BEAVER BLAST... What a fun race!

Crystal Kennedy won the Iron Man Classic

The Champs 
Josh Kelly 8-9, Sean Serra 10-12, Crystal Kennedy 13-14, TJ Kasper 15-17

Josh Kelly - 8-9 year old Champ

Sean Serra - 10-12 year old Champ

Crystal Kennedy - 13-14 year old Champ

TJ Kasper - 15-17 year old Champ

Lucas Reese - TCR Champion

The Iron Man Classic

It's over!! Josh Kelly had a -.010 light and gave the Iron Man to Crystal.

Josh Kelly in the Sand Gator stopped Sean Serra in round one.

Crystal Kennedy ran right on her 8.12 dial to upend Kasper's .006 light in the opening round of the Iron Man.

Special Award Winners

Best Appearing Crew: Team Hard Kohr

Best Appearing Car: Katie Kasper

Dead On Run: Maria Baehr

First Perfect Reaction Time: Jake Wood

8-9 Year Old Class

Josh Kelly (top) ran right on his 12.56 dial to win over Megan Culbert.

Josh Kelly was the man!!

A nice job congrats from Dennis Kohr.

Josh just got by Ryan Hann in the semi's.

Terry Kelly is out first and takes the win over Kyle Kohr.

Ryan Hahn got to the semi's in 8-9 year olds.

10-12 Year Old Class

Sean Serra (near) won the Eliminator over Amber Mahon with a 
9.01 on a 8.99 dial to Amber's 8.71 on a 8.70

Team Serra picks up the win! Congrats from Amber's dad.

Amber Mahon ran closer to her dial to stop Julian Paone in the Semis.

BSD regular, Colton Kirchner, ran out against Amber Mahon in round 2. 

Kaitlyn Stannon of Westminster. MD bowed out in round one.

JC Gloyd fouled in round one.

BSD's Samantha Dubbs lost to Jake Wood's perfect .000 light.

Allison Bell dropped a tough one to Sean Serra in round one.

13-14 Year Old Class

Crystal Kennedy (near) won the title over Sarah Roth.

Amanda Klinger (bottom) fouled in the semi's to Sarah Roth.

Sara Roth: It was that close.

Maria Baehr fouled to Crystal Kennedy in round two after recording a right on the dial 9.120 on a 9.12 in round one. 

Brett Klinger ran under in round two against Sean Serra.

Colton was looking around for Amber but ran out by .025.

Matt Hopkins of Virginia

Rookie David Dunkleberger

Brad Groff lost a close one to Maria Baehr in round one.

15-17 Year Old Class

TJ Kasper (far) cut a .001 light to win the title over Jeremy Campbell who was in his final race of JR dragster. Jeremy ran his first race at BSD.

TJ Kasper (top) ran a 7.91 on a 7.90 to defeat Kate Roth in the semi's.

Kasper got by Peterka in round two when Eric went red.

Jeremy Campbell (bottom) ran a 10.64 on a 10.65 to win over
 Andrew Cautrider's Chaos entry in the semi's

Thrill of victory, the agony of defeat.

Brittany Spence lost when both girls ran right on their dial's.

Andrew Cautrider ended Cale Snyder's bid to win in round two.

Heather Bell (1473) ran right on her dial to stop Tina Orth.

Tina Orth came up short in round one but did good in Lil Beaver.

Jeremy's second round victim was cutie, Heather Bell.

Eric Peterka took round one over Dylan Myers.

Jeff Serra (1743) lost round one to Kate Roth.

Cale Snyer dropped in round two to Andrew Cautrider.

Brittany Spence won round one over Katie Kasper.

Katie Kasper garnered the Best Appearing Car honors.

Joe Paone of New Jersey ran under against Cale Snyder in rd 1.

Shane Steinert ran close but was late against Cautrider.

Maple Grove standout, Dylan Myers, had a tough day at the Beaver Blast dropping a close one to Eric Peterka's .002 light in round one.

The Racer's Faces

Maria Baehr

Katlin Stannon

Amber Mahon

BSD JR Champion, Michael Koser

Kaitlyn Chruchman

Amber Mahon from Chambersburg

Sean is ready for the finals.

Amanda Klinger

Sara Roth

Dylan Myers

The veterans: Tina Roth, Eric Peterka and Heather Bell

Jake Wood

2001 Division Champion Cody Gibson

JC Gloyd

Emily Albison

Samantha Dubbs

Sarah Heckman

Heather Bell

Megan Culbert, runner up in 8-9 year old class.

Girls Rock!!! Megan Culbert ran a 12.19 at 52.24 MPH.

The Beaver's photographer, Todd Dziadosz,  gets the good shots.
He's the best in the business, PERIOD!!

Sarah Heckman, top, won the Lil Beaver title over Megan Culbert.

TCR at the Beaver Blast

Lucas Reese in the `63 Falcon took the TCR title over the 
Big Box Truck of Shane Steinert with a 10.06 on a 10.02 dial.

BSD Champ, Taylor Olewiler made it to the semi's.

Shanna Bechtel was a little anxious cutting a -.040 in round one.

Jon Paone became the first ever TCR driver in a Hummer!

Dylan Myers took too much strip in the Bimmer and Taylor got the win.

It's the Roth girls!!

Ashley Rivera won the first round in her Honda.

Jayme Colon: We had to card him. 

Shane Steinert was as focused at John Force.

Brad Groff's F-150 came from behind to stop Paone's Hummer.

Miranda Miller took the win over Shanna Bechtel.

Dylan Myers cut a light in the BMW and stopped Kate Roth in round 1.

Travis Getz in Gram's Buick dumped Maria Bahre.

Taylor Olewiler came back and won TCR Lil Beaver.


Team Kasper won the Mom's in Jr's. over Robin Orth in the Serra rail.

Mrs. Kasper, the 2005 Mom's in Jr's Champion!!

Robin Orth was the Mom's In Jr finalist. 
This year she didn't blow up anything!! 

You look good in there Linda.

Colton Kirchner's mom had a good time.

Motion Motorsports Mom on a fast ride.

It's Mom's in Juniors!!

Eric isn't the only one having fun tonight.

The Hot Dog Race

Team Cautrider

The Barnham's of Burnham, PA

They got them on the clubhouse turn!!

The Pro's, BK Kauffman and Jimmy Wray

Paone and Baehr, the New Jersey connection.

Spill a little...

I'm getting my cholesterol back up where it belongs.

I'm right behind you honey.

Team Orth chugs it fine.

The Penn State princesses

Team Orth wins the round.

The Hot Dog Champs
Blase' Raia and Brian Dubbs

Pit Vehicle Race

The final round came down between Josh Kelly's parents and Cliffie Eicher. At the stripe it fell to the Kelly's with a 32.72 on a 32.66 
at 14.51 MPH.  Eicher ran out with a 11.84 on an 12.00. 

Cliff left really hard onboard the BSD safety quad.

The Kelly's: 2005 Pit Vehicle Champions!!!


Crystal Kennedy: Who's next?

Coming back on Hero row.

How about a 4.30 in the 330!!

Andrew Cautrider from Westminster, MD

Heather Bell's 8.00 ride.

Katie Kasper of New Jersey has one good looking ride. 

"You know BK, most of these Juniors are faster than my race car".

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