premier street car racers as early as 1989, when he won the Trophy class championship at BSD with his Z28 Camaro.  Although the footbrake class has changed around him throughout the years, Mull has always been a steady hand in his 14 to 15-second rides, and been more than competitive against anything thrown at him.  The mild-mannered Mull is content to let his driving do the talking for him.

Mull's current ride is an unassuming '86 Monte Carlo, whose small block 400 is good enough to push him to the lower limits of the 14-second zone.  Right from the start of eliminations, he waded through the field with apparent ease.  In round two of Street Eliminator, he popped off 2000 Hot Rod Trophy champion Shaun Steckley with a dead-on 14.170 on a 14.17, setting the stage for the later rounds.  In the semi-finals, he defeated a red-lighting Blase Raia, a former Junior Dragster champ and the previous week's Street winner.  Come time for the finals, Mull faced current points leader Steve Mertz and his 440-Mopar powered '32 Ford.  Mertz stabbed a .517 light, but ran under his 12.47 dial with a 12.42 in the an effort to nose Mull in the traps.  Mull took the win light with a 14.15 on a 14.14 at 93 mph.

In the Sweitzer's Performance Top Beaver run-off race, Mull was first paired with defending Modified champion and 3-time 2001 event winner Jason Weaver.  Weaver found his 141 mph top-end charge to his detriment in this case, as he ran out by .008 on his 10.06 dial to Mull's dead-on 14.143 on a 14.14.  Top ET victor Rod Holtzapple drove his immaculate "Varmint" Camaro around Bike winner Bill Maturo, Jr. in the other semi-final pairing to set up the David vs. Goliath final.  Mull footbraked his Monte Carlo off the line with a killer .514 light, and watch Holtzapple leave in the mirror five seconds later with a close .523 reaction.  Once again, "speed kills" came to pass, as Holtzapple ran under his 9.16 dial with a 9.13.  The fans raised the roof when Mull's scoreboard flashed with the win light and another dead-on 14.14 for the overall title and bonus purse.

Rod Holtzapple earned his berth into the Top Beaver runoff by defeating former Mason-Dixon track champion Brian Weaver in the Top ET finals.  Brian, father of Modified champion Jason Weaver, red-lighted at the start, but would have had to face Holtzapple's devastating .513-initiated 9.160 on a 9.16 in any case.  Vince Shrawder, Jr. and points leader Bob Kauffman were the semi-finalists.

In IHRA Bike, former Friday Night Street Racer Bill Maturo, Jr. blasted onto the Summit Super Series scene with an impressive victory over a stout field of bikes, including veteran Bill Dippery in the finals.  Maturo rode his '01 GSXR to a .519 start and 10.02 ona 9.98 victory to Dippery's off-pace 9.62 on a 9.49 aboard his '76 Kawasaki.  Another tough street-biker, Chad Fultz, was the lone semi-finalist.

In a battle of the titans, two champions locked horns in the Modified final.  Jason Weaver staged up his '81 Camaro on a 10.06 dial to take on Bob Klock's '73 Challenger, who picked up the headstart on his 11.79.  The pair left even with .515 to .511 lights, but a spinning 11.84 by Klock was no match for the dead-on 10.069 on a 10.06 posted by Weaver.  Bill Raia and Earl Gee were the semi-finalists.

Free spirited Bob Larish took the Hot Rod Trophy title, ramming his '01 Harley FatBoy down the 1/4-mile to a 13.14 on a 13.03 win over Stacie Camp, who ran under with an 18.62 on an 18.69 at the wheel of a '91 GMC S-15.  Annie Weaver was the lone semi-finalist.

In the Beaver Motors Teen Championship Racing series, David Welch took his second win of the season with his '79 Aspen, carding an 11.23 on an 11.21 at 60 mph to top John Troxell's '93 Mustang, which run under, 14.05 on a 14.07 at 51 mph.  Points leader Danielle Klock was the semi-finalist.

Kristie Swain took a solo for the Junior Dragster win, 9.52 on an 8.90, at 68 mph.

In the Gambler's race, Matt Stover took the pot with his '69 Camaro, running a 10.26 on a 10.23 to defeat Jim Holland's '70 GTO, which ran a closer 10.97 on a 10.96.  Jeremy Baney was the semi-finalist.

