March 31, 2006
It was a great night until it rained.
130 cars make first round.

Top Street: Capt. Ed Brady and Bill Marks

Rich Vreeland's 9 second V-Rod!! 

2004 Outlaw Champ Wes Thomas

Another great looking Top Street entry

70 MPH Banshee

Modified hitter, Mark Earnest, was sporting a new Fisher paint scheme. Cool!! 

Matt Bergenstock and crew tuning up their potent S-10.

The place was packed for the beginning of another great season.

Mike Renninger's good looking 11 second Street Automatic Nova

Michelle McGowan's 500 inch Mopar

Rich McGowan's 11 second Supercharged Cobra

Check out terry Brouse's dial. 10.69!! He made the Top Street Field.

24 Sport Compacts made first round!!

Nothing beats Friday Street Racing at "The Beaver"