1st IHRA Points Race - April 2nd
Bryan Sorce takes Top Beaver

Bryan Sorce in his Top ET Altered took the Top Beaver title with a right on 9.17

Top ET finals: Brian Vollman was out first in his `47 Ford Taunus but ran out with a 9.54 on a 9.47 dial. Sorce ran out the least with a 9.17 on a 9.18.

Modified Finals: It's over! Paul Egli's Super Short Chevy fouled away the finals to 
Cliff Eicher who ran a 11.97 on a 11.98.

Team Eicher cheered on Cliffie.

Randy Kauffman put his Ninja in the winners circle with a 9.00 on a 8.96 over 
Josh Yocum's Hayabusa after a great .010 light by Josh. 

Former Hot Rod trophy shoe, Jason Howell made the jump to Street ET
and won in his very first race. Notch one for the Northern Raiders.

It's an all boys final! JT Shreffler knocked off Bob Barnham's `65 impala to win TCR.

Colton Kirchner ran right on his 7.97 dial to stop Samantha 'Sam I Am' Dubbs 
in a tough Jr Dragster eliminator.

Brian Boyle's `79 Monte Carlo ran a 14.15 on a 14.12 to take the Hot Rod Trophy
title away from Darin Thompson's `88 Cougar.

In the traps

Don Carnell's dragster sticks his nose over the strip for a win over Rod Holtzapple.

`05 Champion, Glenn Seward, (right) had just enough to hold off 
Jeff Duck's 7.98 / 171.62 MPH top end charge in round one. 

The Rev's .005 light was good for the win over Tom Tom Seward's 
altered in round one when the Northern Raider went red.

Heather Putt's `68 Camaro pulled off a close win over Tom Hoover in Modified.

Will Treese's foul added up to a car length lead but a loss in round one to 
Faron Rhoad's 505 inch Mopar.

Battle of the `Busa's was won by Brian Snyder silver steed over Billy Maturo 


Mike McCracken's new paint job looked great on his 170 MPH ride.

Chief Firewater, Pete Wallace, had low Reaction Time for Top ET.

Dave Gramley revamped Chevelle was leaving hard.

Kevin Whitmer's Camaro fell to Tom Vance's .009 in round one.

 Peter Donk, fouled in round one to eventual champion, Jason Howell in Street. 

Travis Getz made the move from TCR to Hot Rod Trophy in Uncle Bob Kauffman's 11 second Camaro. Trav made it to the semi's before running out.

Jeremy Moyer's JR was looking good.

Skeeter Long had his Street Legal Mustang running 9.20's. Yes, it's a stick!!

Sue Vollman made a great debut in Street ET going to the semis.

Top Fuel!! Check out Kyle Kohr's Hemi powered JR. 

Carman Koser drew a red light in Hot Rod Trophy to eventual champ Brian Boyle.

2005 JR champion Michael Koser lost a tough one to DJ Clark in round one.

Around the track

Tom Hoover and crew member, Mr. Money.

Andy Yocum of Yocum Suzuki Motorsports

Chanda Ross had low Reaction Time for JR's in her very first race!

Tim Kauffman is pushed back by brother Ken. 

The one and only, Dave Carpenter, being pushed back by Jon Schilt after a semi win.

John Vincent showed up with a killer paint scheme. 

"The Electric Scotty" in the traps. What a shot!!

It's the Olweiler girls doing battle in TCR.

Brian Vollman Jr made his debut on Sunday.

Jr cuties Samantha Dubbs and Melissa Klock.

Colton Kirchner thumps up on his first win.

Kevin Romeo was running both Mod and Street. He made it to the semis in both.

Nice ride: Chuck Weber was testing his record holding G/SA Corvette. 

It's BIG and he's back!! Al Judy has his Heavy Chevy in the 11's on Big Dan power.

Winners Circle

Top ET Champion: Bryan Sorce and crew
Modified Champion: Cliff, Chrissy and Karen Eicher

TCR Champion, JT Shreffler with Kit and co-driver Earl Gee

JR Champion Colton Kirchner's crew give dad a dousing.