8th Annual Nostalgia Nationals

Homeboy, Kevin Whitmer, takes Nostalgia ET
248 cars make first round. Race completed at 6:00!!

Dave Stubbs is out on a big head start over Chris Baum's Hemi in the finals of the 54 car Nostalgia Super Stock eliminator. Chris had the tree but couldn't run the number as Dave took the title with a 11.754 on a 11.70 at 114.09 MPH to Chris's 9.350 on a 9.20 at 145.34 MPH. Dave's last win was at Peterson Memorial Dragway in Bellwood PA. The year ...1971,  40 years ago!!

Event champion, Dave Stubb's in his `62 Dodge came up the winner over BSD standout, Bob Roles 426 Hemi in the quarter finals when Bob ran out with a 9.195 on a 9.20 at 140.69MPH. Dave ran a 11.737 on a 11.70 at 113.99 MPH

John Collette's Sox and Martin Cuda drew a foul in the semi's of N/SS as Chris Baum's `65 Coronet picked up the win running a 9.387 on a 9.20 at 145.11.

Defending Nostalgia Nats champion, John Warehime topped Bob Jones' 421 Super Duty Pontiac in the quarter finals with a 10.614 on a 10.50 at 119.80 MPH to Bob's 11.720 on a 11.60 at 114.56 MPH.

Homeboy, Kevin Whitmer, put his Camaro into the Nostalgia ET winners circle over Roger Lewis and his Nova. Kevin ran a 11.19 on a 10.10 after Lewis went red with a -.027 running a right on 9.705 on a 9.70 at 126.65 MPH.

JR Stock was an all MOPAR finals with "The Professor", Chris Holley facing off against Michael Donnelly's Hemi Cuda. Mike had the tree and the stripe winning with a 11.707 on a 11.62 dial at 108.80 MPH to Chris's 11.889 on a 11.78 dial at 105.31 MPH.

Art Hand took the NETO Nostalgia title in his sharp `63 Falcon over Richard Maucri's `67 Nova. With identical reaction times it was a race for the finish line. In a double break out affair, Art carded a 10.478 on a 10.48 at 122.41 MPH to notch the win over Richard's 11.672 on a 11.69 at 112.50 MPH.


Only Todd can get a shot like this. He's on a 6 ft. stepladder between the cars.

Bunny and Rocky had virtual identical reaction times. Rocky is on the bars.

Rocky is on the edge. Wheelie bars have unloaded and he's up on the tires
...NO, all 4 tires are off the ground!!

Bunny got by Rocky when he stood his Firebird up and snapped a wheelie bar.

Bunny got by Rocky in round one but fouled in round two.
Bunny set low ET with a run of 6.69 at 221.65 MPH.

Rocky Pirrone made it a close race. He came up only a few feet short.

Bunny climbs out after a good run.

In the Gasser match race, the KS Pittman `33 Willys took two straight over Freddie Bear's S&S Racing `40 Willys running a best of 9.34 at 140.47 MPH.

The Frantic Ford made two great passes running a best of 7.12 at 192.63

Jungle Pam did what she does best. Getting him in the groove.

The brand new Frantic Ford has his act together. He'll be back.

In match race action, Jay Zolko in the Ugly Duckling Comet laid a light on Daddy Warbucks but came up short at the finish line. The Comet ran an incredible 8.86 at 149.98 MPH.

Ford stalwart, Dickey Estevez, took both rounds of his match race running 8.00

The Bad News fuel injected, altered wheelbase Dodge was right on.

In the JR Fueler match, Jason Keeler's Chevy stopped Audrey Worm's Ford.

The legend himself, Bob Harrop, made a mid 9 second run in his son's car.

Bruce Larson in his injected Olds powered Mr. Clean took the Nostalgia Gas match race. Old age and treachery beats youth and cubic inches again.

In the heads up TCR exhibition match race it was Kyle Kohr in his 340 Dart with co-driver Kenny Montgomery defeating Dalton Roles in his Challenger T/A with co-driver Bobby Harrop. Kyle ran a 9.63 at 75.96 MPH to Dalt's 10.42 at 67.39 MPH. Both cars a 4 speeds. What a treat for everyone.


Renowned photo journalist, Jeff Stunkart, e-mailed us his favorite shot of Bunny

It's all about Super Stocks

54 Nostalgia Super Stockers made first round. That's 108 carburetors WOW!!

Ron McClellend's Hemi goes skyward against Brian LaBombury's 409.

Jody Abert's 427 Fairlane and John Warehime's 427 Chevelle.

Bobby Harrop's Flying Carpet Dodge verses George Abert's 427 Comet.

Max Wedge showdown; Keith Wynn's Desert Rose and Tim Taylor.

Don Wood's Cobra Jet verses Dave Collett's Sox and Martin Hemi.

