April 29, 2007
Gee whiz. 
Earl Gee takes Top Beaver

Top Beaver final was a close one with Earl Gee just nipping Kenny Kauffman's Kawasaki in the traps. The 340 Mopar cut a .018 light and ran a 11.32 on a 11.27 at 120.36 MPH to stop Kenny's .038, 8.87 on a 8.82 at 142.04 MPH. 

Top ET finals was a Ford verses Mopar battle between Brian Vollman's `47 Ford Taunus and "Hemi John" Simbeck. With both driver cutting a .029 and .028, it was Simbeck's 9.046 on a 9.00 taking the title to Vollman's 9.822 on a 9.77.

Earl won the Modified title over Willie Treese's Camaro with a final round 11.279 on a 11.29 when Willie went red and ran a 10.882 on a 10.90.

Mark Venturato's Max Wedge Mopar was looking good until a fuel line let go. The fire was contained and he'll be back next week. 

IHRA Bike was another great one. The finals found the Killer B's battling each other, Kenny Kauffman's Kawasaki cut a better light and ran under the least in taking the win over Billy Maturo. Kenny's mother, girlfriend and brother celebrate. 

Street eliminator was an all girls final. Former TCR driver, Shanna Bechtel drove her dad's F-150 to the title over Michelle Miller's Nova with a final round 15.011 on a 15.03 at 89.11 MPH to Miller's 12.027 on a 12.08 at 110.97 MPH. Shanna showed she was for real when she dropped the hammer on defending champ Bob Klock in the third round with a .011 light and ran a 14.974 on a 14.95. That TCR training has paid off.

Hot Rod Trophy was fell to another TCR star when Richie Bunting rode his 600 Ninja to victory over Michael Gray when the Mustang pilot drew a red light. Richie became the first Bike rider to win a HRT title in two years. TCR training pays off again.

JR Dragster went to Sean Serra over Michael Koser when Michael cut a -.010 foul. Sean took the title with a 8.92 on a 9.00 at 71.16 MPH. Colton Kirchner and Michael gave him the traditional cold water shower for his efforts.

For the second week in a row it was the Shelly and Smith show, and again it went to Dwight Shelly. The pick up driver ran a 10.072 on a 10.06 for the title to Colin's 
10.14 on a 10.08 at 66.86 MPH.

Lil Beaver title was captured by Big Dan Swank in his Malibu. Dan ran a 10.40 on a 10.39 to stop Blase Raia's Trans Am. The Firebird had problems after cutting a great .006 light and slowed to a 9.34 on a 9.24 at 144.06 MPH.. 

 Hemi John Simbeck proudly poses with his Iron Tree trophy for his Top ET win.

Modified Champion Earl Gee and his crew chief, Kit. 

The Kauffman family in the winner's circle. Three brothers plus Kenny JR all race bike. Kenny is the 2006 IHRA Bracket Finals Bike Champion too!!

Shanna Bechtel had the Harley-Davidson F-150 dialed in, winning Street in fashion.

Sean Serra just flipped when he won the Junior title.
With a little help from Mike Koser. 

TCR Champion, Dwight Shelly was all smiles again, winning his second straight.

Russ Blessing brought quite a cheering section.