It doesn't get much better. 

FLASHBACK FRIDAY `06 - The Great Race!!
Record crowd view a record show

Chet Cook  of Belleville, NJ took the Nostalgia Super Stock title in his 427 Impala over Ron McClelland's Hemi Mopar. Chet cut a .002 light and ran a 12.09 on a 12.08 at 107.24 MPH to Ron's 10.09 on a 10.15 at 130.54 MPH.

Ron McClellend's Hemi Mopar was the star pulling the wheels on every pass.

BSD honored the Drag Racing legends in the 5th Annual Flashback Friday. (L-R) Bruce Larson, Dink Bishop, Fast Freddie Henderson, Rich LaMont, Darwin Doll,  Carl Bucks, Allen George, Andy Jensen, Bob Goss, Charlie Morris, Kenny Montgomery. Foreground; Beaver Bob and Flashback Bill

Keith Wynn's Desert Rose Max Wedge made it to the semis before running out to eventual champion, Chet Cook. Keith ran great all night.

Jody Aberts 427 Fairlane looked like the car to beat but he too fell to the driving prowess of Chet Cook and his 427 Impala.

Carl Bucks set low ET for the 409's with a 10.02 blast at 136.50 MPH. Carl went to the 1/4 final before bowing out to runner up Ron McClelland in his Hemi.

Flashback Bill put the nostalgia into Flashback Friday with his great flag starts in qualifying. Here, Jay Zolko in the 427 Comet straps one on Kenny Montgomery.

Low ET of the event was set by Frank Pellegini in the Dearborn Thunder 427 Falcon. The wedge Ford laid down an 8.77 at 155.95 MPH. 

Ciro Mangione Blackhawk 427 Galaxy posted a great 10.87 at 129.58 MPH.

Jay Zolko qualified #4 in Bill Asamura's Ugly Duckling 427 Comet with a 9.46 at 146.62.

Charlie Morris, the man behind the Ford Performance of the 1960's book was in competition in the original Norristown Ford factory lightweight 427. This car is a real piece of history.

Ed Youmaus qualified #2 in the Dyno Don Nicholson 427 Comet with a great 9.14 at 148.63 MPH run. Ed fell in round two to Jody Abert's 427 Fairlane.

George Aberts' 427 Comet laid down a 10.02 on a 10.00 at 123.10 MPH. 
That's flying in a shoebox Mercury. 

In a preview of things to come, George and his son Jody faced off in qualifying. 
Jody lead the way with a 9.82 to dad's 10.00.  

Keith Wynn's Max Wedge put a light on George Gudat's 390 AMX to take the first round win in Nostalgia Super Stock.

Charlie Baesch's 421 A/FX GTO stood it on the bumper in the first round against Ed Youmaus's  427 Comet but couldn't hold off the 145 MPH Mercury. 

Kenny Montgomery's Hemi Belvedere ran a 9.38 at 140.23 MPH to get the win over 
Jay Zolko in the 427 Comet station wagon.

Ron McClelland's Hemi Mopar stood it up every run. He was the crowd favorite.

Fire!!! The Rubber City Connection really lit up the night with this Nostalgic Burn Out.

Army Armstrong had his Flying Dutchman running 7.50's. This car is a real beauty.

Rubber City Connection won the match race with a 7.45 to Army's 7.51. It was great!!

Packed, the Beaver was full again for the mid summer Nostalgia event.

Not much room left at 6:00. By 8:00 it was standing room only.

Dr. Rick Bunting and Turbo Bob Shields put on show for the fans. Bob ran a 7.82 at 181.06 MPH to the Doc's 7.93 at 178.65 MPH. These guys are the best in the business.

The Classical Gas A/GS Willys and the English Brother's A/Altered match raced. 
It was a close one. 9.45 to a 9.54. English Brothers won the race. 
WFO Club. 
Heads up, first to the finish.

Rob Felegie, driving Andy Jensen's 472 inch Corvette, took the WFO title when Captain Ed Brady was unable to make the call. Rob showed everyone he was up to the task running a 7.48 at 186.53 MPH in street legal trim!!

The Special Eliminator Races
Nostalgia ET title went to Eric Wiegand in his `64 GTO over Jerry Walter's `70 Chevelle. Eric ran a 9.90 on a 9.88 at 137.40 to Jerry's 11.09 on an 11.10 at 114.92.

Nostalgia Street title was an all Taylor finals at former ARCA Champion, Graham Taylor defeated his son Larry. Graham's 454 Vega ran a 10.22 on a 10.17 at 135.23 MPH to Larry's 10.40 on a 10.43 at 124.93 MPH in his 360 Mopar.

In Street Stick it was a family affair between the Moyer men. This time around Justin Moyer's `94 Mustang took the title with a 11.92 on a 11.80 at 115.26 MPH to Merv's 9.59 on a 9.45 at 123.37 MPH. 


Street Stick Champion: Justin Moyer 

Nostalgia Street: Father knows best. Larry and Graham Taylor

Street Auto Champion: Doug Madison