Richard Barnhart's 421 GTO takes on a Bob George MOPAR.

Yankee Clipper verses Bob Jones 421 Stray Cat Pontiac.

Allen George's 409 verses Jerry Loeb's 426 Max Wedge.

Denny Ford's 409 and Steve Reasbeck Hemi battle.
Yes his name is Ford and he races a Chevy!

Joe Davis's Endangered Species Hemi takes on Dave Stubbs `62 Polara.

Steve Consentino's Yankee Clipper Max Wedge and Dennis Kohr's Hemi.

Ginnny Durkee's grocery getter verses Hayden Proffit's Z-11.

Phil Baldacchino's Max Wedge verses Bobby Harrop's Hemi.

Reverend Mr. Black Max Wedge takes on Chris Baum's Hemi.

Tim Taylor's `64 Dodge 426 Max Wedge verses Rick Emerick's 426 Hemi.

The Jersey Duke and Bill Atwood's Flashback battle it out in time shots.

Stick `em up is a real Hemi 4 speed. what a ride!

Ron McClelland's Hemi Coronet.

Jody Abert's 427 Fairlane.

And his dad, George Abert's 427 Comet that runs 9.60's. In 1970 Beaver Bob set the NHRA record in A/Stock with his 427 Comet at 11.61.

DonFezzell's A/FX Thunderbolt

Bob Schantz's `65 Plymouth A/FX altered wheelbase Hemi.

In the fastest pass of the day the Dyno Don 427 Comet wagon went 8.86 to the Dyno Don 427 Comet Caliente's 8.98. Those Mercury's sure are fast.

Richard Barnhart's 421 GTO launches hard.

Dave Collett's MOPAR stable includes a Sox & Martin Cuda and a SS/BA Hemi `64 Plymouth. What a neat team.

One of Nostalgia Super Stocks biggest supporters is Steve Reasbeck who drives this `65 Dodge Coronet which is a real deal Hemi.

Tom Taylor's Max Wedge Plymouth takes on Dave Woods Cobra Jet.

Steve McBlane's "Don Nicholson" 427 Comet is out first over Keith Wynn.

Paul Hillier's 427 Fairlane  takes on Chet Cook's 427 Impala in N/SS.

Round two and the lanes are still full. We love Super Stocks!!

JR Stockers loaded the lanes.

JR Stockers are a major hit at the Nostalgia Nats.

Father and son, Butch and Michael Szollosy are the premier JR Stockers.

Don Fezzell's all original Dave Strickler Z-11 Chevrolet 427.

Never one to baby his $300K ride, Don blasted out a hard pass.

Talk about period correct, they don't get any better than Hurri-Cain.

Our resident photographer, Todd Dziadosz, was busy all weekend long getting the good shots. He's one of the very best there is.

BSD Pro ET driver, Lou Drayer, got into the show with his `79 Chevette under the promoters option. With the day limited to 1975 and older cars, Lou was permitted to race as he was the last car to go down the track at York in 1980.

Frank Carbaugh's Old School VW is a throw back to the V-dub Gassers.

With no front brakes, pulling the chute is a smart habit to be in.
Dennis Stewart's Outlaw Anglia is period correct primer finished.

The lanes were packed, but everything went smooth.

Dale Lambeck's blown Mustang was a favorite of everyone. What a beauty.

The Rev verses the Duke.

Mike Etchberger's Willys goes for the sky.

Bill Wert, in the English Bros. Karman Ghia verses Ken McQuay's `38 Chevy.

Beaver regulars Kevin Little and Dick Goodman go at it.

Craig Shaner's `57 takes on Steve Miller's `40 Chevy.

It's a Mercury and yes it's fast too.

Chuck Turner's super sweet, wheel standing Willys wowed us on every pass.

Gentleman Jim Holland and Kevin Little met in round one of Nostalgia ET.

Daughter and Dad, Audrey and John Worm ready for the match against
Jason Keeler who is watching them warm up their Ford.

Show cars getting lined up for the parade.

It's a tradition at the York Nostalgia Nats. The place was packed.

Kyle Kohr went to the semi finals in JR Stock with his 340 Dart 4 speed.

What a crowd!

It was SRO all along the fence.

Chris Milano's `66 Mustang was a player in Nostalgia ET

 Richie Bianco and his young crew were flying.

Rob Maulick's crew was keeping him cool.

Richie Bianco fast little Ford powered dragster ran out in round two of Nostalgia ET with a 8.010 on a 8.03 at 165.62 MPH in trying to catch Rob Maulick's Chevy powered altered.

Don't you just love Brian Freels `55?

Mother Hen and Sandy "Mom" Holland kept the far side traffic in line.

BSD stars, Kevin Whitmer and Kevin Little talk strategy.

Michael Donnelly proudly displays his JR Stock trophy in front of his Hemi.

