June 23, 2006  
Rain Shortened, but we got it in.
Captain Ed take Top Street

Captain Ed Brady won the Top Street title over the Wild Thing Camaro of Terry Brouse with a 9.93 on a 9.90 to Terry's 11.43 on a 11.40. 

The Captain and his crew in victory lane.

Milt Fuoss left first and was not to be denied in winning Sport Bike. Milt clocked a 12050 on a 12.45 onboard his Harley Buell to stop a fast closing, Ed Fetterolf's Hayabusa. Ed ran a 9.199 on a 9.20 at 137.21.

Bill Marks was the man to beat in Outlaw Street. His 455 Olds ran a stout 10.49 on a 10.47 to stop Bob Horting's  Ranger truck.

Horting's 362 inch Ford will be one watch in Outlaw Street.

Tony Varner's Monte took the Street Auto title overr John Briner's Mustang. Tony recorded a 14.44 on a 14.35 to Briner's 16.85 on a 16.78.

Lynn Umberger's "Screaming Yellow" Saturn was victorious in the Sport Compact wars defeating points leader, Jon Winisko in his Neon. "Ummy" ran a 18.00 on a 17.95 at 78.55 MPH to Jon's 14.84 on a 17.89 for the title.

Kyle Goss was back on his old ride and back in the winner's circle. Kyle ran a 15.94 on a 15.80 to stop JR Keister's 23.22 on a 23.23 on board his 400 Honda.

Kristi Munshower's Honda just fell short of stopping JR Keister in round one of ATV.