April 13, 2007 
Captain Ed is back at the helm in Top Street 
Near 100 cars brave the 30 degree weather 

Capt. Ed Brady qualified number one in top Street and marched thought the field like he was on a mission. Ed stopped `06 Street Auto Champion, Mike Renninger in the finals with a 9.88 on a 9.82 at 138.48 MPH to the `67 Nova's 11.01 on a 10.98.

"Flying Brian" Snyder put his 'Busa in the winners circle with a final round win over Jeff Stahl's Ninja. Snyder ran an easy 10.35 on a 10.09 after Stahl got out of shape.

"Clark Kent" Kundsen played the Superman role in Street Stick knocking off defending champion, Chris Shaffer's 440 Plymouth for the title. Clark clocked a 12.62 on a 12.57 at 108.14 MPH to Shaffer's late 12.40 on a 12.38 for the win.

If looks could kill, Chris Shaffer would have had Superman in his sights.

Larry Taylor's Dart was too much for his dad, Graham, to handle in the first round of  Street Automatic. Larry went on to win the title over Jason Marinchic's really big `65 Buick Electra 225 after Jason cut a perfect .000 but ran out with a 16.53 on a 16.60.

Rob Bucher picked up the Outlaw Street title over Bob Horting's hard charging Ranger. Rob ran a 11.15 on a 11.11 at 114.30 MPH to the Ford's 11.29 on a 11.20.

JR Keister onboard his `04 Honda 450 took the Turtle Comp finals over Catlin Hassinger's `07 Can Am with a 23.17 on a 23.28 to Catlin's 22.98 on a 23.10.

Joe "Big House" Clark took the family sedan to a Sport Compact title over Lynn Umberger's Saturn. Big House cut a .028 light and ran a 17.87 on a 17.80 to Ummy's 17.29 on a 17.18.

"Smurf" Moyer in his F-250 Ford and Rob Olewiler in his Harley Davidson F150 dialed 12.00 flat in the finals to make for a heads up, flat out race. It was Smurf taking the win with a 14.67 at 93.45 to Bob's 14.96 at 93.63 for the win. That diesel is fast!!
In the big TCR field in came down to Jed Seigler's `86 Capri and Christina DiBartolomeo's `05 Avenger. The double run out fell to Ziggy with a 10.064 on a 10.10 to DiBart's 12.053 on a 12.10. That's a real close .011 MOV. (Margin Of Victory)

The extremely popular JR ATV went to Autum Miller over Colby Keister. This has been a great way to get our younger crowd into our sport.
To borrow a phrase, "The family that races together, stays together".



A note about Test and Tune
The weekly Test and Tune Sessions are a great way to get unlimited seat time in your car or on your Bike/ATV. Plus it is the suggested way for kids that are running in TCR, Jr Dragster or JR ATV to get needed experience. You have 6 full hours to try every combination of starting line staging and shift points. Just ask the pros like Big Dan Swank, Glenn Seward and Leonard Long. They'll be the first to tell you that it's the best $35 they spend to insure they're sharp. A real special bonus is the kid's. JR Dragster, JR ATV and TCR only pay $10. Also on Test and Tune the track is fully sprayed and StugarT Racing has shop services and fuel available.  And always remember that there is no charge for spectators to attend plus the concession is serving up great food. 

Test and Tune:
A great way to spend a Saturday