Another great racing 
weekend  at BSD.

April 30th -- Race #5
Glenn"The Brave" takes Top Beaver win.

Glenn Seward kept the nose of his dragster in front of Turbo Bob Shield to take the Top Beaver title. Glenn cut a .004 light and ran a 8.91 on a 8.90.

Top ET Finals: Both Glenn Seward and John Stover cut .016 lights but Northern Raider, Glenn "The Brave" ran closer.  8.926 on a 8.91 to Stove's 10.12 on a 10.10.
Modified Eliminator: No shells today, "The Earl' had a full plate of peanuts taking the Modified title over Jill Aurand in the all small block Mopar finals.

Turbo Bob Shields went back to back in IHRA Bike. Bob ran a right on 7.92 at 166.57 to end Billy Maturo's day. Again,  20 bikes made the first round call.

All Mopar finals in Street went to defending champion, Bob Klock in his 440 Challenger over Dennis Kohr's original 426 Max Wedge. The Klockster ran a 12.04 on a 12.04 to Dennis's 12.13 on a 12.12. It was close.

Team Klock (top) and Team Kohr (bottom) await the win light. 

Hot Rod Trophy was won by Bruce Kirchner in his pre-paint Malibu over Travis Getz.  Kirchner covered his dial better with a 12.19 on a 12.15 to Getz 11.32 on a 11.23.
Team Kirchner picked up two titles on race day.

TCR: Bob Barham's sharp `65 Impala came from behind to take the title from 
Megan Clark. Bob ran a right on 10.78 at 69.21 MPH for the title.

Rookie, Brian Vollman Jr. is off for the finish line early with a -.039 foul. Colton Kirchner picked up his second title of the season in his York Excavating Co. ride. 
Jr.'s are fun for the entire family.

JD, Jason Derr, was all smiles after his 7.90 pass in his new Quay car. 

Donnie Slout débuted his paint scheme and had it flying. He ran way under with a 
7.38 on a 7.90 at 187.18 MPH after a foul in round one to Tom Seward. 
I think he fouled on purpose just so he could run flat out.

Dave Bratton's new `02 Trans Am made everyone take notice with his 8.10 blast at 
174 MPH! Next week he'll remember there is no Cross Talk in IHRA. 

Ken Warsing won his first round over Doug Howard. It was Ken's first time out.

TCR Champion, Heater Putt won her first round in Modified.  
 "Sasquatch" backs her in the box.
John Bruno has his Mustang on the money, running 11.20's all day long.

Paul Egli traded off his Super Short Chevy truck for this great `67 Mopar.

John Iacavone lost a close one to his buddy Earl Gee in round 3 of Modified. 

Jerry Walter looked good until he met up with Shane Garringer's Mopar.

Shane Garringer made the trip down from Wyalusing and made it to the semis before fouling to Earl Gee while running a 11.12 on a 11.10.

Tech man, Gary Enders, lost a close one to Shane Garringer in round three. 

It's Hayabusa City at the Beaver. Mike Bordner and Josh Yocum go head to head.

Kenny Kauffman is one happy camper with his "new-old style" Ninja. 
He dropped a close one to Bob Shields in round two..

George Hall met his match in round two, losing to runner up Billy Maturo.

Rob Olewiler went to the semi's in his Supercharger Harley-Davison F-150 before losing to runner up, Dennis Kohr's Max Wedge Mopar.  

Ken Klingman's Mustang was two thousandths too fast against Steve Hull's Camaro.

Sean Boyle cut a perfect .000 light in round one against Shaun Steckley. Sue Vollman's Mustang ended his day in round four with a 12.01 on a 12.00 when 
Sean ran out by two thousandths.

Travis Long went to the semi's of Lil Beaver before a foul ended his bid for the title against Tom Seward. This rookie is one to watch. 10.50's from a street car!!

Clark Knudsen's Mustang lost by a red light in round one of Hot Rod Trophy.

JP Lenker made his debut on Sunday. He'll be tough later this season. 

The Sam I Am car of Samantha Dubbs ran out by .001 in round one. Bummer~ 

Check out the ride Kevin Witmer had in the second round of time trials against 
Tom Vance. Does it look close to you? Tom said IT WAS!!
Arithmetic Camaro, puts down 3 and carries 1.

Oh, a .009 light, that's good.  

Grass needed trimmed anyway. 

Hope she stays shinny side up.

Hey, I still ran a 12.30.

Sure did tattoo the track.

Cliff the magician got us back in working order. 

Tom Vance and Kevin compare notes on that run.

Kathy was a more shook up than Kevin.

Minor damage to the classic `68 Camaro.

Northern Raider chief, 'Tom Tom' Seward and his son, 'Glenn the Brave' share the winner's circle. Tom won Lil Beaver and Glenn Top Beaver. 

   Modified champion was Earl Gee with his crew chief Kit.

Bob Barnham and his dad in the winners circle for the TCR title. 

TCR runner up was Megan Clark with co-driver, Kit Gee.

  Colton Kirchner won JR and his uncle Bruce Kirchner won Hot Rod Trophy. 

Rookie, Brian Vollman Jr. took the runner up title in JR Dragster.