April 20, 2007
Jim Sheaffer takes Top Street
126 make first round

Top Street went to Jim Sheaffer over defending champion, Larry Taylor.

Hang `em high. Will Marks qualified 2nd with a 9.35 at 146.72 MPH

Capt. Ed Brady was number one with a 9.21 at 148.12 MPH in Street legal trim!!

Street Bike went to Josh Yocum (top) over Jeff Stahl's Ninja.

Larry Taylor doubled up from Top Street and won Street Auto over Doug Madison.

Jeremy Campbell looked like a shoe in to win Sport Compact over Jon Winisko's Neon after he cut a great .003 light. But he took too much stripe and ran out with a 18.170 on a 18.19 to Johnny Whisky's 17.294 on a 17.30 after a late .133 light. 
As Earl Gee says, "Some days peanuts, some days shells".

Sport Compact hot shoe Jeremy Campbell's Civic is a looker.

Outlaw Street bad man was Eric Krell in his Malibu. He was on, all night.

King Ed Fetterolf had his Turbo Busa flying. He lost to Krell with a 9.29 on a 9.19 at only 141.22 MPH. Earlier Ed ran over 170 MPH!!

Bone Stock Truck has been the domain of Merv Moyer and his Turbo Diesel Ford. "Smerf" dropped "Ummy" Umberger's Jeep with a 14.87 on a 14.76 at 82.47 MPH.

ATV finalist was John Hunter on his Banshee. Kyle Goss took the win on his Kawasaki by running out the least. 15.989 on a 16.00 to Hunter's 14.830 on a 14.95.

TCR champion was Cody Smith over Ashley "Cup Cake" Brady. 
Cody's co-driver is Street Stick standout Mike Rowe.

Talk about best appearing TCR. Chelsea Kline in dad's `64 Fairlane is a hands down winner. To top it off, Chelsea won her very first race against Ty Gardner's T/A.
JR ATV title went to `06 Champ, Autumn Miller over Nick Dollar.

You bet it's fun on Friday nights

Yes, we run quads. 12 made first round.


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