"Rain after the first round, still a great show". Big Daddy


It's the big one!! The Nostalgia Nationals
The Legends

All of the legends were here. Horace Reinford, Bill Pratt, Kenny Montgomery, George Nye, "Big Daddy", Bill Stiles, Darwin Doll, Dale Thierer, "Atco Jack" Musilli, Ed Miller, George Weiler, Bruce Larson, Kenny Winward, Bob Fermier, "Jungle Pam" Hardy, Dink Bishop, Dick Brannan, Freddy Henderson, Rich LaMont, Barbara and Bud Faubel. Foreground: Beaver Bob and Flashback Bill.

Bill Pratt                                         Big Daddy with Bill Stuck

Ford guys: Winward, Fermier, Brannan.          MOPAR: Stiles, Montgomery, Miller
Top Fuel Match

Funny Cars



Super Stockers

"Flashback Bill" flag started the Super Stock field in round 2. What a show!!

White men can jump!!

Frank Pellegreni qualified number 1 with a 8.83 in his 427 Falcon!!

Dave Powers qualified # 3.

NETO - North East Timing Org.


Nostalgia ET

Nostalgia Street

 It was a happening!!

The Beaver was packed.

PPG Car Show

Legendary photographers, Todd Dziadosz and Geoff Stunkard.
The best in the business, bar none.