August 25, 2006
Tibbins's Mustang  takes Top Street.

Number two qualifier, Randy Tibbins, 351 Mustang reversed the outcome of Top Street from last week as he defeated Capt. Ed Brady's 383 Camaro with a 9.58 on a 9.59 at 141.77 MPH to Ed's 10.11 on a 10.13 at 136.11 MPH. Top Street is a real show on Friday. 

Leonard Long qualified number one in Top Street again this week with a 9.20 at 148.88 MPH. The 362 inch Ford dropped a close one to ARCA Champion, Graham Taylor's 454 Vega when he ran out with a 9.24 on a 9.29 at 140.95 MPH.

  Josh Yocum's 'Busa is out first and held on for the Sport Bike title over Yocum Motorsports team mate, Bob "Fig" Newton.  Both riders ran off their dial in the finals with Josh beating Bob with a 10.08 on a 9.85 to "Fig's" 9.87 on a 9.60.

"Smurf" Moyer lost in round one of Top Street but came back in Street Stick and defeated Chris Shaffer's SS Furious with a 9.46 on a 8.55 at 147.78 MPH to the 440's 12.04 on a 10.99 at 117.72 MPH. Both drivers dialed down a full second to make for a flat out race!! That is real racing like it use to be.

"Beaver's Oldest Rookie" Ed Simoncelli, in his 351 Mustang cut a .072 light and ran a 12.27 on a 12.25 at 105.70 MPH to defeat Tom Bryan's 440 Mopar's 11.34 on a 11.18 at 122.39 MPH to win the Street Auto title.

Outlaw Street fell to Bill Mark's in his wheelstanding 455 Olds 442. Bill took the title over Matt Bergenstock's S-10 when Matt drew a red light in the title match. 

Jon Winisko borrowed a PT Cruiser this week and showed he can drive anything again. He defeated Jeremy Nichols Neon SRT-4 for the Sport Compact title when he ran a 18.81 on a 18.69 at 69.03 MPH to Jeremy's closer but later 14.22 on a 14.20.

Matt Hile's Banshee ran under the least in taking the ATV title from JR Keister's Honda 400. Matt ran a 15.01 on a 15.03 at 84.08 MPH to JR's 23.20 on a 23.35 at 44.78 MPH.

For the second week in a row the new for Friday TCR program had 11 entries. Defending JR Dragster champion, Michael Koser defeated current IHRA TCR leader, Jed Seigler for the title with an 11.75 on an 11.70 to Jed's 10.52 on a 10.50 in his F-150.

Former "Dirt Burner" Dave Eriksen had his classic `59 Chevy out on test day.