Will Leitch is Grand Beaver!

Monday  May 29th 2007
Will is the man!!

The Grand Beaver title fell to Will Leitch in his trusty Ornery Cuss Mopar over Sunday's champion, Jason Weaver. Jason ran a 9.992 on a 10.00 at 135.15 and the 440 ran right on his 10.17 dial in at 133.49 MPH to take the Betty Goodman Memorial trophy.
Sunday's Top Beaver was decided on the starting line when Bob Klock went red. The Challenger cut a -.024 foul and ran a 12.101 on a 12.14 at 110.91 MPH. Jason also was early with a -.009 and ran a 10.098 on a 10.08 at 134.75 MPH.

 Scott Reichenbach took Top in Monday's action over Andy Charcalla's `86 Mustang after Charkey drew a red light. Reichenbach later lost to Will Leitch in the Top Beaver finals when Will rand right on his 10.18 dial.  Looks like Scotty is surfing now.

Hemi John Simbeck won the Top ET Title on Sunday's event over Jim Stover's Pinto. HJ went on to drop Bud Poust's  (MANDRA winner) in the first round of Top Beaver. John dedicated his win to Robin Szczesny, a long time friend and BMW Club racer who just went through major surgery last week. Since her friends consider her the "Iron Woman" it seems only fitting for HJ to dedicate his win to her complete recovery.

Turbo Bob Shields broke his wheelie bars but still managed to take the title over Rookie, Richie Bunting. Old age and treachery trumps youth and enthusiasm again.
Ken Kauffman Sr. captured the Sorce Trailer Sales Iron Man in IHRA Bike over George Hall. Ken cut a .016 light and ran a 8.86 on an 8.83 at 128.81 MPH to stop Hall's  
8.88 on a 8.88 at 151.79 MPH and earn his Iron Man.

Jason "Wonder boy" Weaver was on his game all weekend long. He downed John Troxell's Fairmont in the finals of Modified on Sunday to capture his second Iron Man of the year. Earlier this season he had won the Pittsburgh Raceway trophy. Dad, Brian and buddy Kevin Romeo cheer as he won the Man. Yep, he's happy too.

Gordy Foose represented the Pro Stick contingent in the Top Beaver race. The 406 Corvette fell in the first round to Wonder Boy after cutting a better light.

Bob Klock in his Challenger added an Iron Man to his collection with a final round win over Dave Weaver's Charger. Tammy and Melissa cheer as Kevin Romeo scouts the track for Jason Weaver.

Cutie Thamaira Boyle was runner up to Clark Kent Knudsen in Hot Rod Trophy with her Nova. Earlier in the day she dumped TCR champ, Taylor Olewiler.

 TCR was a battle of the sexes. In Sunday's action, Cody Smith in his Firebird was victorious over Chelsea Kline in dad's `64 Fairlane. Cody took an easy win when Chelsea when red with an early -.206. 

Rookie, Jeremiah Craft, was expertly crewed by Dennis Kohr to a final round appearance.  The McClure based driver has shown great promise this season.

Heather Bell captured the JR dragster title over rookie Jeremiah Craft. Craft left early with a -.165 foul as Heather went on to take the title with a 8.11 on a 8.13 at 81.11 MPH.
"These guys have really stepped up their show. No more 7.80 index/breakout racing. Now everything is heads up and flat out.
 It's drag racing like God and Wally intended it to be". 
Beaver Bob

"In their hearts every racer wishes their car was a stick".

Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Drag Racing Association


Ken Kauffman SR. and brother biker Tim, proudly pose with his Iron Man after taking the IHRA Bike title. Twenty really tough bikers made the first round.

Rich Houser in his 440 Colt won the Street title on Monday over Dan Baker in his 455 Ventura. These guys love the new Iron Tree trophies. Look at that smile!

In a hard fought Hot Rod Trophy battle, Sam Ficarra, took the win over Carman Koser. The Chevy powered Mustang was on his game all day
Same winner, different day, well actually Sunday.  Clark Kent Knudsen was in the winners circle again for another victory in Hot Rod Trophy. The stick shift Mustang pilot has dominated HRT this season.

Monday's TCR Champion was Jake Wood driving Sean Steffey's Hemi Dodge Ram. Jake received the traditional Beaver Bath following his win. Yes, we do have fun.

Cody Smith poses with his co driver after taking the Grand TCR title over Monday's champion, Jake Wood. Cody ran a 10.38 on a 10.40 at 65.77 MPH to Woody's run out 10.69 on a 10.75 at 65.03 MPH.

Cody Smith and William Danley show off their TCR trophies.

The Beaver's longest time racer: Dick Goodman