Sunday  May 13th 2007
"The Duck" hunts down another Top Beaver

Jeff Duck has been the man in Top Beaver. Jeff scored his second Top Beaver title in three races. This time he stopped IHRA Bike champion, Turbo Bob Shields with a 8.04 on a 8.00 at 158.42 MPH to Bob's off pace 7.88 on a 7.74 at 164.06 MPH.

 Brian Vollman' and his dad readies their `47 Ford Taunus for the finals of Top ET.
The 351 took a runner up to Jeff Duck's dragster. Brian ran a 9.70 on a 9.67 but that was not good enough for the win as "The Duck" ran right on his 8.03 dial.
Bike eliminator fell to the fastest man at the track. Turbo Bob Shields was dominate all day long running right on his 7 second dial ins. In the finals he defeated Ken Kauffman's  Kawasaki with a 7.81 on a 7.76 at 158.81 MPH to Ken's 8.71 on a 8.66 at 150.05 MPH. It was Bob's second win in four events so far this season.

The Italian Stallion, John Iacavone, put his big block Nova in the winner's circle at the end of a six round race when Blase Raia cut a -001 red. John ran a 9.598 on a 9.60 at 141.86 MPH to the Pontiac powered Firebird's 9.24 on a 9.31 at 148.58 MPH.

Street was the battle of veterans again this week. And once again it was Bob Klock
in his Challenger coming out on top when the Mustang went red with a -.003.
Klock's 440 took the win with a 12.028 on a 12.06 at 112.26 MPH.

Clark Kent Knudsen in his stick shift Mustang copped the Hot Rod Trophy title again over Thamaira Boyle by running a 12.60 on a 12.59 at 111.51 MPH to the Nova's run out time of 14.328 on a 14.35 at 99.82 MPH. Clark remains first in points.

Megan Clark is out first in her Taurus but points leader, Dwight Shelly, in his C-10 Chevy ran her down with a 10.16 on a 10.04 at 59.74 MPH for the win in TCR.
Dwight has won 3 of the 4 TCR races this season in a big field.

JR dragster found the Sand Gator of Josh Kelley out first  with a better .052 light over Jake Wood's RepoZesed. Josh ran out with a 8.916 on a 8.94 and Jake copped the title with a 8.09 on a 7.91 at 82.31 MPH. The JR field ahs been a strong and tough one.

Bud Poust's Camaro took the Lil Beaver title when Doug "Cooler" Howard ran out.


Turbo Bob Shields  ran a 7.74 on a 7.74 at 172.64 MPH for a first round win over
Bob Klock's 440. The Mopar ran a 12.07 on a 12.01 at 108.73 MPH.
Ask Klocky what it's like to get passed at that speed!!!

Jeff Duck has the Italian Stallion in his sights and takes the win.

"I'm looking but I don't think he'll catch me".  The Duck was right on that call.

"Rocky" Iacavone picked up his Iron Tree for a tough Modified win.

Clark Knudsen has dominated Hot Rod Trophy the last two events, and it's a stick!

Dwight Shelly has three wins in TCR.

The Wood's in the winner's circle. Big Woody has some cool cars and Linda looked good in the Mom's Day races in her Mustang rag top.

After an early loss in Street, Bud Poust marched through a big field to win Lil Beaver.
Fetterolf's Jewelry

In the huge 46 entry Mom's Eliminator, Annie Weaver's `07 Sebring took the Mom's Day title over Pat Shifflett's clean Camaro with a final round 18.61 on a 18.52 at 78.60 MPH to Pat's 15.86 on a 15.74 at 89.10 MPH. Pat cut a great .018 light but couldn't cover the number as well.

In the lone semi's race, Jackie Kohr's original 340 Dart ran a 13.62 on a 13.56 but was a little late against eventual champion Annie Weaver in the all MOPAR semis.

Dave and Annie Weaver show off their Fetterolf's Jewelry diamond necklace.
What a great Mom's day she had. Way to go Annie!!

Pat Shiflett and her family picked up a great necklace for her runner up finish.

 Mothers Day, it's an annual affair for the Reverend Tom Youtzy and his family.


Dave and Linda Gramley proudly display their classic Chevrolets.
Don't you wish GM still built these great cars? We sure do.