May 11, 2007
 Taylor's Mopar is Top Street

Larry Taylor has drawn even with Capt. Ed Brady in the win column with two following his victory over Randy Tibbins Mustang.  Above is Jim Sheaffer's Vega and Larry making a qualifying pass. Jim ran a 10.04 (#4) and Larry a 10.46 (#6).

Will Marks crowd pleasing S-10 dropped a close one to Taylor in round one with a 9.54 on a 9.47 at 143.38 MPH. This Truck really hauls!!

Randy Tibbins 351 Ford ran out in the finals with a 9.621 on a 9.63 at 142.83 MPH.

Milt Fuoss took his 1000 Suzuki to the winner's circle with a final round 11.00 on a 10.99 at 128.31 MPH over Scott Cox on his Buell.

Scott Cox rode his Harley Buell to a runner up with a run out 13.07 on a 13.21.

Mr. 4 speed, Chris Shaffer, dominated the Street Stick class with a 12.13 on a 12.19 at 113.43 MPH final round win over Mike Rowe's "Yellow Horse" Mustang.

Matt Delbaugh's 302 Thunderbird defeated a double dipping Larry Taylor in the Street Auto finals with a right on 13.86 at 100.97. Larry ran out by .003!

Terry Brouse got tripped up in round one by Johnny Whiskey's double dipping Neon.

Rob MacDonald in his Chevelle and Bryan Parson Mustang paired up during qualifying. Rob ran a 12.54 and Parson's a 10.51, good enough for #7 in Top Street.

Eric Strohm captured the Outlaw Street title over Big Dan Swank with a 10.719 on a 10.70 at 114.86 MPH to Dan's 11.48 on a 11.45 at 120.77 MPH.

Steve Mertz's cool `32 Deuce dropped in the semi's to Big Dan via a red light.

Bob Horting was a victim of the 440 powered Deuce in round one.
Bob cut a great .017 light but could cover his 11.20 dial in.

Jon Winisko, AKA Johnny Whisky, took the big Sport Compact title over Yellow Submarine commander, Lynn Umberger, with a great .002 activated 17.59 on a 17.48 at 73.23 MPH. "Ummy" ran out with a 17.30 on a 17.34.

Ryan Snook blasted out a stout 108.18 MPH pass in time trials. He fouled in round one to Umberger when he was dialed 12.00. That is one fast Mitsu!


Beaver regular, Tim Kocher, fell in the semi's to Commander Ummy.

ATV's are one popular class on Friday nights.

Steve Stoltztus in his 8000 lb. Dodge Turbo Diesel laid down an astounding 13.53
pass at 101.06 MPH. He was a crowd favorite but lost in round two with a red light.

Shawn Yoder's great looking Turbo Diesel put down a good 99 MPH pass before a drive line failure side lined "Old Smokey"

Caitlin Hassinger copped the ATV title over Brandon Shirk with a 22.75 on a 22.68.

Autumn Miller notched her 4th win in JR ATV with a 13.06 on a 12.92 at 45.86 MPH over Cobly Fisher.

Colby "Bucky" Fisher made a good showing in only his second race but a -.014 foul ended his bid for a win.

Cutie, Ashley "Cupcake" Brady celebrated her 16th birthday by making over 300 cupcakes for all of the fans at the track. Ashley is a tough competitor in the TCR wars.


photo extra

Bill Smith had his Pro Stick Camaro running in the 8.40's at 165 MPH.
Look for over 40 Pro Sticks on the Holiday. What a show!!

Mike McCracken was back with a new ride

If it's Mike's you know it's fast and good looking too.
He'll be running in the 8's this weekend.

Clint Garland's 11 second Nova

Garland's team mate ran in the 10's

CJ Pony Parts showed up a a real fast herd of Mustangs.

When the timing system took a lightning strike, CJ's Bill Tumas, took over at the PINKS  ringmaster and starter

Just like the 1960's.

Ready ....Ready....

Ray Hanley clocked a great 110.45 MPH in his 392 inch `70 Mach.

Beaver Bob got into the action with his 427 Galaxie. The 4100 lb. Ford still has what it takes to win a street race. 13.09 at 106.45 MPH through the mufflers on DOT's.