May 25, 2007- Curfew cuts the night short.
 MOTZ lights up the night.
Capt. Ed takes WFO

Bob Motz shot flames over 80 feet!! WOW did it get hot fast!


Motz on his way to a 210 MPH pass!! He's the best show in the business.

The Master of Faster, Andy Jensen, was a little off his game. He could only muster a 183 MPH pass. Not to worry, he said he'll return and put a 210 on the board.

The WFO title fell to Beaver's own, Captain Ed Brady. Ed's quick reaction time and a 8.87 ET at 158.45 MPH clinched the first title of the season for the Camaro.

Pappa Smurf Moyer ran a career best of 8.97 at 153.26 MPH before falling to the Capt.

In one of the closest races of the evening, Moyer's supercharged Mustang powered by the 565 inch S-10 of Will Marks. 9.35 / 152.51 to the Bowties 9.53 / 143.97!

Randy Tibbins 351 Mustang gave Ed a run but came up short. 9.57 to a 9.00.

Scott Cromley's 434 inch S-10 ran a great 9.29 in round one but could make the call for the second round due to lost oil pressure.

In the Unlimited WFO, James Houston's `64 Fairlane small block stopped John Robbin's 460 Mustang with a run of 8.16 at 169.07 MPH to John's 8.33 at 167.25 MPH.
The Beaver will be adding the new Unlimited WFO to our next event on June 16th. Look for times into the 7's!!!

DIESEL DOG's were a great hit. They'll return on Labor Day Friday.

Look close, there's another truck in this photo. Don't you just love diesel smoke!!

The Water Doctors Nova is one sharp ride.

It's the Taylor boys doing battle in Street Automatic.

Doug Madison's Mustang was in the hunt up till curfew.

Dale Greenly's Cherry Bomb is a throw back in time. I love it!! 

Jim Maganell brought his Youth Forestry Camp boys out for the extra service they preformed over the semester. The Beaver has worked with the group for the past 3 years. Jim's Chevelle laid down a stout 10.33 at 128.77 MPH. What a cool teacher!!


The Beaver was Standing Room Only!!