Sunday July 16th It was HOT!!!
Dale Rhoads goes back to back!

TOP BEAVER: Dale Rhoads Mustang was as hot as the 100 degrees + track temperature. Dale captured his second Top Beaver title over Modified hot shoe, Cliff Eicher. The Street Champ ran a 12.35 on a 12.33 to stop Cliff's 12.28 on a 12.26. 

TOP ET: John Maxwell's Camaro takes just enough strip as Scotty Reichenbach runs out with a 8.401 on a 8.41. John cut a .028 light and ran a 10.30 on a 10.29 at 132.95.

MODIFIED: It was heads up on the tree in the Modified finals with Eicher leaving first cutting a .026 to Brassington's .029. At the finish Cliffie ran closer with a 12.30 on a 12.26 to the Brass's 11.01 on a 10.93. It was tight!

IHRA BIKE: Turbo Bob Shields to end blast was too much for Dave Carpenter's Ninja. TB ran a 8.12 on a 8.10 at 153.68 MPH to stop the Carp's 8.12 on a 8.10 dial. The two veterans are dominating the second points series appearing in finals every race.

STREET ET: Ken Klingman had the tree in his Mustang but Joe "Big House" Clark ran right on his 12.26 dial forcing Ken to run under his 12.78 dial in the semis.

HOT ROD TROPHY: Derek Hartley's "Home grown" 6 cylinder Chevette ran under the least to pick up the title over Sam Ficarra's Suzuki. Derek ran a 15.62 on a 15.65 to Sam's 11.76 on a 11.79. Hartley is now leading the points chase by 100.

TCR: Luke Reese sticks the nose of his 360 Dart in front of Andrew Charcalla's F-150 to pick up the Teen Championship Racing title. TCR is a major hit at the Beaver with upwards of 20 entries every week. 

JR DRAGSTER: Rookie driver, Joe Cole, in his Swamp Rat entry threw away a win when he ran a 10.92 on a 10.93 after cutting a great .058 light. Defending Champion, Michael Koser picked up the title with an off pace 8.67 on a 8.57. Hey, a win is a win!

Rylee Duck's first appearance in JR Dragster was a memorable one. She set low Reaction Time and went on to win her first two rounds of competition falling to Michael Koser in the semi with a -.043 foul. She'll be tough.  

LIL BEAVER: Big Dan Swank's Malibu won the Lil Beaver title over Dave Novinger's Vega breaking out the least with a 10.61 on a 10.63 to Dave's 10.10 on a 10.14.

Team Rhoads in the winner's circle again!!

Turbo Bob Shields did the Back to Back trick winning Top Bike again.

The lanes are packed with kids on any given IHRA race. TCR's and JR's have become a great way for families to share the fun every race. We love the kids!!

Great show by the Outlaw Pontiac's

WARRIORS: Dan Baker's 455 Firebird took the Warrior title over Duke Jefferson when Duke drew a -.012 foul in the finals. Bake ran a 13.84 on a 13.88 to Duke's 11.72 on a 11.74 at 115.28 MPH. 

PONTIAC STREET: Greg Ortis has to have on of the quickest ever stock GTO's running high 12's all day in the 100 degree heat. Greg defeated Gordon Stuckey in the finals with a 13.13 on a 13.02 at 104.10 MPH. Greg then went on to take the Big Chief title over Baker's Firebird.

POW WOW at the Teepee.