April 15th -- Race #3
Badman is badd in Top Beaver win.

Tough to top. Justin had an automatic win when Modified Champion, Jeromy Poust fouled with a -.001 in the finals of Top Beaver. The Bad Guy was right on every round.

Top ET Finals: Came down to the battle of second generation racers. Points leader, Bryan Sorce ran out the most when Justin Badman countered with his .016 light.

Modified saw Doug Kline debut his Hemi Road Runner in fine fashion making it to the finals but running out with a 11.16 on a 11.22. Jeromy Poust picked up the win when he ran a 10.83 on a 10.85 with a .009 light. The boy is tough.

Turbo Bob Shields blasted out an easy 8.10 on a 7.98 dial when Kenny Kauffman ran an off pace 8.75 on his 8.67 dial. It looks like Bike will be a major battle ground again with over 20 plus killer entries every week.

TCR came down to the battle of Girl Power. Christina DiBartolomeo piloted her "Mom's Oldsmobile" to the win over Steph Witmer in dad's F-150. TCR is a major program at "The Beaver" with 15 entries every week. What a great deal for the kids. 

JR Dragster fell to Cody Gibson over a red hot Colton Kirchner when both drivers left early. Cody won with a 8.07 on a 8.08 to Colton's 7.99 on a 8.07.

Hot Rod Trophy went to Jack Matson in his sharp A/HRT  '81 Malibu 454 over rookie Carman Koser in the B/HRT Rebel Nova. Jack ran a 11.53 on a 11.52 for the win when Carman ran out with a 16.41 on a 16.67. 

The 29 car field in Lil Beaver came down to 2005 Top ET Champion Glenn Seward in his dragster battling the double entry (Top/Mod) Mustang of Mike Barber. Mike foot braked a -.016 foul in the finals and ran a 11.82 on a 11.83 to Glenn's winning 9.00 on a 9.02 with a .011 reaction time. These guys are really good.


Top Beaver semi battle found Modified champ, Jeromy Poust,  nosing out Turbo Bob Shields bike with a 10.83 on a 10.83 to Bob's 7.97 on a 7.98 at 163.48 MPH!!

Top Beaver semi battle had Justin Badman just getting by Bud Poust ending the dream finals all Poust Top Beaver. It's bound to happen sometime this season. 

In the Modified wars Troy Geyer won the battle against Tom Hoover in round two.

But it was an expensive win when he kicked out the rods past the traps.

Close, I guess. Badman's .012 light was just enough to stop Jeff Duck's .011 in the third round of Top ET. Jeff ran out the most with a 8.038 on a 8.06. Justin was out by .005.

Former TCR star, Travis Getz, stuck the nose of his dark blue Camaro in front of a red lighting Zack Kinney to take a first round win in Lil Beaver. 


One of the coolest Modified entries has to be Jim Stugart's Elliott built 351 backed by a G-Force 4 speed. The NASCAR powered Ford cranked out 10.30's at 130 MPH! 

Doug "Cooler" Howard had trouble finding the tree on his maiden race losing to Ron Shrom's  small block Nova in round one of Top ET. He'll get better, count on it.

Lil Beaver battle between Tom Tom Seward  and Glenn the Brave went to Glenn.

It's a Hemi!! Doug Kline's Road Runner draws a crowd just to look under the hood.

Steve Singley will be a real threat this season in Modified. 
The former JR champion has all the tools to get the job done. 

Barry Sauder of Ephrata paid us a visit and went to round three of Top ET before dropping a close one to Paul Shingara when he ran out with a 10.91 on a 10.93.

Paul Shingara was looking good in Top ET until he ran up against Justin Badman.

The Romeo family doubled up in Modified and Hot Rod Trophy by using Kevin's Free HRT pass that he won on Friday in Out Law Street. His dad, Frank,  fell to Will Leitch in Modified and mom Amy, fouled to Kayla Winters in Hot Rod Trophy. But they sure were having fun. We look to see them again over the Holiday weekends.  

Lonny "Blaster" Horst made it to the semi's of Street before fouling to Tom Harhart.

Canadian visitor, Arnie Schwemmer, drove his new Mustang GT to Beaver and ran some stout 13.70's in pure street trim. These cars are killer out of the box.

Tom Harhart had Bud Poust covered in the Street finals but took too much stripe running out with a 14.694 on a 14.72 in his good looking Nova. Won't do that again!

Tim Kauffman was a little anxious in round one cutting a -.084 against Josh Yocum. 

Barry Angstadt's 434 powered Vega SW is one good looking ride. 
He dropped a close one to points leader, Bryan Sorce, in round one of Top ET.

