Saturday and Sunday  August 12-13, 2006
Vollman's Top ET Ford is TOPS

 Brian Vollman has already won the race as David White fouled in the finals of 
Top Beaver with a -.016. Brian ran a 9.80 on a 9.78 for the title.

Leroy Klinefelter had a better light, .026 to .050, but was pushed out when
 Vollman's 351 Ford ran a 9.78 on a 9.76 for the title in Top ET.

David White of Murrysville, PA had a great Flashback weekend. He took the Modified title over Big Dan Swank's Malibu with a right on 11.78 at 115.90 MPH in his sharp 1969 Road Runner powered by a 440 6 pak.

John Vincent overcame fuel problems and went on to capture the Bike title over 
Billy Maturo's 1000 Suzuki with a right on 9.80 at 136.63 MPH.

Bud Poust put away points leader, Bob Klock , in the finals to capture the Street title after Klocky had a .010 light to Bud's .030. Bud ran closer by .034. CLOSE!!

Travis Getz won his third HRT title over Doug Madison's Mustang. Doug won the Street Automatic title on Flashback Friday with his good looking Mustang.

Zack Caswell won the TCR title in an all T-Bird final over Shanna Bechtel. 

Colton Kirchner picked up title number seven over Kyle Kohr's Hemi.

TCR Baby Beaver went to JT Shreffler in the Monte Carlo over Cody Smith.


 Top ET Champion Brian Vollman and his family

Yea...they got him good!!

Modified Champion, David White and his family and fellow racers 
Michael and Barry Donnelly. Those Pittsburgh boys are really tough.

Bike Champion, John Vincent and all of the Zoo Crew. 
Head Zoo Master, Mike McCracken is expected back by Labor Day. 

Bud Poust is congratulated for his win in Street by points leader, Bob Klock.

Travis Getz picked up his 3rd Hot Rod Trophy title in four weeks. Travis is now in the points lead and looking to hold on for the title.

Zack Caswell picked up the TCR title for Team Zoo Crew. 

Colton Kirchner picked up his 7th Jr title. He is out front and running away.

Jeff Duck took the Top ET and Top Beaver title. Jeff is padding his points lead.

Gentleman Jim Holland is joined by all of his ladies after winning the Modified title.

30 year vetran, Dave Carpenter, picked up the Bike title over Ken Kauffman Sr. in the All Geritol Finals on Saturday. Crew members, Bucky Fisher and Staci Carpenter.

Red Hot Dale Rhoads took the Street title over Dennis Kohr. 
Carolyn and Bucky Fisher joined in the photo.

Jason Derr won the Lil Beaver title over Troy Geyer on Saturday. 
Jason is joined by April Kerstetter and her dad Jim Treaster.