August 4, 2006
Capt. Ed Brady takes Top Street.

Captain Ed Brady blasted out a new 156.57 MPH record for the 100 MPH Club presidency earlier in the evening and then went on to capture the Top Street title. Ed ran a 9.95 on a 9.90 at 131.06 MPH to defeat Jim Sheaffer's right on 10.58 at 129.36.  

Randy Tibbins took the number one qualifying spot in Top Street with a 9.66 blast in his 351 powered Mustang. Randy's car is now totally street legal and will be a tough Ford to beat. 

Justin Moyer won Street Stick in an all Mustang finals defeating Rich McGowan's Supercharged Cobra with a 11.95 on a 11.90 at 13.46 MPH to Rich's 11.75 on a 11.79.

Barry Aurand dropped a close one in Top Street to Capt. Ed Brady but came back in Street Automatic and picked up the win over last weeks champion, Rob MacDonald. Barry ran out the least with a 10.758 on a 10.76 to Rob's 12.443 on a 12.45.

Chris Sweigard took the Sport Bike title over Jim Young's Harley.

For the second week in a row, Eric Krell's Chevelle won the Outlaw Street title. This week it was Paul Egli's Dodge that fell in the finals when Eric recorded a 10.54 on a 10.53 at 130.60 MPH to the Mopar's 10.82 on a 10.78. 

Points leader, Jon Winisko picked up the Sport Compact title over Matt Cox's Focus. Jon pulled a .012 light and ran a 17.74 on a 17.69 at 75.38 MPH for the title.

The Sport Compact Masters: Lynn Umberger, Jon Winisko, Matt Cox and Tim Kocher.

What a neat photo. Classic `70 Olds 442 of Bill Marks, Paul Egli's 440 Dodge R/T and Craig Jerringan's `63 Ford 390. All are weekly competitors in Outlaw Street.

Brandon Shirk (lower) defeated JR Keister in the ATV finals with a 14.31 on a 14.30 at 87.97 MPH to JR's run under 23.35 on a 23.49 at 45.34 MPH. It looks like JR is going to detune his Honda.

 Everybody loves a stick shift 390 Galaxy and Craig Jerringan's is one of the best. 
Craig has owned this all original car for over 20 years. It runs 12.60's at 107 MPH!