Sunday  August 20, 2006
Maturo scores a Top Beaver win.

 Billy Maturo soloed for the Top Beaver title when Top ET Champion, Brian Dubbs couldn't make the call. Maturo became the first Biker to win a Top Beaver title this season. That has been a major surprise this year. 

Brian Dubbs stopped the points leader, Jeff Duck's dragster for the Top ET win. Both drivers ran right on their dials, Brian a 9.23 at 147.63 for the win while Jeff ran a 8.06 at 168.22 in a runner up effort. The reaction times: Dubbs .009, Duck .018.

Dave Novinger took the Modified title over Jim Holland's GTO with a right on 10.13 at 131.65 MPH as Jim ran out with a 11.24 on a 11.28 at 120.74 MPH.

Billy Maturo improved on his runner up finish last week when he cut a .007 light and ran a 9.47 on a 9.46 at 135.17 MPH over Dave Davis run out 9.54 on a 9.58 at 144.16.

"Big House" Joe Clark cut a perfect .000 light to take the Street title from defending points champion, Bob Klock's 440 Challenger. Joe ran a 12.36 on a 12.27 at 108.52 MPH. Klockey cut a -.004  but ran right on his 12.22 dial in at 109.09 MPH. 

Andy Thorp of Philipsburg, PA cut a .002 light and ran a 14.28 on a 14.21 at 96.10 MPH to win the Hot Rod Trophy title over Thamaira Boyle. Thamaira moved to within 250 points of leader Travis Getz with only four races remaining.

The TCR title came down between the number 1 and number 2 drivers with Richie Bunting taking the win over points leader Jed Zeigler's F-150. Richie ran out the least in taking the title with a 10.09 on a 10.11 to Jed's 10.57 on a 10.62.  

 Kyle Kohr's Hemi took the JR title from DJ Clark with a great .014 light and running a  9.03 on a 8.98 at 71.04 MPH to stop DJ's 8.90 on a 8.89 at 71.02 MPH. 

Lil Beaver fell to Jason Derr for the second time this season. JD cut a .031 and ran a 8.12 on a 8.28 after Sean Boyle fouled in the finals with his 360 MOPAR.

Kenyon Pane came back in JR Baby Beaver to take the title over Brian Vollman JR. Kenyon ran a 8.90 on a 8.84 at 76.83 MPH for the title.


 Another Zoo Crew title: Top ET Champion Brian Dubbs and his friends. 

Yea...they got him good too!!

Modified Champion: Dave Novinger and his brother. He's qualified for the Brackets.

Bike Champion, Billy Maturo gets his just rewards from Brian Vollman. 

Big House, Joe Clark and his family. Nice win Joe!!

Dennis Kohr gives Joe back what Joe likes to give, a victory cooler bath.

Kyle Kohr picked up the JR title in his HEMI. Dennis gives him the cool down.
Hot Rod Trophy: Andy Thorp and his family.

JD is making a habit of winning Lil Beaver. 

JR Baby Beaver: Canadian, Kenton Payne picked up the title.