Don Fezell's Thunderbolt came from behind to stop Michelle Henning's Olds.
  Nostalgia ET finalist, Roger Lewis, and his sharp Nova.

Rusty Twigg's big MOPAR fell in the semis of Nostalgia ET to Roger Lewis.

Whitmer cut a great light and won this semis match over Rob Maulick's altered.

`57 Chevys were everywhere!! It was a trip back in time on Sunday.

"The Bean Field" was loaded. Talk about a full house.

To the victors, go the spoils.


The gathering of the greatest at the Beaver.

Kenny Montgomery, Nostalgia Super Stock's living legend.
Kenny's SS/B Hemi Plymouth is featured on our York event shirts.

Among his peers, Kenny is the greatest.

The First Lady of Drag Racing, the one and only, Linda Vaughn.
The Beaver is one of Linda's favorite tracks. She just loves the fans.

York announcer, George Nye and Modified master, Ernie Musser.

Pro Mod innovator, Wally Bell and Super Stock champ, Ed Miller.

K.S.Pittman Gasser driver, Ken Hall is one of the best.

S&S Race Team Gasser great, Freddy Bear. What a trip he is.
Check out his shoes. They are air brushed sandals.

Funny Car and Gasser showman, Rocky Pirrone. He's Linda's hero.

Jack Olcott, the man behind all the East Coast Gassers, with Bunny.

Bunny Burkett. She's the all time Funny Car favorite at the Beaver. We love her.

Rocky and Bunny are the show in Funny Cars.

Bobby Harrop of Flying Carpet fame is still active in the Nostalgia show.

Fords number one match racer, Daddy Warbucks, Dicky Estevez

Our friend, Darwin Doll, was honored for all his efforts in founding the Nostalgia movement. Dar and the Beaver were the very first to put together the successful formula that has become the York Nostalgia Nationals. They've been friends for over 45 years going back when Beaver Bob raced in stock eliminator with his `67 Comet powered by a 427 in A/Stock.

Bruce Larson has been a favorite of the fans since the 1960's. In fact he won the eliminator title at the very first race Beaver Bob attended in 1962 at Quarter Aces. That very car, Mr. Clean won again in the match race!! I guess Bruce is partly responsible for the Beaver to be what it is today. Thanks Bruce.

Don Fezzell is a favorite of all Muscle car guys. Don has the largest collection of Muscle Cars in the nation. He always bring us a great selection of cars. Don is currently the Nation Record holder in AA/Stock at 9.32 in his `10 Cobra Jet.

Geoff Stunkard the photo journalist and legend. His photos and stories appear in every big magazine in the nation. One of the greats.

Former NHRA Man of the Year, Promoter of the Year, Maple Grove Raceway general manager, George Case made the show complete. The Beaver and George have been friends in the racing business since BSD was NHRA sanction in 1976. His guidance helped make BSD successful.

Linda and Bunny. Now that's a pair that beats a full house!!

Nostalgia Drag Racing's first couple, Barbara and Bud Fauble.


Jack Redd and Linda in Bill Stuck's GTO.

George Case, Bunny and Ed Miller in Tim Reese's Dart.

Bruce Larson, Darwin Doll and George Nye in a sharp `55 rag top.

Gasser Guys; Ken Hall, Rocky Pirrone and Freddie Bear in a Stuck Bros. GTO.

Wally Bell and Dicky Estevez in Bob Stuck's GTO.

Ernie Musser in another Stuck Brother GTO.


Best of Show - Joe Hayter

Special Interest 1st place - Jim Lape

Special Interest 1st place - Tom Sloditskie

Chevrolet 1st place - Keith Berger

Chevrolet 2nd place - Joe Kremer

Dodge 1st Place - Randy Cook

Dodge 2nd place - Doug Landrock

Ford 1st place - Noah Miller

Ford 2nd place - Scott Lingle

AMC 1st place - Dan Luresch

Mercury 1st place - Ray Hill

Mercury 2nd place - Mark Kilmer

Truck 1st place - Tom Baughman

Truck 2nd place - Bill Schoffstall

Buick 1st place - Willard Bernheiser

Olds 1st place - Rich & Sharon Tice

Olds 2nd place - James Perry

Pontiac 1st place - Gary Cooper

Pontiac 2nd place - Bryan & Shelly McCloskey

Rod 1st place - David Shrader

Rod 2nd place - Paul Vollman

PPG sure makes great paint. What a beauty.

PPG representative, Dave Gramley, gives his grand daughter a hug.

The Motor Menders really know how to judge a great show.


Nostalgia Super Stock champion, Dave Stubbs, is joined in the winners circle by his wife, Dink Bishop of 422 and trophy sponsors, Audrey and John Worm.

Audrey and John Worm join Nostalgia Super Stock finalist, Chris Baum

JR Stock champion, Hemi driver, Michael Donnelly with his crew.