For more information, visit Beaver Springs Dragway online at 

Defending Champions Kauffman And Carpenter Score First of 2001;  Aurand, Mertz, Mylin, and Klock Also Victorious
Smith's Race Shop/Summit Super Series
April 29, 2001
Beaver Springs, PA - Unfortunately for the competition, it didn't take long for defending Top ET Champion Bob Kauffman to find his stride.  Kauffman chalked up his first season victory in only the fourth points race of the year with his '75 Camaro; bad news for those who remember him for his late-season winning sprees.  Kauffman took the measure of Dave Bratton, Jr. in the finals, taking the stripe with a .515-initiated 9.14 on a 9.13 at 142 mph to Bratton's off-pace 9.28 on a 9.23 from his '70 Nova.  Gerald Himes was the semi-finalist.

Another defending champion, Dave Carpenter, added to his lengthy IHRA Bike win list with his first of 2001, aboard his '99 Ninja.  Carpenter faced Brian Glunt's '00 Hayabusa street machine in the fifth and final round, and paced him to a 9.48 on a 9.37 win at 130 mph to a losing 10.24 on a 10.13 at 139 mph.  Derrick Rager scored yet another semi-finalist showing.

A week after her 'significant other' Doug Kline scored in Modified ET, Jill Aurand brought home the bacon (and not the Goofy hat!) in her '74 Dart Sport.  Aurand mated an 11.01 to her 10.98 dial at 119 mph to put away the always tough Dan Swank, who ran a 10.44 on a 10.37 at 130 mph with his '80 Malibu for the runner-up honors.  Faron Rhoads and Doug Kline were the semi-finalists.

In Street ET, Steve Mertz found the winner's circle for the first time of the season in his 440 Mopar-powered '32 Ford coupe.  Mertz overcame a .518 holeshot posted by Steve Hull in his "Gladiator" '71 Camaro when the Chevrolet couldn't cover the dial-in.  Mertz got the win light with a 12.54 on a 12.49 at 106 mph to a losing 15.76 on a 15.59.  2000 Street Automatic Champ Dave Miller was the lone semi-finalist.

Former factory-backed Super Stock ace John Mylin returned to racing at the Beaver with his '73 Fury to take the Hot Rod Trophy title, and holding Annie Weaver from pulling off the hat trick at the same time.  Mylin ran a dead-on 12.75 at 101 mph to cover the off-pace 13.13 on a 13.08 at 105 mph from Weaver's '71 Charger.  Sean Boyle was the semi-finalist.

Defending series champion Danielle Klock made it two in a row in the Beaver Motors Teen Championship Racing program with her '89 Ram, knocking down rounds like a chip off the ol' block.  Klock tagged a spectacular .505 reaction time in the finals against John Troxell and his '93 Mustang, and took the win with a 12.72 on a 12.64 at 49 mph to a losing 13.99 on a 13.90 at 51 mph.

For the Sweitzer's Performance Top Beaver title, Bob Kauffman won the run-off race over Bike winner Dave Carpenter with a 9.16 on a 9.14 at 143 mph.  Carpenter picked up the runner-up bonus check with a too-quick 9.375 on a 9.38 at 141 mph.

Shrawder Jr., Kline, Kauffman Jr., Raia Break Through For First Wins
Smith's Race Shop/Summit Super Series
April 22, 2001
Beaver Springs, PA - Although Friday's action was halted once again due to rain, the weather was fine for racing come Sunday.  A good turnout of regulars and visitors alike pulled into the central Pennsylvania facility to tackle the Beaver Springs quarter-mile.  This week's Smith's Race Shop Summit Super Series event marked the 2001 debut for many drivers.

Second generation racer Vince Shrawder, Jr. took over the controls of the family '68 Camaro 355, and wheeled it expertly to the win in Top ET.  Shrawder, one of the youngest faces on the circuit, showed the poise and concentration needed to overcome the experience of Steve Landis, NHRA Div. 1 Super Comp standout.  Shrawder stayed close to Landis on the tree, and took a 10.42 on a 10.39 win when Landis ran an off-pace 8.50 on an 8.44 with his '93 Carpenter dragster 406.  John Barton returned to action at the Beaver with a great semi-final showing.

