'Bug Meet 14'
Great race on a cold day.

Photos from Bug Meet 14

Stephanie Miller (near) laid a light on Bill Edwards to take the Top Bug title.

Super Pro fell to Bill Edwards dragster. Here he defeats Bruce Ridgeway in the semis.

Woody Page was runner up in Super Pro when he cut a -.002 in the finals. 

Pro Bug went to Joe Cooper in the Old School Bug over Jerry Lewis.

Stephanie Miller won the Modified Street title over Lee Rager's Bug.

It was a little cold for t-shirts, but the Queen in Jeans was a great one again. 

Little Beaver was won by Darren Norton in the Bantam over Chris Schaffer.

"Big House" Joe Clark showed no mercy for the Queen stomping her in round two of the Hot Dog race. Joe was runner up to "The Kid".

Best Appearing Dune Buggy was Dale Adams entry.

The bite was too good as 11 entries broke before round one.

John Trittle's VW Thing ran 10.60's all day. 

Bill Danner fouled with a -008, wasting a great 7.18 on a 7.15 in round one.

National Champion, Jim Sartwell, helps Ken Kloster get it right.
David Grayson captured low ET and Top Speed with a 6.53 at 122.64 MPH!!

Eliminator Driver Car  dial R/T ET MPH
Top Bug  Stephanie Miller 70 VW Bug 9.60 .114 9.658 62.09
RU Bill Edwards 72 Dragster 6.95 .192 6.975 92.05
Super Pro Bill Edwards 72 Dragster 6.94 .096 6.957 95.31
RU Woody Page 64 VW Bug 7.16 -.002 8.718 74.98
Pro Bug Joe Cooper 56 VW Bug 7.60 .127 8.173 87.59
RU Jerry Lewis 68 VW Bug 8.74 .426 8.720 76.26
Mod/Street Stephanie Miller 70 VW Bug 9.70 .073 9.786 62.09
RU Lee Rager 67 VW Bug 10.60 .213 10.572 60.08
Lil Beaver Darren Norton 32 Bantam VW 6.85 -015 6.879 95.97
RU Chris Schaeffer 71 VW 10.45 -.082 10.433 64.23

Low ET / Top Speed: David Grayson      90 Frameworks   6.538 ET @ 122.64 MPH

Low ET Sedan:          Bruce Ridgeway   72 VW Bug          6.910 ET @  96.72 MPH

Photos from Bug Meet 14 Show Cars

Bugs were everywhere.

More BUGS!!

Show champion.

Camp over and show it off. Only at the Beaver.

Let's go surfing now, everybody's learning how, come on and Safari with me.
Low and fast!!

Flames are so cool.