The Professor, Chris Holley, took a finalist showing in JR Stock.

The Olcotts, John and Jack, again won the East Coast Gasser title.

Randy Campbell in his cool Studebaker, was the East Coast Gasser finalist.

Joe Morrison is on fire winning his last three events in NETO Comp.

Brian English took a runner up in NETO Comp with his Camaro.

Homeboy, Kevin Whitmer, gets his Beaver baptism, on his big Nostalgia ET win. Kev, was on the number all day long.

Roger Lewis celebrates his finalist showing in Nostalgia ET.

Saturday's Test and Tune Up Action

Lew Stitley's Tijuana Taxi won the Lil Beaver title. He's pictured here in earlier competition where he defeated Michael Walsh's `62 Corvette.

The finals of East Coast Gassers pitted two of the greats with Greg Grubel's Olds powered `50 Chevy taking the title over Roger Cavallaro's `57 Chevy.

Joe Morrison's Fiat picked up the NETO Comp title with a 7.672 on a 7.50 at 145.46 MPH to stop Ronnie Baker's 9.401 on a 9.25 at 146.43 MPH.

It was a pair of old school racers meeting in the finals of the MANDRA trophy dash. Charlie Innerst was out first in his Super Stock Chevy but Marc English ran him down with a 9.828 on a 9.70 at 127.08 MPH in his MGA to Charlie's 11.778 on a 11.68 at 113.63 MPH. BTW: Charlie is the man who make all the neat Plasma Cut Awards.

Talk about an heirloom. Marc will keep this the rest of his life.
Hey!! Isn't that "The Piston Cup" from the Cars movie?


Bill Schin's Nova stood it up every pass.

Don Bergeron's wheel standing Nova was a crowd draw.

Rob and Ron Carson always put on a show.

George Pascucci's Hairy Canary Henry J. It's a 427 stick car!!

Nothing says JR Stock like a Tri-five Chevy.

Pat Kelly's Verminator took this round win over Ed Hendrick's Nova.

The lanes were full all day for the Test and Tune session.

Denny Ford picks up a win in his 409.

The Pony Express verses the Chuck English's Jag XKE.

Joe Davis and his Hemi were flying.

Mark Santee's Comet is one great running, one of a kind ride.

Greg Lorsbach had his 426 wedge power rag top running low 11's.

Charlie got by a tough john Wise in his Studebaker in the semis of MANDRA.

Art Regan drew a -.008 foul in round one of NETO Nostalgia.

Mark Charcalla's 1963 427 Falcon.

I think I need new hood pins.

Gassers going at it. Don't you just love `em!!

Columbus, New Jersey's Jack Zeilsdorff's `56 it just classic gasser.

Gordy Ford's Marylander Chevrolet sure has the looks of early gassers.

Tommy Magers in his `37 Ford Gasser is right on.

Looks like Ronnie is headed to the trailer.

Cliff Eicher stopped Dave Martik's Cuda in round three of Lil Beaver.

Donnie Markel's Dart picked up this round win over a red lighting Richie Bianco in his Ford powered front engined dragster. Donnie ran a 11.117 on a 11.11 at 119.60 MPH to Richie's 8.216 on a 8.07 at only 137.42 MPH.

Classic Mercury verses Ford showdown was over at the tree when Craig Jernigan went red in his 390 Galaxie with a -.001. Mark Santee when on to take the win with a 11.049 on a 11.07 at 120.44 MPH in his 351 Comet to Craig's 11.798 on a 11.80 at 115.48 MPH.

Audrey Worm got a good pass in her Ford powered rail.

Joe Morrison flashes a "V" for his second eliminator title of the day.

Ronnie Crammer's 460 powered `57 Ford is a hitter in Nostalgia ET.

We permitted veteran Nostalgia ET driver, Ronnie Crammer to make some shake down passes in his new 2012 Cobra Jet. In the very first pass, out of the box, the Supercharged Ford laid down a 9.30 at 147.88 MPH. WOW!!

Newlyweds Brian and Kim Snyder just had to stop by after tying the knot.
Brian, aka "Mr. Friday Night" is one of the toughest of the Bikers at the Beaver.
We wish the best to two of the nicest people at the track.


The Beaver joins Lew and Kelli in celebrating his big win again.

Lew is a regular in the winners circle.

In the special MANDRA Trophy Dash, Marc English took the special Charlie Innerst produced award home. Those English Boys are tough.

Greg Gruble won the East Coast Gasser club race in his Chevy.

Greg flashes a big thumbs up. He's one of our favorites with his Olds power.

NETO Comp went to Joe Morrison.
Joe also won the rained out finals from Maple Grove that was contested.

Door was stuck so Joe climbed out the sun roof.

Paula Nappi kept her win streak in tact with a victory in NETO Nostalgia.