Beaver Springs' own Doug Kline won a hard-fought Modified title over 1992 Heavy Eliminator champion Will Leitch.  Kline, probably one of the most overdue drivers, found the combination and put behind him the nagging gremlins that have hampered his true ability since his runner-up points finish in 1994.  Kline drove his '68 Roadrunner 440 to a tight double-breakout victory with an 11.227 on an 11.23 to the quicker 10.809 on a 10.82 posted by the 440 Dart of Leitch.  Earl Gee continued a strong early season run with a semi-final finish.

Trading places with dear old dad for a change, Ken Kauffman, Jr. found the winner's circle in IHRA's Bike Eliminator.  Kauffman earned a free ride 9.12 on a 9.09 aboard his '97 Ninja.  Veteran biker Dale "Shorty" Reichenbach red-lit aboard his new '01 Suzuki, wasting a 9.13 on a 9.12.  Derrick Rager made his second semi-final appearance of the season.

Former Junior Dragster champion turned Teen Championship Racing driver, turned Street Eliminator driver made two more progressive steps this weekend.  The first step for Blase Raia was to step into his father's Modified ET Firebird, and the second was to win with it.  Raia has always been a sharp contender, and now he has the metal around him to get the job done, as he showed with his impressive and victorious first outing in the new ride.  Raia ran a 12.11 on a 12.12 to win a double-breakout against Alan Guyer's quicker 12.10 on a 12.18 from his '71 Nova.  Mike Holland and Lee Tressler were the semi-finalists.

How Annie Weaver gets that helmet on and off without mussing her own "Hair Zone" made hair is a mystery, but how she keeps putting the boys on the trailer in Hot Rod Trophy is not.  Weaver has consistently thumped her own boys, and anyone else who gets in the way as she seeks the Hot Rod Trophy title in the shared "Mixed Emotions" Charger ride.  Weaver ran a 13.20 on a 13.14 for her second straight win, by virtue of a red-light start by Bob Witmer in his '69 Camaro.  Sean Boyle was the lone semi-finalist.

Danielle Klock returned to both the winner's circle and the points lead in the Beaver Motors Teen Championship Racing Series after winning her second event of the young 2001 season.  Klock ran out with a 12.86 on a 12.88, but it did not matter as David Welch lit the red bulb with a heartbreaking .499 in his Aspen.  John Troxell and David Vrobel were the semi-finalists.

In Junior Dragster competition, Steven Singley scored his second win of the season as well, as he took on NR track champion Jeremy Campbell in the finals.  Singley carded a perfectly dead-on 9.600 on a 9.60 to hold off Campbell's game 10.14 on a 10.11.  Jared Hafer was the lone semi-finalist.

Sweitzer's Top Beaver was not contested due to a transmission fluid incident and time constraints.  The purse was split.

Champions Continue To Rule At The Beaver
Smith's Race Shop/Summit Super Series
April 15, 2001
Beaver Springs, PA - There's just no keeping a champion down, and that held true at Beaver Springs Dragway as they rolled into their second Smith's Race Shop ET Series points race, held Easter Sunday.  A good field was on hand, with plenty of visitors from nearly a half dozen other race tracks.

NR track champion Jeff Krushinskie avenged his final round loss in the season opener with wins in both Top ET and Sweitzer's Performance Top Beaver.  Krushinskie's Top ET victim was fellow Shamokin native Gary Lorenz, who red-lighted away a .03-over 10.39 with his '68 Camaro.  Krushinskie completed the pass in his '96 Undercover dragster with a .517 initiated dead-on 8.53 at 157 mph.  Barry Sauder was the semi-finalist.

A strong and growing field of IHRA Bikes graced the central PA facility with Cecil County track champion Danny Boyer earning a berth into the Top Beaver runoff with a final round defeat of last week's winner, Ken Kauffman, Sr.  Boyer saw Kauffman light the tree with a .496 red-light after he left the line, and legged it on through on his '72 Kawasaki to a 9.67 on a 9.58 at 133 mph.  Kauffman carded a 9.57 on a 9.42 at 133 mph for the runner-up honors.  Randy Kauffman reached the semi-finals.

The defending Modified champion made it two in a row for a perfect season thus far.  Jason Weaver expertly wheeled his '81 Camaro 350 to a holeshot 10.30 on a 10.29 win, knocking off Maple Grove hot shoe Scott Smoley and the dead-on 10.33 he posted with his '73 Nova.  Bob Klock and Jack Paulshock made their way to the semi-finals.

