August 18, 2006
Capt. Ed Brady takes Top Street.

Captain Ed Brady cut a .018 light and ran a 10.08 on a 10.06 at 136.65 MPH to stop number two qualifier, Randy Tibbin's in his 351 Mustang.  

Leonard Long qualified number one in Top Street with a 9.33 at 147.95 MPH!! He lost in round one but came back and capture the Outlaw Street title over Ken Klingman.

Ed Fetterolf's Hayabusa ran a 9.16 on a 9.01 at 142.13 MPH to take the Sport Bike title away from Josh Yocum's 'Busa after Josh cut a .004 light and ran a 10.04 on a 9.84.

"Smurf" Moyer lost in round one of Top Street but came back and defeated Chris Shaffer's SS Furious with a 9.46 on a 8.50 at 146.84 MPH to the 440's 12.50 on a 11.50 at 110.14 MPH. Both drivers dialed down a full second to make for a flat out race!!

Payback time for Larry Taylor. Larry's 360 Dart laid one on his dad's 454 Vega when he cut a .014 light and ran a 10.57 on a 10.47 at 123.06 MPH to Graham's 10.28 on a 10.15.

Jon Winisko borrowed a Sunfire and showed he can drive anything.  He defeated Tim Kocher's Z-24 when he ran a 18.90 on a 18.83 at 72.51 MPH to Tim's 16.90 on a 16.71.

Kyle Goss gave a big head start to JR Keister but never caught him. Keister ran out with a 23.35 on a 23.56 giving the win to Goss with his 15.88 on a 15.80.

The new for Friday TCR program got off to a great start as 11 Kids made the first round call. Zack Caswell's T-Bird went to the finals when he defeated Valerie Hagens with a 10.64 on a 10.40. Zack lost in the finals to Derrick Hicks in his 91 Regal.  

 Bill Maturo is a regular on Friday nights with his 158 MPH 'Busa.