May 18, 2007
 Taylor and Commander Ummy
Double up = 4 titles!!

Larry Taylor was on fire winning Top Street and Street Auto.

Will Marks crowd pleasing S-10 dropped a close one to Taylor in the finals with
a 9.53 on a 9.48 at 143.58 MPH. Will cut a great .016 light.

Rich Stauffenberg's big block Monte qualified 3rd with a 9.85.
He dropped in round one with a red light to Mike Renninger's Nova.

Dave Davis had his 'Busa flying. He stopped Brian Snyder 's 'Busa in the finals of Sport Bike with a 9.59 on a 9.20 at 137.55 MPH to Snyder's run out 9.74 on a 9.78.

Brian Snyder was looking good running on his dial every run but the finals.

Dave Davis and his Yocum Motorsports family.

"Hey Mustang boys!! Want a come out and play?" Mr. 4 speed, Chris Shaffer, has dominated Street Stick this season. It must be that Long shifter.

Larry Taylor spanked his dad Graham in the finals of Street Auto with a
10.37 on a 10.40 at 129.73 MPH to dad's 10.00 on a 10.10 at 135.78 MPH.

Doug Madison's clean little Mustang went to the semi's in Street Automatic.

Big Dan Swank has been a tough one in Out Law Street. The 383 Chevy cut down Bob Horting's Ranger in the finals with a great .022 light. He ran a easy 11.43 on a 11.29. 

Bob Horting's Ranger casts a ghostly image with BSD photographer
Todd Dziadosz working his magic.

Steve Hull's Honda took the ATV title over Matt Hile with a 22.38 on a 22.40. 

The ATV's really fly at the Beaver.

Commander Lynn Umberger (U-142) sunk Tim Kocher's Cavalier for the Sport Compact title with a right on 17.08 at 74.91 MPH to Tim's 16.35 on a 16.41 at 85.00 MPH.

"Ummy" doubled up and took the Bone Stock Truck title over Bill Marks in his Hemi. The Commander ran a 18.40 on a 18.25 to run away from the Mopar's 16.84 on a 16.65 at 84.92 MPH. Word is Bill will be back in his wheel standing 442 this Friday.


Autumn Miller continues to slay everyone in JR ATV. She stopped Nick Dollar in the finals with a 13.02 on a 12.82 at 45.52 MPH to Nick's 17.43 on a 14.40 at 30.18 MPH.

TCR: In the Smith brother's family feud, it was Cody out first and taking the win over Colin with a 10.32 on a 10.35 at 66.13 MPH to a 10.05 on a 10.19 at 65.91 MPH.