May 12, 2006
Moyer wins Top Street and Bone Stock Truck

Merv Moyer put his 5.0 Mustang in the Top Street winners circle over Terry Brouse. 
He ran a 10.98 on a 10.85 for the win. Merv doubled up and won BST with his F-250. 

Jesse Howard's 447 inch S/B Ford was flying but lost a clutch after his 9.70 pass. 

 Ed Fetterolf came back and won Sport Bike after a nasty spill last week. Note the road rash on his `Busa. He ran a 9.17 at 150.32 defeating Dave Davis.

Mike Rowe's T-top Mustang stopped points leader Pat Woodling's 302 Capri in round two of Street Stick and then Bob Grubb in the finals. 

George Hall's Hayabusa got by Leonard Long in round two, John Troxell in round three and Bill Marks in the finals to win Out Law Street. The kid is good.

 Bone Stock Truck belonged to Merv Moyer on the double up pass. The Power Stroke laid down a 15.00 on a 14.93 to defeat Dennis Seigler's 16.29 on a 16.27 F-150. 
Matt Cox made a 35 hour drive from Arizona on Thursday and then won Sport Compact in his tough Ford Focus with a 16.35 on a 16.25 to defeat Lynn Umberger's Saturn. Matt is joined in the victory photo by his dad, Scott Cox, a standout in Bike. 

Jeremy Cooper won the ATV title on his 450 Yamaha with a 16.57 on a 16.11 
over Matt Hile's 350 Banshee.