It was a great weekend!!

  April 22, 2007
Season opener to the Duck

Top Beaver came down to Turbo Bob Shields and Jeff Duck. It was over at the tree as Bob cut a -005 giving the title to Duck. Jeff is now leading points at Maple Grove and at the Beaver. The guy is hot!!

Top ET finals was a Ford verses Chevy battle between former champions.  Andy Charcalla in his 408 inch Mustang cut it too close with a -.012 red. Duck marched on with a 8.04 on a 8.02 at 168.50 for the win. 

Modified eliminator went to Kevin Whitmer in his 1968 Camaro over Big Dan Swank's Malibu when Dan went red. In a virtual heads up final, Whitmer cut a .018 and ran a 10.392 on a 10.40 to Swank's -.023, 10.375 on a 10.35.

Dave Brassington's Camaro is sporting a new look, and does it ever look good.

IHRA Bike is always a major show. The finals saw Turbo Bob Shields run down 
Dr. Rick Bunting with a 7.82 on a 7.76 at 171.26 MPH after the Doc went red. 

Street eliminator was won by the Pontiac of Dan-Dan the Baker man over 
Joe Clark's Duster. Dan lost in Top Beaver to eventual champion, Jeff Duck.

Hot Rod Trophy was won by former child star, Tommy Mull in his GMC over 
JT Shreffler's `68 Camaro via a red light.

JT Shreffler's `68 Camaro is one good looking ride. JT is a graduate of the 
TCR class of 2006 where he finished in the upper third of his class.

JR Dragster found DJ Clark taking the win over defending champion, Colton Kirchner.

TCR title was all Dwight Shelly. This big Chevy runs!!

TCR semis was the battle of siblings as Colin Smith in his `89 IROC laid a light on his sister Carley's Lumina. Colin ran a 10.14 on a 10.08 at 66.01 MPH for the win. Colin fell in the finals to Dwight Shelly's `85 Chevy Truck when he ran out.

Lil Beaver saw Barry Donnelly's Hemi Cuda come back from a first round foul in Modified to take the 2nd Chance final over Thamaira Boyle's Nova. The Hemi ran a 10.025 on a 10.05 for the win to the Chevy's 14.801 on a 14.83. 

 Jeff Duck won the first Iron Tree of the season. He dedicated his win to long time friend, Roger Grenoble, a Top ET driver who passed away earlier this season.

Modified Champion Kevin Whitmer and wife, Kathy 

JR Champ, DJ Clark with Big House, Laura and Samantha.

TCR Champion, Dwight Shelly was all smiles. Dad and mom are proud.

Mike is back!!
Mike McCracken made his first appearance at the Beaver since his crash on Memorial  Day weekend. He's still the same old Mike we all know and love. 
You know he's feeling good when he joined up for points in Top ET. 
Anyone want to bet how long he'll keep his new car?