April 9th - Race #2
Big Dan is the man in Top Beaver

Big Dan Swank's Malibu was on the numbers all day long. The 355 Malibu stopped Top ET Champion, Steve Miller in the finals of Top Beaver with a 10.35 on a 10.30. 

Top ET finals: Steve Miller is off to his first ever Top ET title over "The Rev" The Big Block Firebird ran a 11.26 on a 11.24 to stop the Supercharged Falcon's 9.50 on a 9.46

Modified Finals: IHRA Rookie Fred Kerstetter had a great day making it to the finals but drew a foul in the finals against Swank's Malibu which carded a 10.30 on a 10.30.

Dave Carpenter is off and running for the win in IHRA Bike over Turbo Bob Shields. Carp ran a 9.25 on a 9.24. Shields wasted a 7.87 on a 7.86 at 166.51 MPH with a foul. Carp's pit crew of Mike Boyer and Staci Carpenter high five the win. 

Western Warrior, Kevin Romeo, broke into the winners circle in IHRA Street with a final round .007R/T 12.26 on a 12.20 to stop Lynn Umberger's `01 Saturn's 17.61.
Taylor Olewiler ran right on her 10.28 dial but was late leaving the line. 
Jed Sigler's F-150 ran a 10.10 on a 10.08 dial in taking the TCR title.

Colton Kirchner, top, ran out with a 8.06 on an 8.07 in his York Excavating Co. Rail as Jeremy Moyer's Long Shifter's ride took the win with a 8.57 on an 8.27 in Jr Dragster.

Friday Street Racer, Matt Bergenstock in his S-10, put his earned Free Race Pass to good use winning the Hot Rod Trophy eliminator over Becky Winter's `06 Malibu. 

Lil Beaver went to Bobby Newlin's `68 Camaro with a 10.85 on a 10.82 over the Tom Chamberlin Monza's run under 11.13 on a 11.15. Bobby is shown here defeating Will Treese's good looking Camaro in round three with a great .002 light.

In the traps

Don Carnell's dragster sticks his nose over the stripe for a win over Mike McCracken.

.002 too much stripe for Cliff Weaver's 426 Mopar as Tom Youtzy's Supercharged 
392 in Small Block Ford picks up a first round win.

Tom Chamberlin's Monza pulled a -.004 light in round one against eventual 
Top ET winner Steve Miller in his Big Block Firebird.

George "Snake" Kurtz ran a right on 10.55 to stop Merv Moyer in his Mustang who ran a 10.82 on a 10.81 dial in round one of Modified.

Season opener R/U, Paul Egli, defeated Northern Raider, Tom Houswert in Mod. 

Doug Kline's 426 Hemi Road Runner took a first round win over Joe Maccioni.

Gary Ender's 351 Mustang took .044 too much stripe giving the win to Bobby Newlin.

Kevin Whitmer fouled in his Camaro with a -.012. Will Leitch picked up the win.

Cliff Eicher dropped the nose and cut Rusty Miller down with a 12.00 on a 11.99.

Turbo Bob Shields has Josh Yocum covered in round one of IHRA Bike.

Lenny Yocum's Hayabusa took the win when Tim Kauffman ran out by .25!!

Doug Enck's V-Rod fell off it's 9.99 dial but Ken Kauffman ran closer for the win.

Buick dealer, John Watson had a great light but couldn't cover his dial
giving the win over to Sean Boyle's 360 Volare.

Ken Klingman's Mustang gave defending Street Champ Bob Klock 
a trip to loser lane after their encounter in round one.

Bud Poust's S-10 got the better of Carolyn Mull in round one of Street.

Don Carnell Jr's Chevy Dualie won the truck battle over Clark Knudsen in HRT.


Steve Miller ready for battle in Top Beaver.

John Iacavone ran a 9.55 on a 9.53 in round one of Mod picking up the win.

Rob Bucher made his Camaro a stand out with the new paint job.

Top Fuel head gear.

Sean Boyle and Steve Hull. Two of the tough guys in Street ET.

Tom Vance will be a contender in Modified Wars.

Rusty Miller, The Grey Hare him self.

Winners Circle  

Dave Carpenter with Staci and Jon Schilt after a great win in Bike.

Big Dan and Tammy. A combination that is hard to top any week in Modified.

The Romeo's are running at the Beaver and they are tough as nails.
Jeremy Moyer and crew in the winners circle for JR.

Matt Bergenstock and family took the Hot Rod Trophy title in his fast S-10.  

Bobby Newlin after a hard fought win in Lil Beaver.