It was the Great Race
4th Annual Flashback Friday

John DiMino's 427 Thunderbolt won Flashback Friday 
over Dennis Kohr's 426 Max Wedge `63 Polara.

The Black Horse team went  wild when the win light came on.

Dennis Kohr made it to the finals with a win over Allen Obenchain's Altered Wheel Base `65 Coronet.

The Nostalgia Nationals Champion, Jerry Loeb, in his 426 Max Wedge Mopar fell in the semi's to the Black Horse 427 T-Bolt.

Jim Mackenzie's screaming 409 stopped Kenny Montgomery's  
426 Hemi in round 2 with a 9.12 at 151.20 MPH

Charlie Baesch's 421 A/FX GTO was a crowd favorite with his 3 foot wheel stands and 9 second passes.
Kenny "The Kid" Walsh was the defending champion in his Mr 409, unfortunately he broke and was unable to make round one.

Lucky Lucianco in the Dyno Don 427 A/FX Comet set low ET 
with a 9.05 blast at 150.12 MPH. What a ride!!
Rubber City Thunder and Army Armstrong really lit the track up.

Andy Jensen laid down a 6.72 at 218.66 MPH!!!

See the lights!!! The Beaver is all lit up with the new lighting 

The PSYCHOGANG was wild!!!    Did he just jump that bike?

George Aberts 427 Comet fell to Mike Pearce in the Patriot AMX.

Jody Aberts 427 Fairlane won round 1 over the Wully Bully 409.

Kenny Montgomery's 426 Hemi set low ET for MOPARS with a 9.55 

Alex Cortezzo's plain vanilla `63 Plymouth got by the Patriot of Dale Snellbaker in a battle of the Max Wedge cars. 

The fastest race of the night was won by Jim Mackenzie in the 
Ol Reliable 409 over Lucky Luciano in the Dyno Don 427 Comet.

Don Bangs in the WIBG Gremlin qualified 3rd with a 9.06 at 148.88 MPH.

Allen Obenchain's Hang `Em High won round 1 over Charlie Fishback's 426 Max Wedge Bounty Hunter. 

Allen George in the Lil Screamer 409 defeated George Gudat's AMX.

Harvey Richard's Damn Yankee fouled out to Frank Knox in another battle of the 426 Max Wedge MOPARS.

It's the Cortezzo's and their Max Wedge MOPARS.

The Black Horse T-Bolt is out on Frank Pellegrini's 427 LW Ford.

Stephanie 'the cutie' Dimino's Black Horse with the 427 Mystery Motor matches Charlie Morris in the Norristown Ford.

Fast Freddie Henderson in his record holding AA/SA 427 Galaxie.

Kyle Reasbeck in his dad's 426 Hemi Coronet.

BSD regular, Dennis Kohr, was the last MOPAR standing.

Troy Tribby has the cool 421 Ventura. What a neat Pontiac.

Allen Kohr's 426 Hemi Super Bee is one sharp 9.50 ride!

Nostalgia Nationals Champion, Jerry Loeb, made it to the semis.

Two classic Mopars, Dale Snellbaker's Patriot and Joe Durkee's
totally original  Nothing Special Max Wedge wagon.

Bill Murphy's hard charging Jersey Duke. another 426 Max car.

Charlie Morris in the original Norristown Ford 427.

Carl Bucks crowd pleasing Wully Bully 409 bubble top.

The colorful and fast Jack of Diamonds of Ben Obenchain.

Alex Cortezzo's sharp 426 Max Wedge `63 Plymouth.

She's real fine my 409, my  4 - 0 - 9 !!!

Frank Knox - `63 Max Wegde

The pits were a bee hive of activity.

It was memory lane on Flashback Friday.

With all of the new lights, look how bright it is in the staging lanes. 
This is the third round of Nostalgia Super Stock. 

A happy Team Black Horse won the Nostalgia S/S Championship.

Dennis Kohr and family with the runner up award in Nostalgia S/S.

The Legends of the sport were all here.

Dick Brannan and Rich LeMont - The Ford Masters

Kenny Montgomery and Bill Stiles - The Hemi Men

Bruce Larson and Sam Auxier - Chevy vs Ford

Darwin Doll of NHRA and Dink Bishop of Ford's 422 Motorsports

Barbara and Bud Faubel. He is the greatest. ...and yes he always dressed like this when he ran the Hemi Honker.

Nostalgia Funny Cars are now part of the Flashback Friday show.

Bruce Larson had his World Championship Olds on display.

The Beaver was packed, both sides, wall to wall. What a race!


John Dimino -Nostalgia Super Stock Champion.

Dennis Kohr - Nostalgia Super Stock finalist.

Jerry Loeb - Super Stock semi-finalist

Allen Obenchain - semi finalist - "Hang `em High" `65 Dodge AWB

Jim Mackenzie - quarter finalist - `Ol Reliable 409

Mike Pearce - quarter finalist - "Pete's Patriot" AMX


July 12, 2005 Flashback Friday Street Races
Merv Moyer wins Top Street 
Jeromy Poust wins both Nostalgia Races

The man is tough to beat. Merv Moyer had his Mustang working great. 
He defeated Barry Aurand's 360 Duster in the finals of Top Street.

King Ed Fetterolf (near) defeated josh Yocum in the semis and went on to put his Hayabusa in victory lane with a win over Brian Snyder in the finals.

Rich McGowan's `04 Cobra took the Street Stick finals over 
Barry Parson's `85 Mustang at the stroke of midnight. 

Tim Frawley's F-250 Ford defeated Andy Ney's S-10 in the semis of Street Auto. 
He then stopped Dennis Seigler's Maverick in the all Ford finals. 

Jeromy Poust in his Vega, swept the York US-30 Nostalgia Nationals and 
Flashback Friday titles in Nostalgia ET. 

Joe "Big House" Clark was runner up to Jeromy Poust in Nostalgia Street.

Jeromy Poust and family receiving his trophy for the  Nostalgia ET title.

Nostalgia Street runner up, Big House, with Tammy and the Klockster.

The cool Nostalgia cars came out on Flashback Friday.

Lew Stitley in his original Tijuana Taxi `53 Corvette. It's so sharp.

Travis Rice in his Big, Bad Galaxy. This street legal 557 inch Ford ran 9.90's!!

Mike Miller's original 390 AMX

Don Kunis in his sharp `66 Nova post car.

Art Hand in his 10 second, 347 inch, Falcon Sprint. It's a looker!!

Steve Singley's `63 Nova went to the semi's.

Frank Giallonardo's 521 inch " Torinosaurus"  blasted to a 10.14 at 135 MPH!!

New Jersey's, John Kissel, made the trip to Beaver for Flashback Friday. 
The 428 Firebird lost in round two to Ed Kuhn's Willys.

Ed Kuhn's SBC powered Willys ran 10 flat all night long in Street Legal trim. 
BTW ...It's a stick!!

Thomas Bordner - `69 AMX

Sara Campbell's `67 Impala.

John Wise in Randy Campbell's good looking `40 Ford.

Craig Hornung's Peaches and Scream blown 440 Mopar/Bantam.

The English Brothers Fiat was flying. 8.50's at 159 MPH!!

Nicole Adams 360 Dart and the Semi Hustler 427 Biscayne.

Cody Geyer's 383 powered `55 Shoebox.

Woody and Linda Woods drove their `32 Deuce sedan from Hamburg, PA  
just to be part of the fun. Woody has the coolest toys.