"It's like you went to bed, woke up, and it's 1969" Beaver Bob
4th annual Nostalgia Nats
The Greatest Ever!!!

Flashback Bill was in his glory flag starting the Super Stockers and Gassers.

The one and only Linda Vaughn

The Legends
Joe Jacono, Jungle Pam, Jeff O'Neill, Atco Jack Musilli,  Dickie Estevez, Bruce Larson, Wally Bell, Jon Lundberg, Judy Lilly, Bobby Harrop, Linda Vaughn, Darwin Doll, Tim Worner, Ohio George Montgomery, Ed Miller, Kenny Montgomery, George Nye, Bud Faubel. Forefront: Beaver Bob McCardle and Flashback Bill Stuck

Drag Racing's First Ladies: Jungle Pam, Linda Vaughn, Judy Lilly

Beaver introduces Bud Faubel. Tim Worner - Super  Stock, George Nye - York US-30 announcer and George Weiler - A/FX Comet driver look on.

The always gracious and great Jungle Pam still wows the fans. We just love her.

Mighty Miss Mopar, Judy Lilly made the trip in from Denver Colorado to be in the show. In 1969 she dominated NHRA Division 5 Super Stock Eliminator in her HEMI.

Linda reminisces and we all are back in the `60's.

Bruce Larson - USA 1                     Joe Jocono - Rolling Stone
Taking with "Ohio George" Montgomery and Jon "Thunder lungs" Lundburg

Kenny Montgomery - Super Stock                   Bobby Harrop - Super Stock

BSD' first competitor - Tim Worner       Flashback talks with Linda Vuaghn

A/FX driver George Weiler                    IHRA Top Fuel driver - Jeff O-Neill
Legends On Parade

Linda Vaughn was just great again. The fans love her.

Joe Jacono, Judy Lilly and Bud Faubel

Bruce Larson, Jungle Pam, George Nye and George Weiler

Ed Miller, Kenny Montgomery and Atco Jack Musilli

Bobby Harrop of "Flying Carpet" fame

The voice of Drag Racing, Jon Lundberg

Beaver Bob with Jon Lundberg, Dickie Estevez and Wally Bell

Darwin Doll is `The Man' in getting all of the legends of the sport together. Darwin and  Beaver Bob go back over 30 years when Darwin was the NHRA Division 1 Director. He has a never ending enthusiasm for our performance heritage.

Joe Jacona is out first on a red light over Bob Rosetty's Tweety's Rat.

Bit's and Pieces -vs- Sweetman Bros.

Boggs Bros. -vs- Sharkys Machine

Tweety went off roading on his burnout!! Didn't hurt anything, backed up and ran!!

Tweety Rat took his match over Bits and Pieces after an "Off track burnout".

Joe Jacono pulled off a second round win over Sharky's Machine with a 7.65 at 179!!

Yes, it is 1969. What a race!!

Real Funny Cars. Single pump, single plug, manual shifted with a 6-71,
and they don't look like rolling cartoon coloring books. They're the best.

The Boggs Brothers AMC Funny Car. Only at the Beaver. I love it!!

The Master of Faster, Andy Jensen set the crowd on it's ear with a 6.87 at 211.26 MPH pass in his turbo charged 427 Corvette.

Andy Jensen, the Beaver's home grown 200 MPH hero. He's the greatest!

Jack Todd brought his 772 inch Boss 429 `61 Starliner to match Daddy Warbucks.

Dickie Estevez was out first and took the win with a 7.70 to a 7.89!!

The original Jungle Jim Funny Car was here and did a cackle fest style show.
Super Stockers

The Nostalgia Super Stock title went to the A/FX GTO 421 of Richard Barnhart out of Harrisonburg, VA over the incredible Altered Wheelbase A/FX Hemi of Bob Schatz from Glenville, PA. The GTO cut a great .001 light and ran a 9.98 on a 9.93 at 135.35 MPH to the Mopar's 12.08 on a 12.10 at 102.49 MPH.

Beaver's own Dennis Kohr in his Max Wedge Dodge made it to the semi's. Dan Householder's Altered Wheelbase 426 Hemi ran great but ran out in round one.

Almost 30 Super Stockers made first round. It's like you're in the pits at US-30 again.
East Coast Gassers and N.E.T.O.

The East Coast Gasser finals looked like you were back in time as Tom Nowicki's blown `56 Chevy cut a great .002 light and ran a 10.34 on a 10.27 at 122.90 MPH to take the title from Pete Boyer's `39 Chevy. Pete ran a 11.52 on a 11.53 at 114.54 MPH.

Tony Feil's `61 Corvette took the NETO Comp title over Frank Privitera's Willys with a 8.55 on a 8.50 at 163.19 MPH to Frank's red lighting 9.01 on a 9.00 at 150.23 MPH.

Ron Bizio's took on Fred Bear in the AA/GS match.

It's Two Lane Black Top!!

The English Brothers debut their unique Chevy powered Jaguar XK-E.
They just have to paint it like Austin Powers "Shag-uar" with the Union Jack.
Think about it, it's a natural. The English Brothers in a Jag, how easy is that? 

Phil  and Dee Morris of Gasser Wars Magazine made the tow in from Washington state for the event. The AA/A ran in the 7's at over 170 MPH. What a beauty!!

The Pro Stick final came down to an all Ford Finals with points leader, Dan Hoyer of Inwood, WV taking the title with a 11.30 on a 11.29 at 113.22 MPH over Beaver regular, Merv Moyer when the was a little late running a 10.90 on a 9.94 at 135.06.