Rich Ulmer' was relegated to spectator when his `67 Nova dropped a valve in time trials. The 10 second small block sure is one clean ride.

Ron Shrom brought the Maple Grove contingent up to play at the Beaver. 
Ron made it to the 1/4 finals of Top losing to runner up, Bryan Sorce.

The other half of Team Badman  just missed having an all Bad guy finals when Wayne drew a -.004 foul against Bryan Sorce. 

Rod Holtzapple is just finding his spot on the tree. Look out guys, he's ready to strike.

Craig Turnbaugh was riding Mike McCracken's second sled in IHRA Bike. 
He had some fun even though he dropped out first round losing to Bob Shields. 

Bearing check. This is why Mike McCracken was a spectator after round one of Top.

Fred House was testing his new combination. A Turbo 4 cylinder Ford. He blasted out several 8 second passes.  This thing even gives good gas mileage!!

Some days peanuts, some days shells. Former Champion Earl Gee has been having a tough start this season loosing by thousandth every week. Peanuts coming soon.

Duane Troup stopped killer Mike Mackey's Daytona in round one of Modified.
 Duane's hero is "The Earl". 

15 entries made the first round of TCR. What a great class.

Northern Raider, Zack Kinney had all of the bugs sorted out this week running 11.30's.

Looks terminal. The Electric Scotty ventalated the block in his 8 second Kawasaki.
Look's like it's back to the Doc's.

Buddies Mark Earnest and Chris Holley face off in time shots. Chris won this one. 

Latest TCR driver was Dwight Shelly who won one his first ever race against veteran Zack Caswell running 12.00 on a 11.98 dial. Think he's having fun? You bet!!

We had our share of clean ups losing four engines. 
Class racers this reminder: Anti-freeze is not permitted in real race cars. 
If you puke anti-freeze on the track and it causes a delay, you'll be disqualified. 


Street Eliminator Beauties; Michelle Miller and Sue Vollman.

Veteran Faron Rhoads and his car owner Dick Williams.

Street hot shoes Sean Boyle and Shaun Steckley. 
Both names are pronounced the same, one is spelled wrong in my book.

The brothers Rich and Harry Houser 

Justin Badman and his hero Rich "Sasquatch" Powell.

Tough Street Eliminator driver, Dave Weaver.

Frank Reed's Malibu will be a tough one this season in Street.

Frank Comp's `70 Le Manns is one clean ride. The stock 455 runs mid 13's. 

Shaun Steckley's 350 Nova

Double Vision: This is Champion, Cody Gibson

Double vision: This is his brother, Jake Wood. 
 I think the cars are twins.

Kohr Country. The only twin engined JR in the nation. A 392 Hemi a 5 HP Briggs.

Jake Wood and Mike Koser. Two good Jr drivers.

Sorry about the tranny fluid Bob. We got it fixed now. 
Dave Novinger was back in business and won two rounds in Lil Beaver.

The lanes were loaded this weekend. What a great show.

Yocum's Motorsports is the Capital of Hayabusa country.

Defending Street ET Champion, Bob Klock in his 440 Challenger.

Bud Poust is a killer in Street ET winning the title over Tommy Harhart.

Chief "Tom Tom" Seward and, Mark "Little Block" Earnest of the Northern Raiders.

BSD = Bikes!! Nuff said.

Doc's new rocket. Look for 7 seconds on all motor!!

See the light and be healed. The "Reverend" Tom Youtzy to "Gemini John".

Ford guys: Beaver Bob talks with Arnie Schwemmer about his new Mustang GT. 
The Beaver has a new Shelby GT 500 in the order bank. While Arnie is the fastest man on a sled running 8.60's on his Artic Cat. The Canadian's will be making an appearance later this season with eight  140 MPH sleds!!


Top Beaver/Top ET Champion Justin Badman (second from right) is shown with his crew. Wayne, the Ramsey's and mom Sherrie. He was unstoppable.

Mr. Modified, Jeromy Poust and family

Street Eliminator Champion, Bud Poust and family. 

TCR Champion, Christina DiBartolomeo and brother Franklin.

JR Champion Cody Gibson with his family. 

Koser took a runner up and the points lead in Hot Rod Trophy.
Glenn the Brave won the Lil Beaver title for the Northern Raiders.


Karen Eicher readies the field of kids.

We're listining.

Get ready

Little kids first.

Big kids: GO! GO! GO!

 A little help.

Everybody wins

Look what I found mom. Thamaira and Sean Boyle's son. 

JR driver, Chanda Ross and her brother

It's the Vollman brothers.