Three-time Heavy Eliminator champion and IHRA Director of Creative Services Michael Beard made the drive in from Norwalk, OH to join the fray in Street ET, and came out the victor in his '00 Dakota 4.7L.  Beard's .507 starting line effort allowed him to pick up the win with a 16.78 on a 16.63 to oust Dave Camp's 15.09 on a 15.03 effort with his '83 Cutlass.  Steve Mertz was the lone semi-finalist.

Keeping it all in the family, Annie Weaver joined her son on the Hot Rod Trophy winners list, as she nailed her 13.12 dial-in dead-on with her '71 Charger 360 and a large dose of top-end driving skill.  Stacie Camp carded an 18.80 on a 18.72 for the runner-up.  Bill Kratzer and Sean Boyle were the semi-finalists.

David Welch picked up his first win of the season in the Beaver Motors Teen Championship Racing Series, driving his Ford F150.  Welch pedaled John Troxell to a 12.25 on an 11.80, as Troxell's '93 Mustang fell off-pace to a 14.33 on a 14.13.  Danielle Klock was the semi-finalist.

NR track champion Jeremy Campbell took a solo for the Junior Dragster win, but made the most of his 10-second charge with a stout .514 reaction time on the starting line.

In Gambler's comeptition, Jim Holland drove his '70 GTO 455 to the win over Rich Powell and his '68 Camaro 355.  Holland's .539 holeshot allowed him to push Powell under his 11.42 dial-in by .008 seconds, while he ran a .06-over 11.10 at 121 mph.  Don White and Matt Stover were the semi-finalists.

136 Entries Storm BSD For Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing Series Opener

Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing

April 13, 2001
Beaver Springs, PA - At long last, we were granted the weather that we deserved on a Friday night, allowing us to kick off the fun night of the weekend with Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing!  New for 2001 is the addition of the "WFO Club" heads-up, pro-tree 1/8th mile racing, plus the Marv's Speed/Auto Street Import class.

Bill Dye claimed the King of Speed's throne with a double-dip of the winner's circle, first by defeating Darvin Snook's '00 Ninja ZX-12 in the WFO Club with his '83 S-10, 6.07 at 113 mph to Snook's 6.49 at 115 mph, and then showing his consistency with the win in Top Street.  Dye won the double-breakout decision over Josh Shearer's '88 Camaro, turning a 10.38 on a 10.42 at 132 mph to Shearer's 11.42 on an 11.50 at 121 mph.  Defending champion Mike Worthy was the semi-finalist.

Darvin Snook started the trend early in 2001, backing up last year's Street Bike championship with a win in the season opener.  Snook ran a stunning 9.96 on a 9.89 at 140 mph with his '00 Ninja ZX-12 1200 to nip Bill Maturo's '00 GSXR 750 by .03 seconds.  Maturo ran a 10.72 on a 10.65 at 139 mph for the runner-up honors.  Scott Sizer and Chris Sweigard were the semi-finalists.

Terry Brouse won Street Stick.

Street Automatic champion Dave Miller made good on his accomplishment with a win in a new ride.  Miller's new '72 Nova 355 carried him through traction problems to card a 13.25 on a 13.15 win against John Carper's '67 Cuda 340, which ran out with a 12.98 on a 13.00 dial, despite a better .519 reaction time.  Gene Switzer was the semi-finalist.

In the new Marv's Speed/Auto Street Import category, Todd Trump drove his 1.6L powered '00 Civic to a 16.17 on a 15.85 win at 80 mph over Dale Wolfgang's '97 Sentra, which could only muster an 18.12 on a 17.70 at 68 mph.  Jeff Tice and 367UN were the semi-finalists.

Dan Swank took the Outlaw Street title over Rich Powell with his '80 Malibu, 10.90 on a 10.93 at 124 mph, while Powell ran out with an 11.40 on an 11.48 at 117 mph.  Bud Poust and John Troxell were the semi-finalists.

Ok, ok... we weren't really going to leave you hanging on the Street Stick action.  Yes, three time Street Stick champion Terry Brouse did the job again, and well deserved, as usual.  Brouse pedaled his Wild Thing Camaro to a dead-on 13.70 to put away Rodney Lape's Mustang GT, which bogged off the starting line to give Brouse the room he needed on top end.  William Kratzer was the semi-finalist.

