Sunday: June 11, 2006  
Brass is the man again. 

 Modified Champion Dave Brassington capped a perfect day with a Top Beaver title over Top ET Champion Steve Miller. The Nova  cut a .037 light to Dave's .030. At the stripe it was Brass with a 10.78 on a 10.79 to Steve's 10.21 on a 10.23. That was close.

 Top ET title fell to Steve Miller in the Grey Hare Nova over Hemi John Simbeck's Cuda. Steve took the win without a delay box cutting a .044 to HJ's .055 and then running a 10.25 on a 10.21 to the Mopar's 9.17 on a 9.11.

The Brass Man got back around points leader, Jason "Wonder Boy" Weaver by running a 10.81 on a 10.80 when Jason cut a .014 but ran a 10.14 on a 10.11 giving the win to Brassington. Dave said later, "I wasn't going to lift against that big block Camaro. Guess what? He didn't!!  Brass now has 2 Top Beaver titles this season.

Kenny Kauffman put it all together on his "New/Old" style Kawasaki to win the big bike field over Brian "BS" Snyder's 'Busa after 'BS' fouled with a -.001. 

 Dale Rhoads in his classic `66 Mustang picked up the Street ET win over a very tough Ken Klingman. 'Chipper' cut a .014 light and ran a 12.22 on a 12.21 for the win. Ken ran out with a 12.68 on a 12.70 in trying to head off the hard charging 302.

Derek Hartley's unique 6 cylinder Chevette ran a 15.54 on a 15.52 combined with a good .033 light to stop a red hot Bruce Kirchner after the 383 Chevy fell off it's 11.92 dial, running a 12.00. Both of these guys are tough.

Jed Seigler took the TCR title over Megan Clark in his F-150. Jed cut a .028 light and ran a 10.52 on a 10.32 at 60.60 MPH to Megan's 11.57 on an 11.43. These kids are good.
Colton Kirchner in his York Excavating rail ran out the least with a 7.91 on a 7.95 to stop Jake Wood's "RepoZest" 9.00 on a 9.09. Colton has been the man to beat in JR this year winning 3 titles. 

Little Beaver went to Kevin Whitmer's sharp `68 Camaro when Jeromy Poust lit the bulb with a -.006 in his Vega. Kevin ran a 10.02 on a 10.00 to Jeromy's 10.79 on a 10.84 for the title.


Team Woods

Team Kauffman. 3 Brother s and a Son. They are all tough!!

Talk about hooking up!!
Todd caught this sequence of Scott Boyer's 500 inch Pro Stick Nova on the Saturday Test and Tune session. It sure looks like he got it hooked up.