Class 1 Transport's...  
Keystone Ticket Race Winners: 

TOP ET: Jeff Duck

MODIFIED: Jason Weaver 

JR Dragster: Samantha Dubbs  - IHRA BIKE: John Vincent

STREET ET: Dave Weaver 


TCR: Jed Seigler's F-150 prevailed over Miranda Miller's Chevrolet.

GEMINI Triple .000 Club Race
          It's Dale Rhoads again!! 

20 cars qualified for the annual end of season crown. And once again Dale Rhoads in his `66 Mustang showed everybody that he's the man. Dale defeated Joe Clark (Street)
event sponsor, Hemi John Simbeck (Top) Ken Klingman (Street) and 2006 Top ET points Champion, Jeff Duck in the finals with a right on 12.12 on a 12.12 at 111.20 MPH after cutting a .055 light. Jeff had a better light with a .033 but couldn't cover his 7.98 dial with a .8.02 ET.