Great weekend at BSD
177 cars make first round on Saturday

 Saturday  May 6th
The Brassman takes Top Beaver   

 Modified Champion Dave Brassington capped a perfect day with a Top Beaver title over Bike Champion Billy Maturo. The Suzuki cut a -.002 foul to give the win up to  Brass. Dave ran a 10.65 on a 10.67 to Billy's 9.46 on a 9.42.

Battle of number 1 and number 2 in points found Brian Sorce picking up his second Top ET title of the season over defending champion and last weeks winner Glenn Seward with a final round 9.17 on a 9.17 to Glenn's -.006 foul. 

Northern Raider, Tom Housewert outlast all but one of the 45 car field to make the first round of Modified falling to Dave Brassington in the finals with a 11.37 on a 11.36 to Brass's 10.70 on a 10.68. Northern Raider placed two in the finals again. 

Billy Maturo beat "The Doc's" Hayabusa in an almost heads up final. Maturo had the tree with a .042 and a 9.41 on a 9.40 to the Doc's 9.50 on a 9.46. 

 Western Raider, Kevin Romeo, knocked off National Record Holder, Billy Nees in the Street semi's with a 12.18 on a 12.17 to the Nees's Pieces run under 14.24 on a 14.31. Kevin went on to win the title over Carolyn Mull Chevelle. 

Brian Wagner was hot,  winning Street Automatic on Friday Night Street Racing and taking his free race pass and turning it into a win capturing the Hot Rod Trophy title with a 13.63 on a 13.65 over Shawn Landis in his potent Camaro small block.

Shawn Landis in his Camaro ended Friday Sport Compact stand out, Jon Winisko's bid for the Hot Rod Trophy title in the semi's when John drew a -.021 foul.

Taylor Olewiler is out first but late in her Mustang GT. JT Shreffler ran under the least by .006 to take the TCR title in the 12 car field. 

Joe Clark gives his son some verbal help in the JR Dragster finals. DJ picked up his first title of the season with a 8.84 on a 8.80 at 72.32 MPH over Shippensburg's Josh Kelly. Josh recorded at run under 12.57 on a 12.65 at 49.88 MPH.

YES!!! A good win.

Don Carnell made it to the finals of Lil Beaver but dropped a close one to Bud Poust when Bud ran a right on 12.42 on a 12.42 to Don's 8.20 on a 8.17.  


Cory Fike laid down low ET for Top with a 7.40 blast. This blown small block is loud. 

Brian Sorce ran under the least in round two of Top ET taking the win over 
Wayne Badman's small block Cavalier.

Another round win for Glenn the Brave. Northern Raiders hoop it up.

Lanes were really packed all night.

"The Professor"

Here he comes!! Jason "Wonder Boy" Weaver is now second in points.

It's "The Earl" . He's back on track for a top 5 finish in Modified.

Steve Zeller's was working out the bugs in his new ride. This Ford will fly.

Bill Ramsey took a first round win over Rusty Miller.

Steve Singley lost a close one to Snake Kurtz's 383 Vega in round two of Modified.

Kevin Witmer had his `68 Camaro back in action after his off track ride last week.
Everything looked great and worked flawless.

Bob Newton on the Team Yocum `Busa

Biker standout, Josh Yocum, will be a cheerleader for a month while his hand heals up after a work related accident. 

"The Carp" made it to the semi's before falling to Dr. Rick.

"Turbo Bob" Shields leads the Bike points onboard his 7 second Suzuki.

Billy Maturo put it all together to pick up the IHRA Bike title

Steckley verses "Big House"

Hot Rod Trophy hitter, Shawn Landis, took a runner up. 

Ladies showdown in Hot Rod Trophy 
Carman Koser fouled in her Nova giving the win to Thamaira Boyle's 318 Valiant.

Willie Treese ran out by .001 in 'Lil Beaver as Troy Long ran right on his 11.77 dial.

JT Shreffler picked up his second TCR title of the season over defending champion, Taylor Olewiler. JT is joined in the photo with his dad, Dan-O and 'The Earl'.

A big win for Dave Brassington in Top Beaver. His Modified Eliminator buddies join him in the winner photo. Kevin Witmer, Dave, Big Dan Swank, and Ron Bucher.

The East Shore Gang
Taylor Olewiler, Bob 'Pap' Olewiler and Mike Herald

Just cruising for chicks, Dad.