Champions Off To A Running Start At Season Opener
Smith's Race Shop/Summit Super Series

April 8, 2001
Beaver Springs, PA - Although Mother Nature still fought the Beaver Springs crew throughout the weekend, causing the loss of another Best Way Pizza Friday Night Street Racing event to rain, through perseverance, the first points race in the Smith's Race Shop/Summit Super Series was finally put in the books.  Former and defending champions came out in droves, with many leaving the central Pennsylvania facility with the points lead.

1997 Super/Pro Champion Jim Zimmerman is still kicking... all the way to both the Top ET and Top Beaver titles.  "Zimmy", from Paxinos, faced his closest friend and competitor in the finals, NR track champion Jeff Krushinskie.  Zimmerman took the spot with his '70 Nova 468, and broke out by one hundredth of a second on his 10.16 dial-in, while Krushinskie, despite having a better .514 to .524 reaction time was unable to slow his hard-charging '96 Undercover dragster enough to keep from losing the double-breakout.  JK's 8.569 on an 8.68 left the margin of victory a scant .001 seconds.  Gary Fogelman and Wes McCracken were the semi-finalists.

Next generation footbrake champion Jason Weaver of Saxton picked up in his title defense right where he left off.  Weaver's vicious .510-initiated 10.58 on a 10.57 in his '81 Camaro 350 is a tough package to beat in any class, but the '95 Heavy Champion Dave Brassington gave it his best shot with an excellent .522 and .01-over 11.58 with his '67 Camaro "35?".  The .009-second margin of victory stands as a testimony to the level of competition in Modified Eliminator.  Earl Gee was the lone semi-finalist.

In one of the few classes in which champions were shut out of the final round, IHRA Bike featured a battle between New Bloomfield's Ken Kauffman, Sr. and Beaver Springs' Dale "Shorty" Reichenbach.  Kauffman extended his half-second handicap start with a .05-second holeshot, and held on for a the win with a 9.46 on a 9.45, forcing Shorty to run out with an 8.979 on a 9.03 dial.  Derrick Rager was the single semi-finalist, falling the breakage.

Mill Hall's Tom Houser, Jr. has both come of age in Street Eliminator and found his stride simultaneously in this early season bout.  Houser's sharp reaction times kept him in the hunt all the way to the final round where a clutch .517 light was just a bonus in his win over a red-lighting Larry Phillips.  Houser clicked his '72 Dart 360 early after seeing his automatic win, and rolled through to a 12.46 on a 12.29.  Phillips also coasted through after red-lighted, but both drivers savored their best finishes in the class to date.  Rich Houser was the semi-finalist.

Despite the new look of his '88 Mustang 302, Brian Boyle is still the same sharp driver, and the Middleburg native was able to punch through for the season opening win in Hot Rod Trophy.  Boyle was caught on the tree by Friday Night Street Racer John Carper and his '67 Cuda 340, but a 15.23 on a 15.20 from the Mustang was enough to trailer the off-pace fish, as Carper was only able to turn a 13.21 on a 13.00.  Chad Hartley was the semi-finalist.

The one and only Teen Championship Racing champion Danielle Klock was back behind the wheel of her dad's feared '89 Ram V6, and packaged a .556 light and a .002-under 12.86 to win the season opener in her title defense.  Danielle's first victim of the season was Middleburg's John Troxell, who red-lighted away a 14.16 on a 14.11 from his '93 Mustang 2.3L.  Teen Championship Racing is now a full-fledged IHRA eliminator, giving kids ages 13-16 the opportunity to race full-sized vehicles 11.00-slower in the 1/8th mile with a licensed co-driver.  For more information on participating in "TCR", contact the Beaver Springs office at 717-248-7676.  TCR is sponsored by Beaver Motors Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep, who will be awarding special jackets and plaques to the year's top finishers.

Steven Singley earned the Junior Dragster title in a tough double-breakout decision over Whitney Jones.  Jones welded Singley to the tree with a fantastic .501 light, but ran under too much with a 12.88 on a 13.02 to Singley's 9.52 on a 9.56 at 68 mph.  NR track champion Jeremy Campbell was the semi-finalist.

In the Sweitzer's Performance Top Beaver run-off, Top ET winner Jim Zimmerman toted off the bonus bucks, putting a .536 light together with a .004-under 10.15 in the finals.  The bikes are making their presence known right away in 2001 with a Top Beaver final appearance in the first race of the season, but IHRA Bike winner Ken Kauffman, Sr. turned the light red on the starting line to give Zimmerman the automatic win.

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