May 19, 2006
Barry Aurand takes Top Street

Barry Aurand returned to his top form, taking the Top Street title over Merv Moyer's Mustang when Merv cut a -.006 red light. Barry ran a 10.76 on a 10.78 for the title.

Vreeland's Harley Davidson Sport Bike title went to veteran Sport Bike competitor, Bill Maturo Sr. onboard his red Hayabusa over Brian Snyder's Hayabusa. 
Bill ran a 9.77 on a 9.70 at 144.48 MPH for the win 

Street Stick was an all Ford battle with Justin Moyer's red `94 Cobra taking the title over Rick McGowan's `03 Cobra with a 11.90 on an 11.84 to Rich's 11.71 on a 11.70.

Street Automatic fell to Terry Brouse in his Wild Thing Camaro over `05 points champion, Rob MacDonald's `70 Chevelle. Terry ran a 11.48 on an 11.40 to Rob's 
run under 12.28 on a 12.32 in his 383 inch small block.

 George Hall on his `Busa, has been the man in Out Law Street winning the title for the second week in a row.  He defeated Randy Tibbin's 9 second Mustang for the title.

Shop Diesel's Bone Stock Truck title went to Rob Olewiler in his Supercharger Harley Davidson F-150 over Merv Moyer's F-250 Diesel. Rob ran a 15.14 on a 15.15 at 92.34 MPH, to Merv's run out 14.86 on a 15.00 dial at 80.86 MPH. 
The Bone Stock Truck class is a major hit this season. 

Jon Winisko has been the dominator in Sport Compact in his copper Neon. 
Jon defeated Tanney Cramm's Tiburon with a 17.81 on a 17.71.

Matt Hile on his 350 Banshee got the ATV title over Steve Hull's 250 Honda with a 16.19 on a 15.68 at 62.59 MPH to Steve's 23.76 on a 22.88 at 51.38 MPH.

     2006 ATV Rules
Rider: 16 years of age minimum
Vehicle: Mufflered 
                Floor board - Foot pegs


Full face Snell 95 helmet
Leather or Kelvar jacket
Long pants, Gloves 
Boots above the ankle  

Test day shots

Kevin Little's 9 second Willy's.

Dwayne Thomas has a great looking Hayabusa.

  Clint Corbin was testing a new combination. He'll be here this weekend.

  Doug Chervanke had his Camaro Stocker hooking up great.

Port Dare showed up with his 550 HP, 2006 Ford GT. This car is for real. Making an easy pass he ran 12.20 at 120.38 MPH. Hooked up that translates into a 10.90 ride!!

Beaver Bob drove the GT on the open road. To quote the Beaver, " I had Dyno Don, Ronnie Sox and Grumpy Jenkins here for our Nostalgia races and now I got to drive a Ford GT. I have to tell you, that's as good as it gets".