 Nostalgia ET and Nostalgia Street

Nostalgia ET was another all Ford finals. Ronnie Crammer's classic `57 Ford came out on top over Mark Santee's rare `63 Comet. In a virtual heads up race Santee's 351 fouled with a -.021 giving the win to the 460 powered `57. Ron ran a 11.25 on a 11.03 at 108.98 MPH to Mark's 11.01 on a 11.06 at 123.33 MPH.

Nostalgia Street finals found a pair of Beaver regulars, Rob MacDonald in his `70 Chevelle took the title over Dale Greenly's classic `60 Biscayne. Rob cut a .036 light and ran a 12.44 on a 12.38 at 105.74 MPH to Dale's closer but late 15.34 on a 15.33 at 88.60 MPH pass.

BSD's hardcore Ford man, Faron Rhoads, made it to the semis of Nostalgia Street in his blown 390 `68 Mustang. Faron came out on the short end in the closest race of the day losing to the `60 Chevy Cherry Bomb of  Dale Greenly .001.

Zack Miller's Nova and Chelsea Kline's `64 Fairlane were a featured TCR match race.

YEAR 1  F.A.S.T. Series
What a great eliminator.   F.A.S.T. stands for Factory Appearing Stock Tire.
These cars appear totally stock right down to their G-60/15 Goodyear Polyglas tires. And you can't believe the ET's they turn. Mid 11's are the norm. It was a rolling car show with period correct beautiful cars everywhere. Hemi's, 440-6 Pac's, Cobra Jet's, 455 Buick GS, GTO's, 396 Chevelles, COPO 427 Camaro's, 400 Firebirds and a real neat 327 Impala. We can't wait to see them next year.

Miller's Automotive PPG Car Show
Here's the class winners.

The Beaver was alive with a living history of 1960's Drag Racing

George Nye, the voice of US-30, flag started his long time friend, Kenny Montgomery.

Dave Wallace of Hot Rod magazine was on hand to cover the event.

Flashback flag starting the Gassers.

The Magic Carpet Ride Anglia verses the `37 Ford of Nash, Kolody and Yodock.

Flagging off Super Stockers

What a great parade of legends from the 1960's!!

Don Fezell of Dubois, PA brought out 4 of his totally original factory race cars.
This Z-11 Chevy is powered by a 427 "W" engine. The last and best of the 409 series. Don wasn't afraid to make a pass as he ran in the low 12's in this $250K jewel!!

Bud Faubel was reunited with Bob Goss in his original Hemi Honker Dodge.
Bud laid down an 11 second pass at the age of 78!! Faubel for president!!

Don also brought out the original Phil Bonner Cobra Jet Mustang.
This car dominated Super Stock eliminator in the South

Ronnie Crammer of Hughsville showed off his USA-1 tribute Chevelle. What a beauty.

The original SS/C record holding Nazy Crate 427 Thunderbolt made a pass too.

George Wieler was behind the wheel of his 1964 A/FX Comet 427. George was one of the 6 original driver to receive these record holding cars. He showed no mercy.

Bob Goss bought the Hemi Honker from Bud Faubel at the end of the 1964 racing season for under $3500. He went on to dominate Super Stock at the local tracks.

Bud Faubel's Altered Wheelbase Hemi Dodge. He drove this car home from Detroit to Chambersburg PA. This was the car that coined the name Funny Car.

Talk about rare. Flashback flags off the original Frank Sanders and Terry Prince Z-11's

HEMI's,  HEMI's everywhere!!

Record crowd, record race.

At the Beaver the food is great and the prices are right.

You just don't get any more Nostalgic than an altered wheelbase Mopar.
Don't you just love it?

Beaver Bob and Flashback Bill sitting in the presence of the greatest announcer in all of drag racing history. The one and only Jon Lundberg
Winner's Circle Photos

Richard Barnhart captured the Nostalgia Super Stock title in his 421 GTO

Tom Nowicki made the tow in from Indiana to win the Nostalgia Gasser title.

NETO Comp Champion Tony Feil and NETO Nostalgia Champ, Ed Hendrick

Pro Stick Champion Dan Hoyere

Ronnie Crammer took the Nostalgia ET title in his 1957 Ford.

Rob MacDonald, a BSD regular, won the Nostalgia Street title in his 1970 Chevelle.

Flashback Bill capped off a perfect day with a cruise home in his Rat Rod Chevy.

          Thank you from the Beaver
A big thank you goes out to all to the racers and fans for making the 4th Annual Nostalgia Nationals our greatest event ever. The changes we made to the race schedule worked out perfectly. By having a Test day on Saturday we were able to park over 100 entries on the grounds a day early. It gave us the time to do a great Legends ceremony, get the show started right on time at 2:00 and completing the show by 7:00, giving everyone a reasonable time to make it home. The addition of the "bean field" parking added to the easy flow of the show by reducing the spectator traffic in the pits. When you have close to 300 cars in competition you have to have room to run a safe schedule. We now have the space we need to make the event grow to a new level. For all of you patience, we thank you.

2008 Changes: The "Bean Field" will be sowed in grass and be rolled flat for easier parking. The "Pines" will be expanded for spectator camping. BTW: It's a great place to share a weekend with your family and old racing buddies. And finally, we'll expand the paving on the Nostalgia ET and Street pits side, (right side) to eliminate the dust for all of your classic race cars.
We look forward to seeing you next year. Beaver Bob

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